The journey part 2 awakening

The theories stating, we are programmed within those first seven to ten years are correct.  As you read in the previous blog, my experiences within those first years had an impact on me that would reflect in my life through my own choices based on the experiences of those first ten years of life.  And as that frequency was established within me, I would reflect those beliefs into creation time and time again, until I was awakened. 

My awakening began very slowly in 2007.  Though I had always been awake to the metaphysical world that existed in what I called beyond the veil, then I did not understand how it interacted or why it interacted with this world.  I certainly did NOT know I was a part of it. 

One of the first changes I made was when I began dating my brother’s best friend.  He was so nice and treated me so well; it was almost as if I could not accept this treatment.  I became aware of my strong reaction to push him away.  In this awareness, I reflected on the other amazing people who came into my life. Still, I had pushed away always choosing those who were as damaged as I.  Somewhere in me, I felt safer being mistreated, rather than the unknown of being treated with value. In this realization, I chose something new. 

I was in my early thirties and decided that the choices I had made in the past that were comfortable but always abusive would need to stop, and I was the only one who could do that. I faced many fears in those early years; the biggest was trying something new.  Through trusting him completely, I made the first change in my experience. I manifested a mate who would support me, cherish me, and always be open to honest communication with me.  Most importantly, he would never hurt me, and if he did, we immediately shared our thoughts and feelings jointly without fear.  I changed the frequency through choice.

Though I would still struggle over the next four years with some very traumatic issues, a custody battle and divorce that showed me more of the dysfunction of the family court structures,  I had established a support system that was made of my husband and his mother; it was the support I needed to awaken further. This further awakening would begin with one simple question; Who are you? I rattled off a bunch of things I did, roles I played, but none described WHO I AM.  It was at this moment that I realized I had no fucking idea WHO I WAS! And THIS would be the journey for the next thirteen years.

At first, I thought it was discovering who I was, but then it quickly moved to remember and realize.  The first hint was that I could leave my physical body, not permanently but temporarily.  Through intention, I sought to discover who I was.  It happened when I was vacuuming the house one day.  Suddenly I was up behind my body observing myself, the back of my head from above and the back of my body doing just vacuuming the floor.  And then I began recalling one of the concepts of Eckhart Tolle, which was the game-changer.  We are not our story; we are not our bodies.  I suddenly realized I am only experiencing not the experience. 

During this time, I was seeking treatment for addiction.  And the words Hello, I am Charolette, and I am an addict were pushed on me daily.  Recognizing this agreement, I immediately stopped saying that, I began with I am Charolette, and I have experienced addiction.  I am only one of a few who transcended beyond the prison of these shame-based practices, and systems were keeping us in through agreement and reaffirmation.

Thankfully, in my creation of support, I manifested an amazing counselor who would begin the journey of self-discovery with me.  She held space as I explored what I knew myself to be, consciousness expressing and experiencing.  My journey opened her to her own, her need to force her perspectives onto me dissipated , and we began to explore outside of the box of learned perception.  Together we have witnessed each other realize and find the balance between the dualistic programmed perspectives and perceptions, finding our way back to the authentic self. 

This series of experiences was my AWAKENING.  I stepped back into my CREATOR BEING, by beginning to make conscious changes in my reality and seeing those changes reflect in my sphere of reality. I CHANGED THE FREQUENCY! Establishing a new template.

To be continued…

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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