Almost everything about our everyday lives is a social construct.  We are creating our realities within these agreed-upon frameworks.  However, we are moving into an age where we can see beyond the veils of illusion and recognize that these very systems are built on coercion.  This month has provided me with a more grounded view and experience as the journey is the destination on our path in evolution.  I feel compelled to take action in agreements and focus on manifesting something new.  This energy is ripe to set new intentions and take action towards a reality we desire. 

Here in the US, we are coming into an election.  The results of this election will affect the world, not just here in the states.  The whole of the world is connected, and the sooner we recognize our connections, the sooner we can make choices that are in freedom, providing fair rights for all.  I used to not participate in politics by not voting, believing I was providing energy for a system I no longer agreed with.  Afraid to focus on what I did not want, the government a broken system that has not evolved with the rest of society.  But I have been recognizing by simply ignoring something does not make changes.  I do not operate like that within myself, so I certainly can not do that in the collective system.  My awareness is always changing and shifting internally through active choices in change.  In doing so, I have changed my life tremendously, providing an excellent support system with individuals full of love.  We all work together to support one another to provide that extra assistance each of us sometimes needs. 

I have created the things I have always felt a need for in my personal sphere of reality.  My guidance has shown me it is time to take the same through action in the systems outside, creating through an agreement in action the very things I desire as a whole.  My awareness prompts me to set actionable intentions to create the world we are moving towards, the possibilities.  This move is a return to natural law.

Aboriginal tribes celebrated the earth.  When the white man came to these lands, these indigenous tribes did not understand how someone could say they own land.  From their perspective, we are a part of the land. That would be equivalent to someone saying they will now own your right arm.  When the white man confiscated these lands which belong to every one of us on earth, many new socially constructed norms begin to spread.  We became slaves, our rights taken away, and sovereignty assaulted in an attempt of hijacking.  I mention this because I also believe, as the aboriginal tribes, how absurd it is for us to pay to live on our planet.

The journey in receiving my BA in Psychology with a minor in Identities Studies has awarded me with the exploration of much knowledge while writing papers. This study, along with my personal practice and working with individuals over the years, has provided me an insight that repeats.  The prevailing theme I see amongst most issues continues to be socioeconomic.  Most of the population is in survival mode.  Most choices are based on keeping a roof over their head and food on the table.  The illusion that we even own anything is a part of the allure.  We pay taxes and must acquire permits to do ANYTHING with our land.  And if we do not pay those taxes, we are presented with the consequence of harm.  So it isn’t even us who own anything! It is difficult to stand up and make new empowered choices when the threat of more struggle is persistently in the background. 

I see this story over and over throughout the many social issues that plague our society.  They could all be remedied if we provided an equal playing ground.  And as it stands today, the game is rigged.  Whether it is growing up as a minority in America, the current COVID experience, even my own personal experiences, they are all related to poverty and survival. 

Even now, in my personal life, I am getting closer to needing to decide what to do next with my degree and graduate school.  My need to provide food and shelter pushes me to conform to the state laws and requirements falling within a system that diagnoses and prescribes.  All this based on a manual (DSM) that is written by those who have a vested interest in those drugs and diagnoses being sold and paid for.  I have to disagree with this system; again, it is rigged to keep us in survival.  However, I can NOT ignore it either.  So I take action and will continue forward onto graduate school, obtaining a degree that is not recognized by most states.  I will probably create a new field or modality.  It may or may not be a struggle, but I have been struggling financially my entire life.  It is always a task to keep food on our table and a stable roof over our heads.  But I will not conform out of survival and fear.

This month I am setting the intention and taking actions that will plant more seeds of change.  I believe food, shelter, and the opportunity for health is a right.  To pay taxes without the threat of harm, no longer in a coercive society, joining in together all of us on equal ground.  If we remove the basic survival necessities and provide them as a right, we all have an opportunity to thrive.  As it stands right now, a small socioeconomic minority of the populace has most of the assets.  They are living beyond need, but their actions create a perception of lack.  This planet is abundant, and there is enough for everyone to live comfortably.  This approach would reduce many of the negative consequences we see.

I can already hear the naysayers and those who stereotype with their bias.  I am reminded of when the schools shut down back in March.  I live in a racially and ethnically diverse community within a failing school district.  The superintendent did not want to release laptops to the students because “they will get pawned.” Out of pure necessity and against their beliefs with the expectation that most would not return, they did pass out those computers to all families.  And upon the closure of the school year in May, EVERY SINGLE LAPTOP was returned in the same condition as it was distributed a one hundred percent success.  These families almost did not have that choice due to the bias and stereotyping of those in charge.

The same holds true for where we are today.  The stereotype and bias is the excuse made that keeps those within poverty in survival mode.  I wrote a paper on the minority education experience, growing up as a minority in America. I discovered how the system is rigged at a much greater depth than I realized across all systems, particularly the education system.  Knowledge has the power to create the experience of freedom within sovereign beings.  Quality education should be equally available to all who seek it for free.  The current structures do not support sovereignty and freedom.  They create the illusion of freedom but not an experience of freedom on all levels.

So today, I release to the universe the intention and will continue in my actions to create a world where we ALL LIVE IN ABUNDANCE.  Focusing on thriving rather than merely surviving is my goal.  We all deserve to live freely on our own planet.  We are a part of her and she us.  This month I use this energy to manifest the change I believe in through planting the seeds necessary through my actions of bringing more awareness and expanding ideas of possibility. 

I have spent the better part of the last ten years playing in consciousness and spirit.  Seeking to become that which I already am.  This month has reminded me that I am here for the human experience, and it is us who create that collective experience internally and externally in action.  Together we can change the social constructs because together we created and built them. 

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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