Flowing in the NOW, what a ride!

Being fully present always or experiencing in the now is something I have been working towards since 2011. My awareness was brought here through the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, as I downloaded an mp3 of one of his books and began a series of walking meditations. My exposure to his concepts started a journey and a process of releasing learned behaviors and perceptions over the years.  Last week I finally found the destination of the now yet again and had remained present.   

See, most of us judge our experiences through learned perceptions of a duality structure.  When we have what has been labeled as negative experiences, we judge them and resist them.  However, each experience is a messenger, and when we open our eyes to becoming consciously aware, we receive the message.  When we judge the experience and resist it, we are not open to receiving the message.  And what we resist either persists or gets louder so we may finally receive the message giving us a choice.  Many humans are not living their lives in a consciously aware state, but I believe a great awakening is occurring, each of us on the return to awareness on our individual and unique paths.

As humans begin to move into a more integrated state, we move more out of the shadow and into balance with our light. As a whole, we are dark and light, probably with grayscale! We are complete in every way; it is only through our agreements and perceptions that we create the illusion of separation in our experience.  These experiences are communicating how to move into an integrated state, allowing for an integrated experience of the flow which occurs in the now.  No longer experiencing in a dualistic state, each integration erases an elusive veil of experience in separation, returning us to our true state of wholeness as divinity. And with each integration, our experiences shift into more of what we prefer, for most of us out of the darkness.

If you read my blog last week about my adventures in allopathic medicine, you know how triggering the lack of compassion and accountability were for me.  I had been working on these perceptions of control and unworthiness for many years but had a real awareness and focus on new choices surrounding these perceptions this past year.  I knew it was my belief that created my internal state of being, and I continued to manifest these experiences.  But what I was learning last week was how I had not been able to remain in the now and completely present because I was pulling frequencies with me into the next now. 

I see this with myself and with my clients, the one thing they cannot seem to let go of they continue to pull along with them recreating it in the next now moment.  The message was abundantly clear last week in each moment I was aware of my safety, security, and support. Yet I reached into the previous perceived negative experience of doctors not calling and my perceived lack of compassion and pulled it right into my now moment.  I finally saw how my record continued to play, pulling the old frequency of nonpreferred experience, mixing it with my present frequency of safety and security.  At that moment, I let go completely!  I finally received the message in its entirety.  And EVERYTHING shifted into my preferred state of flow.

I know my sphere of reality is a projection through me.  My state of being, beliefs, and perceptions creates that projection.  And as far as I have journeyed these last fifteen years, this depth of understanding frequency was one of the last messages I seemed to miss repeatedly.  Or did I?  It is always perfect in the now.  We are all given a choice in each now, awareness and letting go of old beliefs is the key, and we are going exactly where we need to be.  When we expect things to show up in particular ways, we are limiting the possibility and recreating what we already believe.  The more I let go and step further into the unknown, the more I AM blown away by the magic (science) of this reality.

Flowing in the NOW! Wow, what a RIDE!

Since this experience of shift, I am feeling the frequency change from very grounded denser energies.  The awareness is showing me what the frequency changes look like in a layered way.  When I am in the denser frequencies I am very grounded in my body, I am hungry and require much more active self care.   However, when integration occurs, it is like being accelerated through into lighter frequencies.  I am no longer hungry and require little active self-care.  My meditation experiences become more fluid and interdimensional.  I am no longer grounded in my 3d body but an experience through my multidimensional being, it feels like TRUE FREEDOM. 

I am experiencing self-mastery and sovereignty.  This experience is what is on tap and available to us ALL if we choose.

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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