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If you want to read the thoughts of someone who will sugar coat or pad your worldview, I am NOT your girl.  However, if you desire to openly and honestly explore ideologies and behaviors without judgment, you are in the right place.  I must have been a sociologist in a past life!  My natural stance is to ask questions and explore the programs associated with this reality we have collectively created, raised in a western culture that is the only perspective I can safely share.  While I am educated on many other cultures, I may never observe without my native cultural lens. I do, however, see the links between beliefs and behaviors from a multicultural perspective. I am a product of my experiences. By observing those experiences and beliefs, I have explored my reality and the collective reality in greater depth.

We are never stuck; we can choose to take a more in-depth look and actively shift.  As a collective, we are continually changing.  When we are open with awareness, it can be a very fluid process.  The essential factor I recognize is moving beyond dual thinking, the binary systems of belief. This cognitive process and way of thinking are very limiting.  I realized it in myself a few years ago.  I am not sure if it was the trauma that caused my brain to be wired like this or if it is a result of cultural programming. It is probably both, no more this or that, but I move towards this AND that thinking.

Last summer, I started a discussion group sharing and respecting each of our diverse perspectives. My goal was to learn to hold my own space without the energetic push and pull we experience through confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance. One of the things that I recognized was this behavior of rejecting ideas that are not supportive of our current thinking. Could I embrace new ideologies without rejecting the old?  The tendency was black and white thinking, but everything is very multifaceted and multidimensional. I have set out to determine if the current black and white thought can be transcended, and so far, it is a big YES!

Everything in our reality is showing us the necessity to move beyond duality.  We see it in more people embracing their spectrum of sexuality and gender and breaking away from the socially constructed binary system.  Moving beyond race to understand that race is not even real, it is a social construct that we enforce with our agreement. We see a two-party system’s dysfunction, observing how our relationship to this binary system can keep progress and assistance from emerging. We see the toxic secondary emotions of shame, blame, and guilt associated with the identities taken on by the socially constructed systems of belief, keeping us locked into behaviors that do not serve us. There are too many expressions to name here, but here are just a few we have become aware of that allow us to begin to shift our beliefs from dual thinking. The bottom line is we are a spectrum of experience. AND we have neuroplasticity! Just because this is the way we have always thought does NOT mean this is the way we always will. 

Just by opening to new ideas outside of our current beliefs, like the discussion group I started last year to exercise our brains!  The discussion group has shown me so much as I observe myself and others.  I am forever grateful to those who show up fearlessly with a willingness to explore in radical honesty and authenticity, attempting to move beyond the projections.  We have had participants come and go, unable to hold the space without confirmation bias.  The ability to understand perception has been a great gift for me.  I do not make their choices personal; I know why they see things the way they do because I once saw things the very same way. 

I have worked with many alternative healing modalities over the last fifteen years.  From EFT, Theta Healing, to hypnosis and regression, you name it; I probably tasted it! But what I finally discovered was that if I was not taking the time to go within and smile, love myself, and process and understand my emotions in real-time, I would not acquire the desired results. This practice is akin to diet and exercise if you want to have a healthier life experience. Once I moved beyond this or that and incorporated this and that, everything changed!

I am not here to say you are wrong, and I am right!  I am saying that our behaviors and cognitive processes need to change to be inclusive instead of rejecting new information. It is time to exercise our brains.  Yes, alternative practices give us the go-ahead to explore outside of the boxes mainstream had trained us to maintain.  But careful NOT to create another box!

So much of what we do is based on belonging and a sense of safety.  Sometimes to do this, we create us versus them structures, an ethnocentric mentality.  Or we may even still be submersed in an egocentric way of thinking.  The ability to pull back the layers and self-assess is essential, recognizing that we may have blind spots, which is okay.  The awareness and willingness to explore those is the key.  There should be no shame in observing our behaviors and beliefs; while we cannot change the past, we can change today by finally learning from it.  I am still working through this myself and have tremendously more desired changes in my life. I continue to rewire my brain through practice and belief, just as it was originally wired. 

I am not sure if this is evolution; it sure feels like it to me.  By opening my mind to transcend and include old information, I no longer view things as black and white and grow.  As I change, so too do my experiences.  I will not focus on toxic positivity or bypass any emotion, feeling, or experience any longer.  It takes great strength to challenge your thinking processes.  It is just too easy to look for a practice that creates more of the dual perspectives. The practices that develop more boxes.  It is far time we start to learn to live as the multidimensional humans we are by evolving our minds beyond the dual.

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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