Communication from the other side

Halloween, roughly drawn from the celebration of the saints and the dead, is termed all hallows eve and based even further back on the Pagan day, Samhain. It is said that the veil is the thinnest between the third dimension and the dimension of those who have passed on from having a human experience. For me, the communication from this dimension never diminishes; it is always strong. Some individuals channel art, music, and creativity; I channel ideas in the form of understanding. I have telepathic conversations with the other side.  No, I am not schizophrenic; it is a piece of me that I have finally settled.  Some are good at basketball; I am excellent at moving between and pulling information from many dimensions and putting the puzzle pieces together.  

For the past week and a half, I have been badgered about writing this blog.  I put it off because of the things that keep me busy in life.  And now, I finally sit and bring through the pertinent communications from the other side into physicality.

The brain does not bog down the other side. It serves as the interface for our experience of this reality. It has grown to process information limited to existing data stifled by unprocessed emotions and experiences that create behaviors.  We carry our personality (there are many theories on what personality is), and the human brain’s processing power no longer limits our understanding and knowledge of the complexity of the whole. That said, the human mind is not limited to the brain; ideas are available to those who would open to the unconscious. The brain and mind are deeply connected and are not separate, and yet they are. When we believe we have it figured out and close our minds, new information does not allow us to expand through the brain eliciting our expereince.  And for many of us, expansion is the name of the game.  Yes, it can be viewed as a game. Conversations from the other side compare it to a game, but that is another blog.  On the other side, there is a lack of physicality we experience here, and some of us crave the lessons and experiences gleaned in the human experience. Once here, we often get lost in the density of emotion and experience.  Additionally, the physical and emotional body changes often affect perception. Each of us is a unique perspective with a filtering lens that shifts as we shift or do not.

I realize it sounds elementary, and I assure you it is, and it is not. It all depends on the lens. Just like a child knows transportation takes us from place to place, understanding how each component of the machine works is often outside of their realm of understanding.  Here is a piece of the evolution.  During this time here within the third dimension, when enough energy is processed, allowing for the shifting of the lens (which comes in many forms and is unique to the individual), they begin to open to a multidimensional understanding and experience.  The old cartesian models become void, and individuals can see the complexity of creation within and outside the third dimension.  This expansion is quite literally the beginning of the move beyond back and white thinking or duality.  Trauma and stress often make this shift difficult. We are moving into the understanding that everything is connected more profoundly. While it was essential to use reductionism and materialism to see each piece, it is also important to tie all the pieces together, recognizing the whole.  Both are true. The lens with which we view this information can limit and expand understanding.

Old ideologies often limit us. An example is that in 1543 Copernicus began exploring the beginnings of the heliocentric theory, which states that the earth revolves around the sun.  Society was not receptive to his work, and all views until that date were based on the theory that the sun revolved around the earth. Perhaps Copernicus was an avid meditator and pulled the beginning ideas for this new model from the field of information available to us all when we are open. Many human ideologies are based on old theories that were not accurate but accepted as truth.  As truth changes, so do our theories and models. When discussing ideas with individuals, I often observe how their beliefs and truths limit them. Most of their percepts are based on old information.  Within the mainstream education system, particularly in science, it is noted that our textbooks are more than fifty years behind in sharing relevant theories. Often some powers do not want individuals to move beyond the ideas that benefit them, like in Copernicus’s time. Differing groups harness the power these ideologies provide. Within spirituality, there remains a disconnect from science which does not understand that they are the same thing.

The purpose of this communication is to initiate more profound questions. A movement within the third dimension is questioning meaning, also creating a mental health crisis. For the first time in our known history, we are being shown what makes things work, the details, or what is beneath the surface so we can open and shift accordingly.  When a child knows how the car works, he makes sure it is appropriately serviced; he doesn’t just drive it until it is undrivable and discard it. He realizes the importance of understanding how its parts and pieces all work together to make the whole.  That is the analogy for the whole of the expressions of dimensions both within physicality and without. To build something new, to move beyond the car, we must build upon the previous information and accept new ideas.

Love is the answer, and it is not. It is one piece of the whole that we can no longer bypass. Opening the mind to the unknown is the realization that we don’t know as much as we think we do and that there is a good chance we were probably wrong all along. This realization is a great start. It is about you, and it isn’t. It is this and that and so much more.

I attempt to integrate the information I receive from the multidimensionality which I experience. It continues to morph and change.  But I am open and willing to explore outside of the known. There is much information which can change our expereince if we open our mind. If we truly desire to change the world (a new world I hear so many speak of), we must be willing to make an effort to understand whats under the hood and behave accordingly. The new world will be built with knowledge moving beyond social and cultural norms and previously held ideologies. This will create new behaviors which come together for a new expereince.

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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