Responsibility for your part of creation

There are fundamental teachings we receive when we are children.  From in utero to seven or eight years old, we have learned a set of programs and beliefs that have established a template for our behaviors.  For many of us, our experiences repeat patterns that are directly related to those years and learned behaviors. OneContinue reading “Responsibility for your part of creation”

Allow the programs to FALL away.

My daughters are homeschooled through an online curriculum, an online public school, still operating within the state standards.  The principle triggers me; her energy of power, control, assumptions, and lack of displayed compassion simply trigger me.  What does that have to do with her? OBSOFUCKINGLUTELY NOTHING! That has EVERYTHING to do with ME! My experience,Continue reading “Allow the programs to FALL away.”

The whole as the one and the one as the whole

Perfect things do not evolve.  Celebrate being perfectly imperfect by waking up and empowering one another.  Reactions in a circle are what we are experiencing.  Are we evolving into GOD?  It didn’t start with God, and we all fell away because we are less than or not enough. The universe is evolving into the GodContinue reading “The whole as the one and the one as the whole”

The return to the divine blueprint

I have had a beautiful past few weeks!  As is typical in my human experience: relationships and environments allow me to see deeper into myself.  This vision informs me and allows for the space to alchemize and integrate any energy that is not in alignment with neutrality and love.  Naturally, the flood exposed internal dialogContinue reading “The return to the divine blueprint”

Changing the channel to a new program

It is time to talk about money. There is an undercurrent of energy constantly there that feels so wrong to me, and that is the monetary system.  The necessity socially constructed around money has turned it from a tool to the ultimate power itself.  It is a piece of paper that has no value, yetContinue reading “Changing the channel to a new program”

The ebb and flow of life

The last two nights, I have had lucid and prophetic like the dreams similar to those I experienced in January.  In my dreams, there is something happening in the atmosphere; it is energetic and cannot be seen.  I watch as the sky changes its composition from the outer bands of atmosphere, descending slowly down whereContinue reading “The ebb and flow of life”