Moving from transcendence into the human experience

I have spent the better part of the last fifteen years working to transcend my human experience.  A constant drive to recognize duality and to experience myself as whole.  Releasing all identities was a part of this journey, and it came easy for me to work through these experiencing myself as pure consciousness.  This stateContinue reading “Moving from transcendence into the human experience”

The journey part 4 Integration

Since I was young, I have always seen what has been labeled beyond the veil of reality.  However, growing up, those who surrounded me did not understand it, and I was taught to fear it.  I believed I was being punished for some unknown act I had committed, some unconscious belief that made me punishable,Continue reading “The journey part 4 Integration”

The journey part 1 survival

Breaking the chains and freeing the divine feminine.  It begins by sharing my journey into detachment from feeling—a generational cycle of abuse and beliefs that has allowed for the hijacking of the feminine.  I am healing these wounds and breaking the cycle now. There is a push towards acceptance of these lifestyles as these shadowsContinue reading “The journey part 1 survival”

Integration of the shadow discovering freedom

It began on the weekend of July 4.  I had this awareness that humans had started to be freed from the systems of control, and it was only through us choosing empowerment that our reality changed.  Though it had been my practice for many areas of my life, there were still many systems that IContinue reading “Integration of the shadow discovering freedom”