Perspective is everything

The current state of the world is what transformation looks like.  The experience is a reminder that perspective is everything.  As a collective, we are currently bringing the unconscious into the conscious. At the same time, our individual dance with this energy is creating the opportunity to shift the collective and our experience.  To viewContinue reading “Perspective is everything”

No luggage needed for this adventure

The energy of judgment has been the dominating force for many centuries, but this is finally shifting.  What I was once accepting of and oblivious to has come front and center to be seen.  This energy is so uncomfortable because it is not in alignment with who I am at my core.  Enough layers haveContinue reading “No luggage needed for this adventure”

We are the ships traveling to the experience we prefer

I am constantly reminded at every turn that everything I experience is a reflection of me, my state of being.  My reaction or response to situations, my focus, my beliefs, my feelings, these all create my now moment.  My meditations continue to show me that everything is not as I have been taught, it isContinue reading “We are the ships traveling to the experience we prefer”