Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus

Everything has its place in life.  With every belief and choice, we are opening the door to the next experience.  The question is, can you trust and allow by living in the moment, allowing the flow? More around control continued to surface as the eclipse past.  It always shows me what is hidden at greaterContinue reading “Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus”

Freedom to experience the possibilities

It has come into my awareness this last week that I simply see and experience reality in a unique way.  My awareness has been brought to senses that are coming online that I was unable to feel and experience due to disorientations through my programmed beliefs and created behaviors.  During this eclipse corridor, I amContinue reading “Freedom to experience the possibilities”

Fear as the virus in the illusion

I do not wish to sound redundant but, WOW WHAT A RIDE!  Last year around this time, I recognized finally declared my freedom from the relationship patterns I had been manifesting and participating in.  I certainly had learned co-dependent behaviors from my youth.  As a child, I must have realized it was not safe toContinue reading “Fear as the virus in the illusion”

Summer Solstice, believe in dragons, birthing the new evolution through the ring of fire

Welcome to the birth of a new experience. The symbols are everywhere. EVERY PIECE of reality is a projection coming from you—the story you are creating and telling yourself.  Last Sunday, while I observed each of my children and their reflection of me and the integration occurring, I saw a bald eagle flying above theContinue reading “Summer Solstice, believe in dragons, birthing the new evolution through the ring of fire”