Freedom to experience the possibilities

It has come into my awareness this last week that I simply see and experience reality in a unique way.  My awareness has been brought to senses that are coming online that I was unable to feel and experience due to disorientations through my programmed beliefs and created behaviors.  During this eclipse corridor, I am observing these illusions of separation, and fragmented beliefs move into integration.  Through the integration of this energy, the perceived separation dissipates. Newfound freedom is experienced and has opened my senses to perceive reality through many frequencies or layers.  An example would be how one word means something, and stringing many words together conveys a message.  Yet this is a very simple message, and the message is then perceived by the receiver through several filters.  Different words mean different things and trigger memories for each of us. 

There is a new communication coming through for me.  It is beyond simple words.  Words are one layer of communication.  I am feeling, sensing, and perceiving many energies beyond simple words.  In many ways, I have always communicated and perceived messages this way, yet my own beliefs created a filter of my translation.  Currently, those beliefs have dissipated and allowed for new information to be received in new ways.

This new experience is opening me to a whole new world of working with energy. I have had a sudden recollection of being visited and a sharing of energy and communication in several past instances.  I have described this as losing time, and I was told it was fractals of consciousness coming together.  But recently, I was shown where I would be driving and then found myself on the other side of the highway several hours later were not just fractals but interactions with interdimensional beings.  I saw how energy was manipulated to make things appear to be something else and how false memories had been applied through frequency to keep me from remembering before I was ready. I saw how energy could be manipulated through elemental structures by modeling other creatures or realities.  It was my fear that it would not allow me to see and accept this.  However, I have finally let go of some dualistic agreements that have opened me to experience this. 

What is normal to me seems unusual to others.  I have been in resistance to this for as long as I can remember attempting to self-correct to be “right,” accepted, and loved.  These last years I have let go of this and have integrated and transmuted these beliefs and agreements, thus changing my experience no longer in the illusion based on that particular frequency.  It has taken me many years to get to this space of being completely open to traversing the energy of this reality.  There are many realities transposed on one another through frequencies.  There is an agreement with this energy that allows us to experience more of our true multidimensional being.  As much as I do NOT focus on this, but there is indeed energy that does not desire for humans to move beyond the illusion that has been created through frequency.  Let’s just say they are happy with the way things are and work to create smoke and mirrors to get us to agree, and most of us did.  Frequencies can create experiences and beliefs we have accepted as truth, and we have been indeed manipulated through our ignorance as humans. 

Humans have many abilities and are evolving or returning back into who we are when all of our pieces and parts are activated.  The kicker is no one can activate these pieces and parts for you, for example, DNA and conscious abilities, but only by each of us individually from within.  We have been seeded here in duality and are through many patterns integrating our duality.  A good example would be the program of Adam and Eve, creating the separation of masculine and feminine and the falsity that one of these is more superior than the other.  It is through the integration of the feminine and masculine within that begins to integrate this duality.  Nothing that creates this integration back to a multistranded DNA exists outside of ourselves.  It is through our conscious expression in belief that we create the body.  By changing our agreements,  we activate more strands of DNA and the ability for the human brain to perceive more frequencies and finally see beyond what has been described as the veil.

When we agree to the programs and beliefs, reaching from the outside in, we create that reflection of reality.  There are beings who benefit from keeping us in this duality experience.  Once we begin to integrate the duality within, we transcend the programs and can no longer easily be manipulated.  Beyond our 3D experience are many layers of frequencies and dimensional experiences.  As we integrate and transcend the programs, we end the agreed illusions, as a reflection, our human bodies respond by activating the dormant (junk) DNA.  Eventually, we move closer to our true potential.  This is where we are today—declaring our FREEDOM from the duality experience. 

We are beginning to experience more of who we are.  We are beginning to move beyond time, and the very intricate layers of energy are exposing more of how this reality can be manipulated in order to create and experience much more.  This may appear as a new dimensional experience to many.  Call it what you desire; it does not matter.  But this new experience is no longer based on separation, but the whole only achieved through the individual. And her relationships.  As more of us open to this new frequency through love, new perceptions of science and spirituality come online.  The need to separate everything with these specific labels ends.  We begin to see where the boxes and labels have not allowed for new information.  As we let go of those beliefs within, we see the reflection and begin to experience more of our natural state of being as whole source expressions capable of so much more. 

What I experience in my reality may be different than yours; no one is wrong about their experience.  It is only determined by what we are open to, and what we believe.  If, as a collective, we want new experiences, evaluating and questioning our beliefs is a necessity.  Finding love and self-trust of self that we have never ventured to discover are essential.  Attaching to our core frequency and stand firm in that without shame or fear of judgment take us closer yet.  We are each a piece of the puzzle and unique.  However, that puzzle can not come together for a new collective creation until more of us integrate the duality that we began in. We are returning to our possibility, and we are each responsible for our part in evolution. 

Use this eclipse and other planetary alignments to thrust us each into deeper integration; this takes us into new experiences of freedom and sovereignty.

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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