Moving from transcendence into the human experience

I have spent the better part of the last fifteen years working to transcend my human experience.  A constant drive to recognize duality and to experience myself as whole.  Releasing all identities was a part of this journey, and it came easy for me to work through these experiencing myself as pure consciousness.  This state is my preferred state; it feels amazing and makes life so much easier.  But with it, I rejected all perspectives that were human. 

Earlier this year, I felt a call to return from the pure awareness/ consciousness state, which does not reside within my physical body.  There was a calling to find and attach to the authentic self within the physical body.  This space is anchored in 3D and is part of human identity.  And with open exploration those early months of this year, I found my way into this space of experience.

In these last couple of months, I have felt a shift from the passive, transcendent state into a more physical action-based energy.  I want to explore identities and experiences; I want to connect and to share and exploring many perspectives on all HUMAN EXPERIENCES, not just those that align with my own.  I feel as though I can not expand by only focusing on perspectives in alignment with my own. Lately, I no longer feel compelled to reside in these transcendent states but to be in the world, to have a HUMAN EXPERIENCE.  What I recognize is with complete honesty, I may have been using this transcendent state as a means of escape. To explore these other perspectives, not in alignment with my own, bring me the greatest growth.  I have a hunger to expand through experience, which is a true representation of my desire in the transcendent state and why I chose the human experience.

When I look back on my journey, I see the necessity for this experience. The exploration was an experience and seeking of that which I already am. I needed to discover my true state of being to open to the human experience, fully recognizing that the illusion is a tool for growth. This journey not only changed my perspective but my perception of reality.  My journey opened doors to experiencing conscious exploration beyond this 3D experience.  I viewed and experienced the dimensions and densities outside of 3D.  Many layers of my multidimensional selves were exposed, and I had a greater understanding of how this construct operates. 

Over the years, I have observed the spiritual superiority that can come with this experience.  It happens in many spiritual states of exploration, where the ego has a difficult time integrating the information. The inability to allow other perspectives and to minimize or even judge those who choose a dualistic experience is a part of this ego experience. I observed how the ego could take this information and create a reality where we shun those who do not align with our perspective.  Believing our way is the right way, and the only way to create the reality we believe everyone should experience.  The powerful energy that comes with the experience of transcendent state can sometimes blind us in the 3D physical as we project our ideas and experiences onto others in judgment.  While in these states of exploration, I observe and experience our oneness and unity.  But found it challenging to honor others who are living many realities and experiencing separation here on earth. The transcendent states for all are expressed as pure love and oneness, but the human experience is that of separation.  That is why we have chosen to enter this realm.

Armed with all this experience and change in perception, I find myself on a new path.  A path of the human experience, no longer escaping into the transcendent states.  The truth for me is, I exist in oneness in another dimension, that is my natural state, but I chose to have a human experience.  To operate here in this transcendent state is escaping the purpose.  One of my purposes through the integration of these elusive states is showing people there is another way through the exploration of perspectives, of which there are currently around 7.8 billion.

I can pull information from the conscious field.  And armed with this ability, I assist others in the exploration of identities, the human psyche, and the human experience.  Beyond this, I can see where we are making agreements and where beliefs are keeping us from experiencing ourselves as the sovereign beings that we are.  The importance of all our parts and pieces in the shadow and light are integral to the human experience.  I am gentle and loving of all beings, yet I stand up, and yes, sometimes must FIGHT for what I know is true, particularly in the areas of power over others.  This purpose is my part in the human dynamic and play. 

This new awareness is a change in perspective.  I will no longer ignore the human experience as I sit in my transcendent states of being.  I finally understood this within myself as I observed my children. They are each a very important piece of me and reflect my parts and pieces.  Yet each is whole and sovereign.  I do not minimize any of them, so why would I do that within myself and others.  I see my younger children ages eight and six, with new abilities to operate within all the dimensions seamlessly.  Yet they still fight and play in peace and turmoil.  They are pure representations of spirit having the human experience.  I will not bridle them and tell them not to experience.  I want them to experience all that the human dimension has to offer.  Yet, I have seen the judgment of others and myself for the same. 

Now armed with this perspective, I celebrate the identities of others.  I celebrate the experience of separation.  I celebrate what it means to be human and to have the human experience.  There is another way, 7.8 billion or so, just counting within this dimension to be exact.

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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