The return to the divine blueprint

I have had a beautiful past few weeks!  As is typical in my human experience: relationships and environments allow me to see deeper into myself.  This vision informs me and allows for the space to alchemize and integrate any energy that is not in alignment with neutrality and love.  Naturally, the flood exposed internal dialog and triggers of not-enough-ness.  It showed me where I still had some resentment and feelings of rejection.  With the recognition of these energies and my ability to integrate them, I opened the door for a flow that continues.  The energy is building and building; I am overflowing with gratitude and love.  While in this state, it feels as though I experience myself fully embodied in the physical from a multidimensional perspective.  I live as a spirit having a beautiful human experience, with all my connections across dimensions in the now, flowing freely without distortion.  There is no need to reach outside of myself or to seek something I already am or have available within.  I do not need to journey or travel; it is all here now. The last few months have allowed me to integrate so much from transcendent states bringing it all into the physical.  The flood was the last few pieces that allowed me to alchemize any remaining energy taking me here into this state of being.  And the cycle will repeat, each time returning me closer and closer to my divine blueprint, the purpose for my incarnation here on earth.

It started with a choice.  It always does.  The choice to let go and enjoy the ride while fully aware. I received what I consider a great deal of support.  It was the support I did not even know was there and came from unexpected places.  A friend showed up to help with work one day; the GoFundMe campaign received some donations, including one from my father, insurance gave us $500 more than they said they would, and my in-laws decided they wanted to pay for the plumbing. 

My experience with my in-laws allowed me to look at and alchemize my pride yet again.  The caveat of allowing them to pay was they needed complete control to decide who and how the work would be completed.  I spent an hour with a plumber coming to agreements on what would work, and my father-in-law simply did not hear me.  He had to do it his way, with his people, be here to ask questions.  Naturally, this showed me a thing or two about my reactions to feeling undermined, feelings about my need to control, the need to feel well educated, and capable, proving I AM ENOUGH.   But just like everything else, I said OKAY, I SEE YOU! With compassion, I decided, thank you! I release control! I let go and allowed, trusting that everything is taking me exactly where I need to go, with great gratitude for the assistance and gifts.  The original plumber with the original plan he and I worked through will be here today 😉 Without recognition, it was decided they did know what we needed, and they were, in fact, the reasonable price. If had not let go, allowed, and trusted, that entire process and gift may have been shifted into a different experience.  See, it was never about the plumber or my in-laws; it is always about me, my reactions, my beliefs, and my state of being. Like every other experience, there is a choice to stay in the distortion or to be aware and shift to a new reality that is expressed in alignment and flow.

Yesterday, I had a few amazing conversations.  There are many people who are showing up from the past, now expressing new energy.  I have witnessed in myself and them an integration that has brought us to the precipice of a new cycle.  In my gratitude for those who I have looked to for confirmation, those whose energy almost always matched my own, I reached out to share this gratitude, celebrating their authenticity. These interactions and conversations allow us to see so much, the synergy that happens when people from the same spiritual collective get together opens for glimpses into evolutions typically untapped.  I met with this individual who has a YouTube channel; his information is always exactly what I have seen or felt.  Often clients would share his monthly videos with me, confirming what I had just shared that with them.  Again, I just wanted to extend my gratitude; I have loved his energy since I first encountered him on another platform many years ago and was appreciative of the audience.  But something else happened, for the first time, someone recognized my energy!  He knew exactly why people respond to me the way they do, and he was NOT TRIGGERED by me!  Whatever I showed him, he did not project his shadow; he stood in my energy purely open as I was and allowed. He saw and described how I see other’s energy, which typically presents in particular ways allowing me to see where adjustments are required for new experiences. What was so interesting was his description of how I work with it, he described it in the same way I had been describing for years! Together we discussed so much, leading to many confirmations and shifts for us both, higher aspects communicating through him and me at the same time.  It was amazing, and it allowed for me to experience just how in the flow and integrated I had become.

After our conversation, Andrew sent me an email with a pdf, he had mentioned a book, when I mentioned cycles and phases I am observing, it triggered an email he received earlier in the day. When I clicked on the pdf, I realized I, too, had received a similar email earlier in the day.  It was not the exact email; it was a YouTube interview with the author under the channel name and a mention of the document preceding a book.  Once I opened the pdf, I realized they were both about the same thing; I was being led by spirit to this document.  Of course, it would be called the Pyramid Codes, and it referenced tons of information similar to what I have experienced in my personal meditation journeys and downloads from my team.   

Naturally, if you know what this feels like, I was on fire!  My Aries tendencies were coming through! The connections and energy continued through the night.  I tried to sleep, but spirit was banging away with communication! I just got out of bed at 3 am and decided I would use this energy to finish a paper I was writing for school! Then allowed spirit to communicate further, and it is still ongoing.  There is something brewing!  A creation that some will be ready for is beginning to emerge.  I will no longer be speaking in a frequency that many do not understand or even hear.  They are ready for the alchemy of compassion and love, returning to the divine blueprint! In every now, I am grateful, but it is weeks and interactions like this that remind me why it was important for me to incarnate at this time.  Even though I have been so misunderstood for so long, and the world was not quite ready, they are expanding and shifting to open to the information.  And as they evolve, so do I shifting the distortion that would prevent me from communicating a clear frequency and message.  It will no longer be filtered through my distortions as I return to the divine blueprint alchemizing with love and compassion while sharing my journey so others may too.  As always, I am enjoying this perspective of the NOW.

~ Andrew Martin is the beautiful soul I engaged in gratitude.  His website is I have observed his evolution for several years, and he is one of the few who have pure intentions.  He does not share his gifts to make money; he does it because he, like me, knows where we are headed.  Yes, you can discover the information you desire on your own.  But if you want extra support and some guidance, he has remained authentic while openly facing his own fears allowing for growth.  That is why he is one whom I celebrate. 

GREAT EXPERIENCES ARE HERE! You only need to open to your awareness and allow ❤

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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