Measuring up

It has been quite some time since I have written a “Perspective of Now” blog.  Naturally, my perspective has changed.  Each step and choice made shifts my perspective.  The one thing that has grown exponentially is the realization of my worth.  The last year taught me to attach and live in the full energy ofContinue reading “Measuring up”

Drop the versus

A couple of years ago, I came to face my codependent behaviors.  I recognized the narcissistic and codependent dynamic that was pervasive within my relationship structures.  By recognizing there are core wounds in all parties that were processed differently, creating perceptions lending to specific behaviors allowing each to feed off the other, I went forContinue reading “Drop the versus”

This is what I asked for

Wowee! When I volunteered for the thirty-day challenge to remain authentic, allowing feelings to flow while addressing and sharing how I am always feeling, I did not think it was going to be this difficult.  I have this awareness here that is showing me so much about myself.  My perceptions, my insecurities, and my sensitivitiesContinue reading “This is what I asked for”

Responsibility for your part of creation

There are fundamental teachings we receive when we are children.  From in utero to seven or eight years old, we have learned a set of programs and beliefs that have established a template for our behaviors.  For many of us, our experiences repeat patterns that are directly related to those years and learned behaviors. OneContinue reading “Responsibility for your part of creation”

Allow the programs to FALL away.

My daughters are homeschooled through an online curriculum, an online public school, still operating within the state standards.  The principle triggers me; her energy of power, control, assumptions, and lack of displayed compassion simply trigger me.  What does that have to do with her? OBSOFUCKINGLUTELY NOTHING! That has EVERYTHING to do with ME! My experience,Continue reading “Allow the programs to FALL away.”