Allow the programs to FALL away.

My daughters are homeschooled through an online curriculum, an online public school, still operating within the state standards.  The principle triggers me; her energy of power, control, assumptions, and lack of displayed compassion simply trigger me.  What does that have to do with her? OBSOFUCKINGLUTELY NOTHING! That has EVERYTHING to do with ME! My experience, the way I feel, the emotions, they are ALL showing me something about ME!  Do I run away from this? NO, I know the more I experience these interactions, the more I am triggered, and I can look at those responses within. These are the signals! It is in relationships with others and our environments that allow us to shift to new experiences.  I RUN TOWARDS these interactions, these triggers because FOR ME, I have this innate desire to expand.  The only way to do this is by looking at the programs.  How are those programs triggered? Relationships and interactions. 

Look, I used to hang out in 5D ALL day, but what I realized was I was avoiding integration.  From the 5D perspective, I can see the bigger view and I am in complete allowing and accepting. But I AM spirit having a HUMAN experience.  YES, the spirit is the more comfortable place for me to reside, but I came here to experience the physical and all the programs that allow me to grow through the experience.  We cannot do that if we are not integrating while in the 3D; we are only avoiding when we remain in the light and refuse to look at our own shadow.  We are also using escape narratives when we say we are creating a new timeline, one for us and one for them.  We do not desire to face the shadow, or we escape into the 5D creation of which we already reside.  This is an ethnocentric view, and the “us against them” duality is what is being integrated, take notice of every single blog I share! Take notice of what is coming up in the world. So that is why I RUN towards what triggers me!

Do I trigger you?  Most likely! And there is a reason FOR that!  I used to hate that I did this to people; I did not understand my own energy and detached from it as a young child in order to survive and possibly bond because safe and healthy attachment is so important in our young years.  Obviously, I chose that unhealthy attachment would be a program I would need to integrate to grow. Now that I have opened to experiencing and understanding my energy, I clearly see why I trigger a response in others.  That is my unique energy frequency, and I finally love it and embrace it with compassion. I no longer am ashamed of my energy and purpose here in the 3D.  I see reality and frequency differently than most, and while this can be lonely, even that is the lesson.  To stand firm in who I AM. See, I needed to integrate rejection.  Thank you for helping me see and integrate that energy!

I trigger you because I hold a frequency to assist you in integration.  I bring awareness to your unconscious.  I pull energy from the field and present it so you and I may work through it. Our interactions provide the atmosphere for growth when we stand firm in authenticity and integrity. When we release the judgment and bias the social constructs have embedded, we can truly experience the freedom to explore and engage this great adventure!  I can show you the inverted codes, offering a guide for you to shift these pieces; to allow a flow of energy, taking you to more preferred experiences.  This is what I do, and it has taken me half a lifetime to figure it out and embrace it with love and gratitude.  I simply see the world through a unique lens, as we all do.  Mine continues to shift closer and closer to my spiritual essence. In this adventure, I am pulling previous unassessed energy into the field for all the play. I move towards perfect balance and neutrality because I have played the roles of dark, and I have played the roles of light; I am learning to master the role of neutrality. This is another reason I am constantly seeing pyramids, a daily reminder from the higher aspects of my purpose.

Stop looking OUT there and begin focusing within. If out there is triggering you, ask yourself why, not who.  And stop the projection!  The “I see darkness in her!” has no place in your growth; it is a projection.  If you see darkness, it is because it is a reflection of your energy; in some areas, it could be us both.  But you can not experience that which you are not a match to in frequency.  My energy is a major reflector; that is its purpose.  Embrace the reflection, that is why you are experiencing it; it is a GIFT! Being awake and aware takes great responsib.ility on each of our parts.  It takes a level of emotional maturity to understand the process and to expand.  Our transformation is a gift and can really be a FUN ride if we allow it to be!  Recognize we only are observing and experiencing through our current level of perception, which is always morphing and changing as we shift.   

As fall approaches and old programs die and fall away, recognize how they no longer serve you, WITHOUT JUDGMENT! They have a purpose, and now that purpose of each shift allows what no longer serves to FALL away! Embrace the internal journey that comes with these upcoming seasons.  You are preparing to bloom something NEW and EXCITING! Embrace the cultivation of change from within by seeing the mirror.  You do not brush your hair on the mirror.  As I said in my last few blogs, seeds need the weather to grow, they need to go through the cycles from seed to plant, returning to seed. Each a cycle in growth changing with each season. Celebrate the falling away of the old.

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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