A call to ACTION

Reflecting on my journey, I recognize the most significant part of my experiences has been about facing my fears.  When I have made informed choices by taking a more in-depth look at myself regarding my beliefs, thoughts, and ideas, I have had the most positive experiences.  It takes a vast amount of courage to face the smaller self.  For me, coming to terms with my greatest fears of which were mostly the perceptions and responses of others.  And how my beliefs about myself were formed through my internalization of the perceptions of others.  The term hurt people, hurt people really applies here.  I observe in the larger parts of society, similar to myself,  play off one another’s internalized perceptions creating the micro and macro.

The state of the world is a reflection of these fears.  The message is getting louder so we can no longer avoid and ignore the issues and structures that are no longer in alignment with who we are as human beings.  With this awareness comes choice and action: the choice to look deeper within ourselves, evaluating our own beliefs thought processes and actions.  There is an opening to unfiltered awareness that must occur here—beginning with the larger pieces until it becomes finetuned in observation and choice within the more subtle parts of the psyche.

Last year I moved away from spiritual communities and belief structures.  However, over the year, I would see myself move back into some of them playing with differing beliefs and ideas.  The greater part of my journey was the return to the authentic self.  Most of my experiences continued to guide me into facing internal and external fears and perceptions resulting in a deeper sense of my authenticity. 

One of the things that have come to the surface yet again these past few days is the spiritual bypass.  I observed it last year and continue to see it today with a sudden feeling of urgency to release and move beyond this perspective.  Without judgment for others, I focus on where this shows itself in my belies and choices.  It was my experience recognizing and focusing on the state of the collective in its dysfunctional parts and pieces was very overwhelming.  So I made the conscious choice to only focus on what would enter my sphere of reality.  I was also careful to focus on these issues in a particular way.  But upon further review, what I see in that choice is fear.  I am in fear that if I do not focus in a particular way, I will manifest into my reality what I do not prefer.  This is a choice based in fear.  Perhaps this was a teaching that was meant to keep us complacent and not make change!

It takes radical awareness and acceptance to observe the self without judgment.  To do this opens the door to our observing our deeper feelings and perceptions.  To understand the small and self and the openness to change beliefs, ideas, and choices anew.  This results in new experiences, facing fears, and pulling back the layers taking us one step closer to our authenticity. It is expressed again in the micro and macro of the collective societies.

In my journey, I spent much time from the perspective of what is called the 5D realm.  I only focused on love, acceptance, and allowance.  This perspective is paradoxical of the 3D perspective, where choice and action must take place.  And I found it felt so good, actually my preferred state at the time, to remain in the 5D experiencing through my constant nature as spirit or pure consciousness.  I have the ability to remain in those states and live from this perspective.  I had no idea how to integrate these perspectives into the physical and would find myself bouncing back and forth.  That being said, I am here for the human experience.  I already know how to be spirit, that is my natural state!

In order to master energy and to obtain self-mastery in the 3D I must integrate my multidimensional nature into the physical.  I have had a sudden awakening that the idea of living in 5D is an escapist viewpoint based in fear. Rather than taking these concepts of love and caring into the 3D we are hoping to simply circumvent the fear and slavery system we have agreed to. This means taking ACTION and no longer bypassing the issues that come to the surface—simply ignoring them by making a choice not to focus on them is not manifesting the desired changes.  I am a sovereign being, as is everyone.  The beliefs, ideas, and actions of each of us dictate if we are experiencing ourselves as sovereign beings.  It takes looking deeper into the self without fear and taking actions that integrate the shadow self by changing our agreements. It is time to stand up!  

I find the state of much of the spiritual community to be divisive in that “friends and family” will simply stop communicating and supporting one another because they disagree here.  This continues to feed the polarity consciousness.  We have to ask why would we not have open and exploratory conversations amongst one another sharing perspectives.  Being bound by only one perspective is limiting the possibility of expansion.  Furthermore, expansion is personal; it may not appear the way one person believes it should appear.  If we are making this judgment, we must only look at our own belief system that dictates this necessity.

We are here as source experiencing itself—each of us a unique perspective.  We are also one collective and must take responsibility for our parts and pieces within the illusion of separation.  Just as we do within the self and all her parts and pieces erasing the illusion of separation within, we must do the same in collective. With that comes self-evaluation, choice, and action based on beliefs no longer held in slavery and fear.

The world stage is a reflection of our avoidance and inability to open our minds to the needs and perspectives of others.  The spiritual communities, particularly new-age communities, have the if it doesn’t affect me; it does not require my attention philosophy.  Guess what, ignoring something is an act of ignorance.  This day and age, information and knowledge are available to anyone who seeks it.  We have a responsibility to access this knowledge and turn it into wisdom by no longer bypassing it. NOT MAKING a CHOICE is still a CHOICE, and making a choice to ignore something results in an action that does not create the change we desire. 

The time for awareness and action based on courage and caring has always been here.  The drum begins to sound louder and louder until we face our fears and step into our true sovereign states of being by making new actionable choices.  We can not play kick the can any longer, it begins with us!

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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