Tools to the field

The field is a space of all energy or information. Carl Jung referred to it as the collective consciousness. This space has not been scientifically proven; perhaps we do not yet have the technology to do so.  But this is a space I hope that one day all people realize they are the tool to access the information, and if your biology makes it difficult to access, know there are many tools within this realm to assist you. Everything is connected within this physicality, and beyond, we can only discover the degree through experience when we are open and aware. We do not need to rely on the physical alone; this is a program; there is a way through intention to pull in information and experience beyond the physical. This is a space I am aware I am expressing from and pulling from based on both conscious and unconscious intention.  Everywhere I look, I see the connection, and it is accessible to all through many forms of expression. 

A few months ago, I was very grounded in my body.  This grounded energy is not my usual state; I tend to observe and experience the world outside of this density.  It is just where I feel comfortable, and I often used my ability to transcend to even higher states to avoid the physical altogether.  My body had enough of that, and I was slammed right into it.  I had been diagnosed with uterine fibroid cysts the year before; between this and my dental issues, I would have a difficult time transcending the physical.  It is my programming to view physical pain and discomfort as negative, and I would learn to listen to my body through this experience and respect the flow of energy, even discomfort, as a messenger.  I had a sense of my physical issues where due to stored energy that I had not allowed traversing the necessary pathways. Even in my awareness, I could not put my finger on how to shift the energy so it would flow like a stream with a bolder, my uterus and mouth, where the blockage point. I set the intention to hear the communication that would provide guidance.

There are many tools I have discovered allow us to reach into the field.  We can shift our brain wave patterns through mediation, trance, and plant medicines, just to name a few.  Each is a tool to inhibit that within our biology that keeps us from reaching across the veil into the field to communicate.  One day I felt so disconnected I reached out, which I do not often do.  Through conversation, I realized it wasn’t a person I needed to provide the tool to help with the communication; it was a plant. 

Through the plant, I would use the connection to the great energy beyond (it isn’t really beyond 😉). During the Covid climate, this would prove quite a challenge.  Then it came to me.  Everything is here, and now, I have access to the all.  I had proven this many times to myself as I would journey in mediation to experience and see the same images and communications as those who were using other tools such as plant medicines.  I wrote about my intention to call in AYA, the great mother, in a blog a few months back.  This is what I did; I set the intention to communicate with Aya, the mother vine, and have her work through my physical body.  And she did; she came as soon as I set the intention and would work on my body through the night.  I remember some communication as she was within my uterus about programming and energy.  Like a memory just out of reach, she moved through me communicating.  It was an intense night full of sweating and my body responding. I saw and experienced so many images, she shared so much that I am still unraveling.

Over the days that followed, I would remain very grounded, and my “issues” that had not allowed the energy to move would show up.  Suddenly I had enough and just demanded boundaries in areas that involved the sexual energy I had not previously realized were an issue.  I spoke a truth that I had disconnected from, and immediately the energy began to shift within my field and within my physical body. I was shown where a program was not in alignment and how not speaking my truth was causing the energy to stagnate and cause dis-ease in both my uterus and mouth. As a matter of fact I had many things out of alignment that I had been avoiding through transcendent states. I was reminded I am here for the balance and expereince between the physical and my spiritual nature. Though the transcendent states feel great and that is what I prefer, I had to start having more conversation that many of us have been avoiding because it simply doesn’t feel good (judgment). Aya showed me the necessary integration. She also confirmed the connection to the field.

WE ARE THE TOOL!  If you require assistance, that is why nature is here, us a part of the connected system that works in cooperation, not competition.  There is a field where we reside simultaneously, energy emanating, creating expressions to experience. The darkness and light are one in this field, the creations in the physical the possibility. We are the all and the one, as above so below, with this connection, I create.

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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