Exiting the matrix

Many years ago, I went on several determining journeys to understand and figure out the matrix in which we reside.  Yes, I believe we live in a simulation, and after many years and exploration, I have termed it the game. Early on, I became curious because first, I could leave my physical body, and second, I was able to see beyond what others could see in this reality.  Back then, my behaviors exhibited themselves as an escape. Yes, I wanted OUT of this place! Though my choices became more responsible, I continued to engage in beliefs and practices that also had the underlying energy of escape from the matrix. 

After 2012 many realizations would take place over the years to date.  The first was experiencing myself as pure awareness, which I later called consciousness.  I would often experience myself as nothing and everything when I was outside of my body. And at times, I would experience myself in the physical body in what I only imagine as a psychedelic type of experience.  I become everything that is surrounding me.  There is no definition between the energy surrounding me, the lamp, the chair, the even the air begin to intermingle, and I can not see or feel where I begin, and my outside environment ends. These experiences, along with the capability of connecting to what I call the field of consciousness to access information, directed me towards a differing path.  I was so different than those around me and always believed I must conform if I was to fit in.  Yet I never did, and that is a whole other blog, one about learning to love and trust myself.    

As the years passed, I began to fully understand how belief was the primary operator of the game.  Consciousness was expressing itself, and I was experiencing through the expression as consciousness.  I would often tell clients, it’s ALL you, from the aliens to the Ascended Masters, to your spirit guides, they are all YOU.  It seemed the message for me was that I AM the all—the micro and macro.

When I went on my first journey, I looked for the escape hatch.  What I found was spheres upon spheres of realities.  These spheres were not the individual spheres I see here in 3D reality, but other realities outside of 3D.  In these realities, there were different expressions of consciousness; I call consciousness source.  I had not realized back then when I used particular words, they meant different things to others, and it often triggered them.  It was supposed to stimulate them to remember who they are.  However, the cognitive dissonance of the brain, our physical interface that processes the data of this reality so we may interact within this simulation, holds tight to beliefs that have become a part of our identity. I could not fully explain to people that they were not their bodies or their stories or explain even further in a way they would comprehend. And in reflection, perhaps the words I spoke were not to remind them at all but were for me to hear to shift me further into the opening to realization. 

Within the spheres I experienced, the expression of form shifted, and my experience through the expression shifted as well.  On the other side of this 3D matrix, I reside as a semi-physical form light being, not only as singular but as a collective of beings.  One of the things I did was shift the frequency of what appeared as membranes so one can incarnate within the 3D.  My collective, as one blended our energy, would manipulate the membrane altering its frequency so a smaller fractal piece of a being could enter the 3D reality sphere.

As my journeys took me further, I experienced myself as geometry, I was pieces of light without form only colors but in energy.  And yet further, words cannot describe.  At this point I lost my need to express, experience or to exist, it completely dissolved into pure love and acceptance, I just was, but without the I.  I lost all expression of any from again I just was, no beginning, no end, no self, not the all.  Words cannot describe this state; it isn’t a state.  Here in this 3D words reality, we do not have the concepts to describe this, and perhaps that is how it is meant to be.  As a human, we love our concepts, and we hold them closely, taking on the identities of each in some way. That is okay; each of us is here for differing reasons.  These concepts and identities maybe what we need at the moment.

A few years ago, I was in a conversation with a group, and the question was what is upcoming for humans.  I was shown cells, which created organs, then systems, plants, animals, humans, the earth, the planets, and stars, etc. the micro and macro.  I want to say the experience will be for more of us to remember we are source consciousness expressing and experiencing.  We are writing the story through our beliefs through our choices and actions.  Each creates a frequency that aligns us to the next experience.  I see exactly how we can become masters of our reality.  Not only do I see it, but I have also played with it for years, documenting what choices and beliefs create specific relationships and environments. 

And most recently, within this past year, I am experiencing more of myself while here in the 3D without leaving my conscious mind. During my journeys, I was almost always taken back to a ship and shown how the being on the ship was experiencing through me as me. One of my journeys a few years ago showed these blue beings attempting to raise the frequency of the planet from another space.  I could not understand how they would do this. When they communicated, they said they were working from their dimension to assist us. This last year I was shown how they, which is really “ME,” are doing it through our physical bodies here in the 3D.  I am them, expressing and experiencing through this physical body. Through my beliefs, choices, and actions, I raise the frequency. More and more, I am beginning to experience myself blending with them and their frequency.  The distinct difference in energy has subsided.  Every now and then, I SEE MYSELF as one of them in this physical body.  The energy is overlaid on top of my own, with pieces beginning to intermingle energetically, becoming one.  The more I open the conscious gate, the more experience is made manifest. 

It has taken me many years to implement what I discovered about exiting the matrix into my daily life.  While I am the all, I am also the many expressions throughout the spheres.  Across many timelines and dimensions, I am experiencing through the many expressions.  In this blip of time, which feels like forty plus years and only NOW, all this information passes from my subconscious into my conscious mind, the gatekeeper of this 3D experience.  The more I open the gate, the more I experience.  We all have access to the all because we are the all.  It is in our beliefs that our experience is directed.  The differing experiences in life are triggering you to remember, they each give you a choice, a choice to experience in a way that you prefer.  It isn’t right or wrong.  But if you prefer more, it is all inside of you.  What is outside of you is the reality you are creating as the reflection.  There is no OUT; the OUT is WITHIN. Once you begin to master this, you begin to master your reality and create the experiences you prefer.  As I always say, you do not brush your hair on the mirror. 

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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