Let’s bake a new cake

I have two glorious weeks off school and will be utilizing them to read, write, meditate, and expand in all the areas the universe guides me.

I am getting ready to start grad school; I am in my last one and a half classes to a bachelor’s in psychology. My last day of class is the end of February. I might have a few weeks of a break then onto grad school. When I started this journey, I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up and no direction. But as time passed and information was integrated, the universe guided me to exactly where I was meant to be. My perspectives changed so much over the last few years, but I continued to ride the waves of synchronicity, each moment taking me to the next. My next step is to complete the Masters in Counseling program. I did not want to be a counselor when I started this journey. But as the journey unfolded through the integration of education and experience, I learned how my natural abilities paired with more profound knowledge would take me to this place.  

Through exploring many perspectives, I discovered that different communities and cultures were discussing the same ideas using different words. Often because the words did not match or because of the perceptual filters one currently has, unknowingly similar ideas were rejected. Usually, it was superiority and righteousness that kept the mind tightly sealed. Sometimes it was giving our power away to others and not navigating and integrating information on our own that stifled our expansion. Other times, we allowed information to be framed so that we never developed to our potential, limiting ourselves by the framing of others.

For several years leading up to my enrollment in college and through my college journey, I facilitated what would be considered metaphysical and alternative modalities. Through this facilitation in what I called unitive guidance and regression in conjunction with my academic studies, I found many links that all lead back to the same underlying ideology. In my sessions, the connected guidance explores the unconscious, bringing forward beliefs and experiences that impact your desired life experiences. I look at it like ingredients in a cake; if you want your cake to taste different, you need to change the ingredients. The session is not a psychic session; as a matter of fact, I do not follow or believe in psychics or astrology due to their framing, which most people will self-fulfill by giving their power away. My goal is to guide as a tool to change the ingredients to bake the cake of your heart’s desire. We achieve this in several ways, through one-on-one discussion sessions and relaxed state exploration. But no matter the tool, the communication is almost always the same. It is a message of self-empowerment by providing the ingredients to create a new experience.

The tricky part is always the translation. The messages come through as images, and it is often the case that we misunderstand the messages. Our perception and core beliefs shift the meaning of the messages. At the end of the day, only we get in the way of our happiness and feelings of fulfillment. The definitions we give the words, ideas, and feelings change everything. Context matters: a pencil can be used as a tool or a weapon, so our filtered perception through our cultural and generational programming creates nuance. This connection tool can be dangerous if it is not handled correctly, as it can be used to manipulate others. We are all connected to it, no one person has access to something you do not, but if you need a little guidance, there are tools available.

This blog brings me to why I am completing these degrees. I have experienced these tools being used by those who would manipulate the emotions of others to their benefit. My goal is to empower and activate your power and connection so that I am no longer needed as a guide. And it appears that the gifts I have accumulated in guidance will be carried forward into the next phase of my development. I will bridge spirituality and science, which really are the same. The next evolution will be as an educated and licensed counselor to explore beyond my current realms of discovery. After that, I will continue to a PhD. program that the universe provides. As I continue to integrate experience and knowledge, I work towards healing myself and others so together we can create a more balanced reality.

Here is an example from my sessions. The guidance session opens to discuss loneliness and desiring connection; the vision is of a male with a cowboy hat opening a gate on a ranch. The client is suggested to open new doors to connection and experience. The next session, a deepened relaxation experience; the client sees themselves alone after all family members die looking out across a field from a hill. The client did not receive guidance through me; the vision was experienced herself, so any other feelings or images were shared directly. The subsequent guidance session is of a field and forest; the vision shows the client already sitting on a throne alone in a field; it is suggested the client goes on a new adventure in the dark forest. The following guidance session shows several arched doorways; each felt as though they represented a life; past all the doorways was a big ocean; the vision shows the client putting all her emotions from experiences into a glass box and burying it at the bottom of the sea.  In the next session, the guidance shows a treehouse with a “do not trespass” sign; then, it shows fog with headlights attempting to shine through the fog. The client changes no behaviors and makes no new choices, remains in the same pattern during our time together, and remains single.  

As we can see the translation is the issue, and it is unique for everyone. From my perspective, this client has a theme in the guidance, none of which she interprets as making changes and opening by processing these buried emotions. The communication was that she was meant to do new things, face her fears and feelings, and stop avoiding them while also changing her behaviors for that ranch gate to open. She was lonely, but she would not be exposed and bonded to this person unless she left her field into the dark forest. She was not in alignment with the possibility; the guidance gave her the new ingredients to add so that the universe could guide her towards her heart’s desire. It would take effort; she would need to choose a new ingredient to bake a different cake. And she did choose; she decided to stay where she was comfortable with the bypassing of emotion, avoiding fear with the illusion of safety.

We all have the tools to live the best life possible. As a licensed counselor, I can open the door further with more tools for clients, and I am excited about this next adventure. I can safely explore the dark and light from this vantage point.  We have the means to experience our heart’s desire by finding the necessary ingredients in our cake. While we may be content, experience and integration with an awareness of the dark and light are essential for growth. Let’s bake a new cake by discovering some new ingredients!

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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