Freedom through the wave

How I relate to situations has been prominent in the last two days. Over these last few years, I have recognized my relation to these experiences was about not being enough or lack belief structures.  But since January, my last dance with this experience, wow, I have shifted! 

My recent experiences with dentistry have shown me my growth.  While I was in reaction and baffled really triggered by the lack of compassion and senselessness, I allowed the wave to come. I sent a venting email to a “friend” (thank you for that space friend), made more phone calls to obtain needed services, and just let go! My awareness with myself was I would not contract; I will expand, remaining present in the wave of experience.  Even when I react, I will not judge myself; I will just allow. When I move out of unconscious action even if it is reactionary anger, I will just be in my conscious state, not judging myself but focusing on my awareness with compassion. 

I could see what I was feeling and identified the last echoes of my escapades with control. I identified the conversation I had within my mind.  I know it is all an illusion of separateness, feelings of rejection, and abandonment, not-enough-ness. If I am enough, I wouldn’t be treated this way.  Wow, THAT echo from childhood STILL whispering! However, in nurturing, I remind myself; I am not my feelings!  I AM enough and am where I am meant to be—allowing this experience as a wave, riding it as it shows me more of myself.  I experience more of the love I have for myself and take it deeper within anchoring it for the next wave. 

Through compassion, I realize what I need in this now.  To hold space for not physically feeling well, and that is okay.  To take all the actions I can take in loving myself, and let go, allowing the next experience to unfold.  Remembering I will always be okay; everything will unfold as it is meant to be.  It is in presence and compassion that I can hold this space.  Realizing I AM spirit on this amazing adventure returning to experiencing my wholeness. 

Through this awareness, I continue my shift into freedom riding the wave of experience.

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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