The ebb and flow of life


The last two nights, I have had lucid and prophetic like the dreams similar to those I experienced in January.  In my dreams, there is something happening in the atmosphere; it is energetic and cannot be seen.  I watch as the sky changes its composition from the outer bands of atmosphere, descending slowly down where we begin not able to breathe. We see it slowly changing, knowing it will reach us in the next few days. I see clouds fall to the ground, and the entire atmosphere becomes like water.  The blue sky begins to get darker and darker from the upper atmosphere down.

I am not in my home but a much larger house with an open staircase.  I am packing things because we are supposed to evacuate.  There is civil unrest, and some within the communities are using violence in need to survive without compassion or love as if there is no reasoning. We are at risk for attacks within our home. I am attempting to locate healthy and safe food, luckily, I know someone at the local grocery store which has some food stored underground, she provides me with bananas, yeah, yellow ripe, perfect BANANAS!

We flee our home without our belongings, but I have a car seat in which I safely secure a child.  We drive off, but the doors in the automobile do not feel secure.  There are others in our vehicle who have fled with us.  There are fear and a feeling of desperation. The last two nights, something is happening; my lucid dreams have me discussing something we cannot observe within a sense of vision is occurring.  I feel as though another huge shift in energy is underway.  It is building, and I must maintain my balance, allowing the flow of energy to take me where it will, in ease and grace.  

I awoke this morning after the hurricane made its way to Ohio and knocked out our power, the heavy rains backed up our sewage drain again. This time little water and receded quickly.  Then a few hours later, it began again, this time flooding my entire basement with a foot of water and is continuing as I type this blog! My husband has to come home to help move everything out of the basement, we have no coverage for contents, and we will miss out on half of the day’s pay, and we will not be able to buy as much food or pay a bill. Yet another reason I returned to school; I tire of the poverty experience, it has been a lifetime struggle.  I have abundance in so many areas of my life, but I am exhausted from lack of financial resources and generational poverty cycle.  

Blogging has been cathartic for me, and so I share. In the last two months, we have had a flood, a truck, two shop vacs, a vacuum cleaner, a dehumidifier, the weedwhacker ALL break down and cease to work.  And now everything in my finished basement destroyed, not everything, we got my husband’s drums out in time!

I also began homeschooling my young children again this week.  I will not be schooling them today, although this is a lesson in patience and how to cope with stress. I did luckily finish my college assignment before the second round of flooding this morning! In light of each of these experiences, I have not experienced or expressed stress or anxiety.  I have learned to laugh!  Because one thing is certain, nothing remains the same! Everything shifts, morphs, and changes.  Those years ago, when I learned to find the emptiness in meditation and deep breathing have been the most advantageous tool of my entire life.

I have a beautiful support system that I have manifested by learning to hold an unconditionally loving space, having radical compassion, authenticity, and gratitude. I have learned to celebrate our unique perspectives and expressions without fear or judgment. Here’s to loving the plumber that hopefully shows soon!  

~ Riding the ebb and flow of life!

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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