The communication from my higher aspects has been working overtime. OR she is always communicating; I am working overtime in hearing.  OR There is no actual work I am returning to zero point, and everything is NOW, perfectly balanced and flowing!

These feelings began this last weekend when I began to observe pieces of the puzzle coming together.  I felt very tired, almost depressed, but I was not depressing any emotions.  My chest began to hurt, as it does on occasion.  The communication from my aspects was about everything being connected, and the necessary concentration inward on balance, love, and embrace of the self with complete acceptance.  A few hours later, I would find out my father was ill and had been taken to the hospital.

My chest began to hurt even more, and my dreams were of my father and me on a ship.  The seas were getting very rough.  The other people on the boat did not seem to know what to do; everyone was running about as the waves came over the side, filling the boat with water.  My father and I knew to go to the center of the boat. We were calm and never got wet one time. Until we got to the center, there was a small set of stairs, maybe five. We opened a door, a small rush of water came out, and ran down the stairs, and we entered this safe space. There was a vessel there that would allow us to stay balanced and detached from the storm. “MESSAGE!”

The next day I discovered my father had a heart attack and would need surgery because the right side of his heart was blocked 100%.  There is something very interesting with my father; first, he is my biological father, whom I did not have much contact with throughout my life.  Our relationship was on again off again until this last year.  Even though I was adopted and did not grow up with him around me, we have some of the same likes, dislikes, and behaviors.  Sometimes it feels like we are extensions of each other.  I am just the younger version. 

It took my dad several life-threatening incidences to awaken.  He thought I was crazy since 2011 when I really began living a different awakened and aware lifestyle.  Until the last year two years, he had a life-threatening situation, and he was awakened. He finally got what I had been talking about and started shifting, healing his wounds, and looking at life through an entirely new lens. He broke out of the programs, and it changed everything, including my relationship with him. 

I felt as though my father was not going to make it through the surgery.  My higher aspects said it was something else, puzzle pieces coming together that would allow me to see something.  He was in surgery for hours and did pull through.  Something else happened; the blockage in his heart was connected to a blockage in my heart.  The blockage that kept me from seeing and loving myself fully was connected to him. We created these dynamics together for the sake of our own growth.  And a massive block would be opened to have balance and flow within.  

My guidance continued to play the David Bowie and Queen song Pressure.  My aspects communicated that time is being compressed. WE are feeling the PRESSURE. Many of us are experiencing what may appear to be difficult, judged to be negative, or even traumatic experiences to shift our state of being.  Some of us do not make through the shifts, there is an option for an exit point, and some choose to leave the game. Some of us are learning to experience this energy in a different way, recognizing the intent. My father is a piece of me, and his healing heals generations, including me.  As I heal, I do the same. 

The compression of time is creating an environment that appears as if everything is crazy and full of negative drama.  YET when we are awakened, aware, with eyes to see, we know it is something else entirely.  It is the experience needed for some to open their eyes and the choice to express and experience in new ways.  The universe gets louder and louder until we hear it. For me, it was time to heal and shift the energy of old wounds that, even though I consciously said I shifted, still lived within my unconscious and where felt and expressed from time to time. They clearly were causing a blockage.

Everything we are experiencing is reminding us to return to the heart center, the be balanced, and to express compassion.  The situations being expressed within the world may or may not affect you.  If they do, there is always a communication; the experience is allowing for choice.  How will you respond?  Will you enter the ship and move to the center, find a place of balance, love, and allow, trusting the flow to take you where it will?

This year, my experiences have been about returning to the core of myself and attaching to this energy. It was about trusting and having compassion for every piece and part of myself.  Standing firm and balanced in the energy of who I AM.  Letting go and trusting, I will ALWAYS have everything I need. I am taking actions that lead me closer to my excitement. AND when emotions come up, allow them to flow; they are my great communicators.  Let go of the judgment and need to measure up to anything but the love of who you are. 

Though my father did not die, I feel that like the blockage in his heart, was an energy that opened up and was shifted so it might flow in the direction of love. He and I are both recovering.  We are recovering the experience of our wholeness in balance and love, in the flow.

My guides continue to say, just as they did back in March the fall and winter is going to be quite the ride! AND time is continued to be compressed, so what would take us years to create is happening within months.

~ Ladies and gentlemen please make sure your seat belt is tightly fastened and please you keep your arms and legs in the ride at all times (enter the heart and remain balanced in compassion). HERE WE GO!

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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