Open to the possibility

I live my life according to the laws of Arthur C. Clark. Clark stated three laws, and they are as follows. One, “When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.” Next, “The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.” And Finally, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” My journey in this life and experiences beyond have proven Clark’s laws to be correct.  This incarnation is a game, I am consciously aware of my conditioning, and each day I move beyond it into what I consider to be the reality hidden from all of us. 

Working with clients, I get to see them move beyond the conditioning into reality.  The conversation always starts with coincidentally this or that happened.  Once we begin to open the conscious gate, the magic begins.  Synchronicity, as the natural state of flow, begins to show up more and more frequently as clients move into alignment.  They quite literally start to experience the science of this reality as veils of illusion are removed, and the perception shifts.

I can assist people on this journey through tools that work specifically for them because I explored and tasted so much on my adventure into self-mastery. My journey has taken me to this state of love and compassion for myself.  I spent so many years working to attain the peace and joy I knew was out there.  Through compassion and love for others, I worked tirelessly to cultivate the reality I desire. However, it was only when I began to go deep within, cultivating a depth of love and compassion for myself that I created the experiences the desired experiences with my environments and relationships. At this point, I began to understand another science of this reality; it is a simulation being projected from within me, and my state of being is writing the adventure. 

ENTER THE LAST TWO DAYS. Here’s the rundown of events resulting in MAGIC!

Several weeks ago, I attempted to schedule a dental appointment after my dentist decided to close the office near my home and only work out of his primary office about thirty minutes away.  I was willing to travel as I have several fillings that have gone bad due to undiagnosed digestive issues (gluten) paired with a thyroid issue that began breaking down the enamel on my teeth.  I was informed that due to COVID, it wouldn’t be until August 31 before I could get in.  I called around and discovered many dentists’ offices had closed due to the pandemic, and I could not get into a new dentist any sooner.  So I took the appointment.  And just as my intuition told me I needed to schedule an appointment, one of my fillings became loose, and my tooth got infected.

I called the dentist asking to get in or have an antibiotic called in because I was in some pain.  The day went on, and after several attempts, I never heard back from the dentist.  The morning upset due to what I perceive as lack of compassion I was told they could not call an antibiotic in I would need to be seen, but they didn’t have any openings for several days.  So I called my primary care physician who is was out for the day, but I was able to get an appointment for telehealth with the other physician in the office.  Note, they are not seeing patients, only doing telehealth, or sending patients to urgent care.  I could not see going to urgent care for a dental issue in which I had an appointment in Aug and only required an antibiotic.  I sat for about twenty minutes prior to the scheduled call until over an hour after the scheduled time, thinking maybe the doctor was running late.  The call never came.  I then attempted to get a hold of the answering service because, by this time, the office was closed, and was I unsuccessful. 

This type of experience IS MY KRYPTONITE!

Time and time again, I experience this type of treatment when it comes to health care—a complete lack of compassion or accountability.  My belief is that most of these actions are based on how much they can charge my insurance company and not my well being.  Health care is currently run as a business and not a right and certainly does not have my safety and security in mind.  When I experience this, I feel my need to control kickback.  I feel the threat, I do not feel safe, and I also do not feel good enough to deserve safety as a trigger of old programming.  This typically causes me to spiral into unconscious states and chaos until I can pull myself together and move back into conscious awareness.  Still, the situation has not been remedied; I have only shifted my awareness out of reaction into response and make my way through until the situation is resolved. 

 However, THIS TIME I did a few things differently.  I remained consciously aware throughout the whole experience.  I asked my guide what to do next and to be shown what choices I could make to create a better experience.  I was shown to have compassion for myself and allow.  My guidance showed me what to do to get through physically by recommending saltwater rinses and peroxide rinses with ibuprofen. Reminded to get centered and watch my breath.  To trust, I will always be okay and taken care of, and I felt the shift. I was comfortable for the time being and had fantastic support from family and friends.   

Suddenly I heard “look in the cupboard,” I reached into my cupboard of old medicines in the hopes that I would find one or two lone antibiotics. The very first bottle I pulled out was a bottle of twelve Amoxicillin.  Those had never been there before! I have looked in that cupboard MANY times this last year for antibiotics for the bladder infections I used to have.  THOSE WERE NOT THERE; they certainly should not have been the first bottle in the front of a shelf full of medicines.  I felt a sudden surge of magic come over me, a shift into a new reality was made apparent, and I knew I would be okay. I had just manifested exactly what I needed!

The one thing I continued to do, even though I was comfortable and now safe, was to replay the lack of compassion and accountability of those I had encountered over and over in my mind. Remaining consciously aware and having only written about this a few days prior, it was clear that I was holding onto to things that were not important (clutter).  At that point, I let go again.  I had finally broken the pattern of holding onto things that I no longer needed! Without judgment for holding onto my anger, I let go of what was not important and became fully present.  And felt me anchor into a more pleasant reality timeline. 

I believe we shift through realities many times per some minute measurement based on our current state of being and belief structures. As I shifted by remaining conscious and open to my guidance, allowing her to run the show, my beliefs became more malleable.  I believed in possibility.  The openness shifted me into a reality where my needs where met, and I was no longer in lack. 

The next morning as I went to change the sheets on my bed, I realized just how far I had shifted!  The duvet on my bed, which only had ties to secure it to the cover on one side, now has ties on all four sides! AND my doctor’s office returned my phone call and made a new telehealth appointment calling in an antibiotic to clear any infection.  The shift out of lack was made apparent as I received many gifts throughout the day.  By letting go of things that have no value, I opened to the things that do.  With love, compassion, and trust, I navigated to a new reality.  I manifested instantaneously!

This is the reality that has been hidden from you.  This is the magic that is just science we do not understand! Open to the possibility!

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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