The whole as the one and the one as the whole

Perfect things do not evolve.  Celebrate being perfectly imperfect by waking up and empowering one another.  Reactions in a circle are what we are experiencing.  Are we evolving into GOD?  It didn’t start with God, and we all fell away because we are less than or not enough. The universe is evolving into the God of LOVE. I recently heard Tim Freke describe the universe and our experience as “flowering into God,” I love this.  It reminds me that seed is also a flower; it just has not bloomed yet.  The seed does not evolve into a flower without the dichotomy of the sun and the rain. With some seeds, they need the harshness of winter to bloom.  Blooming from seed to flower does not happen with a seed sitting perfectly in a vacuum. Our evolution is not met in constant happiness through escapism.  It is to feel, to ride the ebb and flow of life. We are ending the judgment of experience, evolving through ALL experience. We are experiencing the story; we are not the story, but the author and actor of the play. We are awakening to the whole of the all by celebrating the uniqueness of each of us through love and authenticity.  Only through open allowing and engagement is this possible.  When we interact, we recognize we are not the mind, the body, or our feelings; we are the source evolving through those expressions. 

I just finished a Race and Ethnicity course, and though it did not look at the entire of our human history, it focused on the forced colonization of America to the present.  Just in this western history, one can observe the cycles upon cycles of experience, let alone more of the human dynamic through all of world history. The perspectives and sometimes continually forced assimilation into the majority have never served us well.  By celebrating the individual and diversity while recognizing the connection of each as an expression of the whole, we can shift our now experience.  We can end the old cycles, by allowing the death of the old, and emerging to birth new perspectives allowing for new cycles of experience.

In perfect synchronicity, I was exposed to the Pyramid Codes, which I shared in my previous blog.  As I followed the bread crumbs of the universe, I was taken to more encoded and triggering information of a similar type. More topics and messages around the agnostics, the mystery schools, the myths we believe as literal truth. Then I realized this Tuesday, I begin a new class, and naturally, it is Anthropology of Religion and Magic.  This world is NOT what it seems.  We are in the most amazing, possibly virtual reality of God expressing and experiencing itself through continued evolution.  We move beyond and transcend experiences, but in this new age, we bring the lessons and experience with us, creating something new. I observe as I evolve on many levels.  Has my objective shifted, or has it always been an evolution that happens through differing processes?  Were my judgment and perception holding me in a prison of my own making, repeating the same experiences over and over?  Or was that perception of a prison and the breaking out a part of the evolutionary process?  If this is the case, is the person we say who must awaken and be redirected exactly where they need to be?  Perhaps if we observe through a new lens, we will embrace the beauty of all experience.  We will experience more of the whole by ending the illusion of separation through the celebration of the expression of the divine within each individual.  We can honor the cycles and recognize we are evolving, bringing all we have learned with us, creating new experiences in the next cycle.

I ask these questions and explore them, allowing my mind, my heart, and all experience to flow.  Even in my new adventure, which is on the precipice of yet again another new beginning, I recognize the paradox.  To celebrate all expression and experience while desiring to assist others in finding their empowerment through integration. Perhaps this is my resurrection, and that is why certain interactions have shown up in my reality.  As I let go of the old, I embrace new perspectives and possibilities, releasing myself from the previous prison in my evolution.  And while I say that I recognize it is a resurrection, I look at these words and also feel it is a constant transformation and evolution as I bring all I have learned with me, is this ascension?  I am discovering the most suitable and efficient way to evolve, yet letting go by allowing this evolution, individually as a reflection of the whole.  There are things I must choose, yet I allow. I share for those which my journey resonates, each of us learning through one another as the whole. 

I definitely was not separated from God; I am the source God expressing and experiencing just as you are.  Do you remember who you are? I do.  My evolution is within, and the great adventure is created from my state of being.  Will you come with me as we climb the mountain, as we evolve each of us through our individual expressions and experiences?  If not, that is okay; you cannot escape the whole; you are the universe just as I am. I reflect on my shadow and how I have recognized the need to integrate the light and dark the past few years.  The last few months have shown me how to hold that in my physicality.  Perhaps the two timelines that continue to come up within communities with more of a focus on division are similar in this process.  As the whole, we will also need to balance our light and dark and learn how to embody that in our structures and constructs.  That is how we choose and allow the creation of our utopian civilization. This is the micro and macro, the fractal nature of this universe.  Ebbing and flowing, allowing the breadcrumbs of our multidimensionality to lead the way as we evolve into God through experience, the energy of true love.   We were never separate, anyway.  Remember, then realize who you are in celebration of the one and the all.

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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