Shifts in reflection

One of my main focuses is to make changes in my state of being and watch as my reality shifts around me.  Yes, I have practiced and played with this simulation, it felt too much like a game over ten years ago, so my journey into discovery began.  One of my first focuses was on trauma, we have become a traumatized society, or we always were, and we are just becoming more aware of it.  There is no real healing of trauma in the sense we think of wounds.  What happens is through awareness the beliefs and perceptions formed due to the experiences can shift, thus creating new realities. These new realities are no longer stewed in the frequency of the behaviors (energy) created through the trauma experiences. 

I never recommend revisiting trauma beyond your deep awareness of it and finding forgiveness, but I do recommend bringing awareness to the beliefs, perceptions, and behaviors caused through these experiences.  Often, we have created many shadows through these experiences. Integration through awareness, pulling the subconscious into the conscious, is fundamental in change, and experiencing our wholeness. 

I am a; let’s look at this emotion, belief, perception from all sides, upside down, right-side up, through and through until we fully alchemize its energy and integrate it in a healthy way creating the experiences we desire explorer.  The reason is apparent; it is what I have already stated and proven to myself and the several who “play,” we are creating this reality from the inside out.  Our state of being on the inside is manifested as a reflection into our immediate sphere of reality.

I recalled many years ago; I thought I kept a clean house.  But as my awareness shifted and I integrated pieces and parts of me bringing my inner self into balance, I began to go through several clutter cleaning phases.  I did not even realize I was a packrat, I held onto and saved things just in case I would need them, creating several possible craft creation scenarios that would never come to pass.  As I cleaned my life and behaviors of clutter and the things that I held onto, my reality began to reflect that with less and less clutter.  As I learned to remain in the moment without fear, my home reflected that state of being by becoming cleaner and more comfortable. Even further, things like ants or other parasitical creatures began to dissipate and become nonexistent in my home environment as I shifted my relationships, creating sovereignty within.

Beyond my home, there were physical manifestations of the bacterial kind within and on my body.  I had reoccurring bladder infections manifest within my body along with constant breakouts, ALL who have been eliminated by alchemizing and integrating certain beliefs, perceptions, and behaviors in my life, creating a shifted state of being.  Through realization, I have shifted more into an experience of health and wholeness, eliminating the illusions of separation and recognizing the connection of the all reflected through me.    

I have continued to allow the layers of my experiences and perceptions to take me deeper and deeper, exposing the next shift into alignment.  As each layer presents itself and is integrated through compassion, my sphere of reality is shifted.  The more I love myself, the more the illusion disappears, and my sphere of environments and relationships adjusts to match.  My recent layer was around control, and the state of being I created based on these beliefs and perceptions.  And now, having moved beyond this expression and experience of self, I am returning to some real core human frequencies.  The frequency of sexuality has presented itself in my awareness of the expression of its truest form.  The sincerest energetic form before society’s interpretations, perceptions, and projections stifled its energy.  Here I am looking at my states of embarrassment, self-judgment, and other negative perceptions in the eye and releasing all shame, shifting their frequency with LOVE and COMPASSION. 

For me, the layer beneath control is sexual energy.  For too long, it has been turned off or distorted, and I have been disconnected or expressing through shame.  It is time for me to erase yet another illusion of separation and return further into my wholeness as I journey into the core frequencies of who I AM. As I continue to explore, to shift, and integrate, I return to my pure essence, always an expression of source. I create new realities as my reflection shifts yet again.  

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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