The communicators.

I am observing the cycles, the shifting of boundaries, the awareness stepping forth, reminding us to look within always.  I see the patterns in the universe.  Fractal patterns have always shown up in my higher aspect’s communication with me. Years ago, the torus showed up as a repeating pattern, signifying the flow of energy.  Over time I observed the layers that at the time believed was the whole.  I only saw a slice of reality, and it appeared in a way my conscious mind was capable of translating.  The more I expand, the more I can decipher. I have long known how energy works within this reality and how we pull into our experience a match to our own energy, whether conscious or not.  We do not experience that which we are not a match to in some sort way, from soul agreements, the unconscious, and conscious beliefs everything is connected. Our higher self does not judge, and the more I embody my higher aspects, shifting the distortions, I experience from this state.

When we remove judgment and allow, our perception evolves. My perception is one of a great adventure! Our emotions are powerful and creative energy; it is our judgment and programming that distorts that energy.  The secondary learned emotions of negative shame and guilt can keep us from allowing our emotions to flow.  While guilt and shame have their place when expressed positively in ways that do not keep us bound, recognizing where they like fear is a choice, and a learned response further distorts energy.  There are MANY emotions that are distorted and experienced in negative, self-destructive ways creating realities that match. The negative expression of these energies continues to breakdown the physical body with dis-ease. Each of us is fully capable of shifting these emotions back into their positive, creative life, expanding expression, and this creates realities we prefer.  Sometimes it takes experiencing what we do not prefer to discover what we do.  In awareness, we begin to recognize the choice and energy. With this awareness, we begin to shift layer by layer, returning us to the divine blueprint. Awareness of emotions is just another piece in the multi-layer, multi-phased transformation.

I recognized in a dear friend a pattern with mother nature and our emotional divine blueprint.  Mother nature expresses herself as weather, to create a perfect ecosystem. The rain, snow, sun, and wind are all necessary.  Within nature, what can be perceived as destructive forces also purify and provide the atmosphere for new life and ecosystems to grow.  Recently I saw the relationship pattern between this natural expression and our emotions.  Most of us have learned that our feelings are bad, that they should never be expressed, or we have cut ourselves off from them.  Under this belief system, the secondary feelings of guilt and shame for expressing them are typically the result. The very act of not allowing your emotions to flow through you freely in awareness, allowing them to communicate, short circuits the physical body having a cascade effect on the systems.  Once we begin to let go of judgment of the emotions and treat them as valid, we can begin working with them.  Emotions are not bad; it is what we do with them; they are energy. In another layer, they are a learned tool used to communicate.

Nature is creation, the cycle of life, the food chain through the energy of nature.  Emotions are very similar to parts of this system.  When we become aware of the beliefs about our emotions, and we make conscious choices to allow ourselves to feel them while listening to the messages, we have opened the door to alchemy.  I have discussed many times sitting with my emotions and alchemizing them into the energy of neutral love by having compassion and no longer stuffing down or dismissing what is being communicated. We can learn to manipulate the energy to consciously create.  This is master level shit, here 😊 I am making it sound very simple, yet it is not; we are a complex system of energy, this is one layer.

Open to a relationship with your emotions.  They are the rain and sun to the garden, which feeds the deer, which feeds the hunter. They communicate to the seed when and how it should grow. They tell the plant which way to follow the sun. Nature provides the nutrients to grow; its energy communicates growth and change.  Just like nature, your emotions are a necessary expression and cycle. YOU are NOT your emotions; they are energy that regulates and transforms, always communicating to return us to homeostasis, like nature. Letting go of these old beliefs about emotions and begin to explore openly and compassionately, and you will begin to have new experiences. If you are already suffering physically, likely, you are not allowing your emotions to flow in positive ways.  Everything we see is a program; the program was created by what we saw and experienced during those early years of this incarnation; these emotions are a part of the physical human but where learned.  Our perception of emotion for most of us,  we learned to perceive emotion as weak and a hindrance to survival.  We are often ashamed of our emotions, particularly if they do not measure up to that perfect happy person that has been portrayed as our safety. No one can tell you what to feel; emotions are valid.  But be aware and pay attention to why you are feeling them and what they are communicating.  We need healthy, positive emotions to move beyond survival to thrive! Emotions are here like any other energy to serve our expression and experience. What we do with them as a tool for internal communication is entirely up to us.  Just like any other programming of the unconscious, it is up to us to shift it. Can you healthily use anger? Fuck yeah!

In the duality of this reality, we have a choice; it is up to us to decide if we are living our best version of ourselves and to make a change if we are not happy.  We are not victims; it is our responses to the energy that determines the next experience. By listening to our emotions and learning to understand the messages, we can shift our responses to create differing outcomes.  Or we can choose to remain in the same patterns.  Manipulate the energy of emotions by learning the language and alchemizing with compassion shifting it to an energy that will best serve us, is one of the keys. That’s the exciting part of this reality. Radical authenticity in awareness, exploring openly, allowing, expands us on the return.  Do not worry about being WRONG! PLAY! We are here to master energy through experience. We must embrace our power and remember who we are; it is only us who change our realities, from the inside out.  What do you wish to grow today?

~ Let’s have a conversation. It is in interactions in relationships and environments that trigger our blueprint.  Together we can open the door to explore where there is a need for awareness.  I am a guide, opening the door to see what your current unconscious programming will not allow. When you are ready for this phase of awakening and transformation, I am here. I am open to guide three individuals.

Email me at if you are interested, and we will discuss if you are ready for this phase of transformation and if we are a good fit.

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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