This perspective of NOW

I find myself at this vast space of observation, finding balance, and examination of the evolution of my human experience as a starting point in my perceived truth.  Perhaps that is why I chose the title “This Perspective of Now” last year.  I am open, I put effort into the exploration of not only the self but knowledge, and  I love navigating many perspectives.  I recognize where we all pull from past information and experience, not just our own but the historical context and social constructions that are a part of everyday society of which is sometimes with acceptance and sometimes also knowing something needs to change. 

Recently I recognized my escapist tendencies, where I prefer to reside in what I believe is a nondual conscious state. In reflection, I realize this is a move towards separation from my human experience as a tool to cope with a societal experience for which I find myself uncomfortable.  From this perspective, I am drawn to information that is narrative like in nature but beyond the physical human construct.  Sometimes I am everything, and sometimes nothing; sometimes, I am the self that is interacting with other aspects of self, all of which seem more knowledgeable than what I refer to as the small self.  In these states, I feel this overpowering warmth and love. This feeling is my preferred state.  Can one feel without the physical body? It is my perspective that we are one and whole, so no separation occurs; it is all a narrative in perception, which for me is ever-changing.

From my perspective, there seems to be an evolution that is occurring.  The issue is I cannot prove it, only share my experiences and the experiences of those I encounter.  Though the evolutionary path is unique for all of us, I have found some patterns that continue to occur.  One is a small group of people, of which I have remained in contact only a few times a year since 2014 have continued to evolve and experience synchronistic shifts into the same new perspective as me.  Even though we do not regularly share our experiences of what we are reading or the newfound perspectives, I will randomly reach out about a drastic change in perspective and find they are experiencing very similar experiences and interests, being pulled into new perspectives and paths.

There appears to be a field of which we are pulling from that allows us to explore information that is similar in nature.  We observed this many years ago, our group would have a discussion on a random unexplored topic and not share it, the very next day another group would share that the very same information without awareness that we had discussed it the day prior without contact or communication.  Carl Jung observed and recorded this in patients who would describe specific information of which there was no way from them to have access. In several instances, the information was not available to the current population of humanity and would come to light later, through things such as archeological digs.  In my experiences, my friends and I would record and not upload videos; the other group would record the next day, and when we both uploaded our videos from differing days the information explored would be very similar in content, yet there was no contact between groups.

I have been exploring what truth is or what is considered knowing.  Many years ago, I came across an individual who corrected me about her belief.  I used the word belief; she changed it to knowing, stating beliefs can change.  At the time, I agreed and would change my wording as well.  But over time, I have realized everything is perception, including objective truth.  We do not KNOW anything! It all is a mystery, and the perspectives and perceptions are ever-changing.  Sometimes in days, sometimes in years, and sometimes across millennia. 

When one says objective truth, I struggle with this notion.  From my perspective, there has not been one piece of information that has not shifted over time through exploration and an openness to new information.  Consider the example from the past that the sun revolved around the earth, which was believed to be an objective truth.  A current example is the application of space-time; these have been labeled as objective truths, but from my perspective are perceptions.  These knowing’s can and do change over time.  There is no objective truth; I believe, based on my perception, we only see small pieces or the first layers of a complex system, but alas, I DO NOT KNOW! What I am is open to the possibilities and the exploration of the mysteries.  Always ever-evolving and reshaping my perspectives and views in the flow. 

I invite you to open your mind, to explore many perspectives, by integrating new information, and to allow yourself to evolve freely without coercion. By removing the performance-based drive, the egos need to be right, and the egos fear of being wrong, we are truly open to new information.  We are simply opening to the possibility and mystery without self-judgment and the judgment of others on a comparative and performance basis.  I thrive in exploring, taking in new perspectives, and finding the balance within.  Riding the waves of synchronicity and flow into this perspective of NOW.

Note: If you hear yourself say, she is too this or too that, you have missed the point ENTIRELY.

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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