Changing the channel to a new program

It is time to talk about money. There is an undercurrent of energy constantly there that feels so wrong to me, and that is the monetary system.  The necessity socially constructed around money has turned it from a tool to the ultimate power itself.  It is a piece of paper that has no value, yet like all the other inversions in this reality, we displace the power outside of ourselves. I have heard it described as energy exchange by the spiritual community, which I will add is a multibillion-dollar industry and growing, and I’m afraid I have to disagree.  Here is where agreement plays a huge factor for those of us who truly wish to see humanity evolve.  Not if you want to make a bunch of money to survive in this distortion of reality.  But for those who know who we really are and what it will take to create the reality we desire.  It begins with each of us doing the internal work, and I have written several blogs addressing this.  With every change we have desired and created, it was through agreement. It is beginning with no longer agreeing to this system of value because YOU are the value that is being manipulated.  Do you have a guru or someone who cares so much to see humanity shift?  Take away the money you are sharing with this person and see how much they genuinely want to change our experiences within this reality.

Money has become the energy source that is hoarded in fear of lack.  It is used to control and manipulate.  We see it in almost every system and structure within society.  The programming here is profound.  Why do we need to pay for anything?  Why would we pay to live on our own planet?  With this monetary system, there are those who hold the wealth and those that produce to maintain the status of the wealthy.  Not one of us is more worthy of holding larger portions of wealth; making is scarce for others.  We live on an abundant planet; lack is an illusion because of our current structure.  Shelter, food, and medicines are all human rights and not commodities.  Every single human should have access to everything they need.  Instead, we have created a system where the need to merely survive creates dangerous dynamics and deterioration of the psyche, physical body, and social structures.  I could go onto the whole structure and how money is used to enslave us or imprison, but that will read more like a research paper, and I have researched this.  The systems here in western culture are created for upper-middle-class White humans, and anything outside those parameters causes an unjust struggle at some junction in the lives of the majority. If there is no wealth to pass down and assist from generation to generation, the struggle is even more difficult. Wealth creation under the current structure is almost impossible.

This one energy has been deemed the most important factor in society, and we have agreed to it, yet it is the very energy that is causing suffering.  Please think of the things we can or cannot do because of money.  It is quite literally a prison for those who do not have it and even for those that do.  Why would we continue to agree to this?  That is why I stepped up to do my part.  While I cannot make collective changes, I can make changes within me. I DO WISH TO SEE and EXPERIENCE FREEDOM for ALL.  I know that when people finally realize who they are and integrate their ego and shadow, better relationships and environments are created.  So, I offer any work I chose to do on a donation basis, depending on the person.  For humanity to make the evolutionary leap I desire to see in the world, it begins with my agreements.  This is not a business for me; it is a generational building towards creating true freedom.  I can NOT only offer this to those who can financially afford it! Those are not the people who NEED it the most.  The very people who require it are those who are struggling. I am here to remind humanity of who they are and return the empowerment and sovereignty by holding space for integration resulting in change.

I have had this come into my awareness quite a lot this year, and I have avoided writing this blog.  I know this topic triggers many people, and I have seen this one disagreement be the beginning to the end of many relationships.  I do not force my perspectives on others.  But I do know things do not change if we continue making the same choices and agreements.  We can start small, like what I am doing.  This one action is my part in changing the agreement.  My guidance has been so strong on this issue.  My higher aspects have shown me over and over again, the misguided power that money has over people.  Everything I do is for the greater good and evolution of humanity, finding the neutrality of love. I had assumed that those within the spiritual communities had the same goal, but I was shown otherwise.  There are indeed many lessons that are being learned here.  It seems like a no brainer to me; if we want to change we work within ourselves, and we offer an unconditional loving hand to those who are ready.  Having monetary wealth does nothing for me.  Experiencing the empowerment and sovereignty of humans is my goal.  This isn’t some new idea or phase of my life experience, this is a lifestyle.  It is an agreement to change, which begins with me.

Since March, my guidance has demonstrated the importance of change here.  During the lockdown, I could feel the disconnection and fear deepening within the collective.  I felt the need to hold space for people to connect.  At the time, I was volunteering for what was supposed to be support groups, but there was no support, just quite literally a show. When I asked about holding space for people to connect via zoom, I was accused of wanting to steal clients.  Even though I was not seeing clients at the time, and I had made this extremely clear, but I was perceived as a threat. It was again all about money and the fear of lack that caused this individual to make a choice.  Later that year, I was shown why it was not important for me to pay for the services I felt I needed.  I paid for a workshop and discovered I already had exposed myself to the information through my intention several years earlier.  Later I felt the need to connect and reached out to experience the projection of others.  The memes do not support those who do not match your frequency and mindset; find your tribe.  And the reality of this, for $150 a month, we will be your friend and community! This was from someone I once followed and had bought many classes over the years. I read her books and studied her teachings.  Yet this last year, I feel as her perspective is not one of unity but division.  Lastly, I finally have had enough with mainstream medical allopathic medicine and sought out a naturopath.  It was two free phone calls and consultations, her trying to sell me on what I had already done or what I already knew I needed, that is why I sought her out.  The final caveat to obtaining the information my guidance was suggesting, $8000! Not $60 a visit, or $100 a month, $8 fucking K. This isn’t making the changes we desperately need.  This is holding power over others!

Thankfully I listen intently to my guidance, and my higher aspects were communicating something I kept missing.  I do NOT need to pay money for anything; I will always have available what I need. And the other message repeating throughout this lifetime.  STOP people above you, YOU are the value! They do not know what is better for you than your own guidance.  You have the same connection and abilities as they do! Just like those years ago, when I set my intention to learn a costly modality and did it not for free but with my value, I can do the same again.  Nothing stops me from obtaining the information that is available, particularly because it is so available now to the masses and no longer hidden if one has the true desire to obtain the information.  So off I go to explore Traditional Chinese Medicine on my own and with the investment of my value.  Continuing in the agreement that if someone has assisted me, I will donate what I have to share, and I offer the same to others and choosing those I will interact with very wisely and with discernment. Always careful to recognize my own projections, shadows, and assumptions in this process. This is being the change; it begins with the agreements we hold and the choices we make to be a part of the system or embody something else entirely. I begin by changing the channel to a new program.

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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