The Goldilocks zone

Over the past few weeks, I have observed an over-exaggeration of duality within daily life across society.  Not only in my life but the lives of those I interact with.  This duality has been present throughout history.  Some would say that the earth realm is a realm of duality.  I believe it is social and individual programming through many social constructs creating the perception of truth.

I am no historian, but the narrative seems to go back to Judaism and early Christianity, the bible with its good versus evil, and men versus women narratives.  It may go back further; I have not researched this but will make it a point to do so in the future.  I am an adventurous explorer of information and look forward to what I will discover. 

My father recently told me a few stories he learned in Sunday school.  I am so much like him, getting kicked out for asking questions! I was shocked by the overt white supremacy displayed through these Sunday school teachings.  He was taught that of Cane and Abel, the mark that Cane was given because he killed his brother was to be black!  Further, my father questioned if there were only a mother, father, and two sons in the relationship stating they were the first humans, yet they went out and bred with others; who were the others?

My questions were of the magical and psychological type.  If angels are such high and perfect creations, where did the capacity to question and disobey god even come from?  This god, who is so almighty, yet he has jealousy, pride, and anger? Those seemed so human to me.  I could get over my jealousy and anger; surely, it was not a continuing trait of god. These ideas and questions fated my journey with those who would reject me because I was so curious.  I did not follow with blind faith; I followed my intuition, which almost always showed me there was more to what is being shared and displayed.  And the energy behind it ALL was fear!

When I observe where we are today, not much has changed.  I see the duality created in differing fears, black and white, good and evil, dark and light, high vibration and low vibration; these are all conveyed in a way that has energy describing one as safe and the other as a threat.  This duality is getting louder and louder.  Just as it was apparent in Christianity, I see it prevalent in the other new age spiritual communities where if you focus on shadow, you are considered low vibratory and rejected.  I see it in politics, I see it in the current black live matters and other racial equality movements, the same in feminists movements, anti-vax, and pro-vax and the current and loudest expression of the duality of our time, the pandemic. All these perspectives pit one view against another.  Again, they are all driven by fears, with the pandemic being the loudest because it is driven by the ultimate fear, the fear of death. 

Just like I have always done, I ask questions.  And it appears to me that we ALL ask the same questions.  But what most of us do not do, is research and find a balanced perspective that ends the duality game.  Someone tells us something, their view also programmed on some level, and simply accept it.  We give our power away, time and time again, in the trust that another will lead us to safety and away from this fearful experience. Some even fear the fear, or feed off of the fear, never taking the time for deep self-inquiry. We play in duality and do not even know we are doing it.   

I choose to hold space, love, and respect for all perspectives because I recently realized everything I thought I knew is all based on perception.  None of us really knows anything; we just continue to experience in a flow of synchronicity that some are aware of and others not so much.  Control?  We have none.  A choice just seems to arise through thought, which just seems to happen.  Yet, I am thankful that my early childhood programming did not create a yes man.  My natural tendency was to question everything and to explore all possibilities.  This awareness allows me to observe and consider all perspectives, ALWAYS asking questions and inquiring within.

Today I find myself exploring the balance between my higher dimensional perspectives and my lower dimensional perspectives.  I find myself recognizing where there is a dualistic viewpoint and having the desire to explore to understand where it was created and how to achieve balance.  Today, I recognize how loud the duality has become, it is in our face, and we can no longer deny the impact it has on our beliefs, ideas, and choices. 

My higher aspects view everything as one and in unconditional love, capable of seeing a bigger picture of the entire chessboard and many layers that interplay in the game. My lower aspects create the call for action in physicality and are moved through emotion.  And TODAY, in this perspective of NOW, I find balance.  I am discovering the experience that I prefer, the one that opens me further to what FEELS just right for me! The Goldilocks zone.

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

One thought on “The Goldilocks zone

  1. Interesting. I know all of the answers to every single question that you have posed in this article. And EVERY single answer comes straight from the Bible. Jude 1:6-7 KJV, John 10:34 followed by Psalm 82:5-7. We are all gods (angels), we are all the fallen, and Jesus said it right out of His own mouth. theJonathanKleck YT is the only person in this realm who teaches the dualistic system perfectly and backs all of it up supernaturally with scripture that NO ONE can refute. Be Blessed!


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