Learning to surf

The purpose of my writing it multi-facetted.  Firstly, I write this blog for ME!  The process of writing my experiences and perceptions allows for the shifting and integration of energy within.  I write to process my own experiences and to EXPLORE the multidimensional perspectives I am beginning to embody and express through. But I also write for YOU, because one of my purposes on this planet is to bring awareness to assisting in remembering WHO YOU ARE.  When I am called to work with individuals, it is typically a journey that breaks their foundational and accepted beliefs. The beliefs that have created a life that is not providing the experience reflective of who they are beyond the illusion of identities.  Through my consistently authentic and fearless sharing of my journey, I open you to more options in awareness. Through awareness, we can shift energy and create change.

Due to this purpose, the most significant part of my journey has been about the discovery of who I AM, as I exist beyond this 3D matrix and beyond infinity.  I have only been able to discover and embody that energy through seeking validation on the inside rather than the outside.  Every piece of my reality reflects my internal state of being.  I hide nothing from myself or others and share my unique journey and perspectives from my shadow to light without judgment.

I do NOT know what it is like to be YOU.  That is your job!  We each have entered this realm to experience through the unique expressions of consciousness.  While most of us have a set of schemas and beliefs that are somewhat similar, we are unique.  The more we question the things we have accepted as truth through belief without judgment, the further we expand.  This questioning brings awareness to areas we have not traversed in our personal lives.  Simple awareness is enough to begin a shift.  Many of us are doing this; that is why we see what we see in the collective.  We are moving from the shadow into the light through becoming aware and looking deeper at our beliefs. Any belief based on fear is an illusion.  There is a difference between danger and fear.  It would all serve us well to explore and understand our fear because fear is not always what it seems.  Making fully aware choices that are no longer based on these fears, once they are known, will bring a cascade of change and new experiences. 

Last week I mentioned the waves of energy and experience at the bottom of the wave without judgment. For ME, this is when I am in my shadow.  I have spent years working through my shadow, and now just being aware is enough to dissipate the energy moving into experiencing more of my light.  My initial feelings last week were disconnection and lack, and my response would typically be to reach outside of myself for that connection and validation as a coping mechanism.  I was completely aware of what I was experiencing and chose not to follow the old patterns of behavior.  Over the last year, I have rewired my responses by making new choices in this area, which allowed alchemy and integration of the energy.  What I am experiencing now are just faint echoes of an energetic essence; the energy is no longer made manifest in my reality and my experience of the bottom of the wave has shifted.

One of my old behaviors was to worry about the perception of others and to reach outside to build my core energy, pulling it into myself through validation.  But I choose to do that no longer, I have rooted my awareness into the core energy that is me made manifest from the inside out.  That is me, standing in my authenticity in a pure and sovereign way.  While I saw the echoes of this behavior this past week, I simply made another choice; I embraced my core energy with the most fierce love and grace.  And at that moment, the echoes ceased, my core frequency rang out loud and strong in a tsunami of love.

The bottom of the wave has brought me more love of self.  Suddenly I am no longer in resistance to the way I appear!  I am in love with my physical expression, every wrinkle, and fat cell! I share my perspective with faith in the energy WHO I AM.  This morning, I looked in the mirror for the first time since my early thirties and celebrated her beauty.  I thanked my body and shared with her a frequency of love that made every cell overflow with joy. 

Because I do not judge the waves, I am not in resistance; I am open to what they are showing me.  Each wave takes me to new heights of light experience through awareness of my shadow.  It is only through recognizing the illusion of separation that I have experienced my wholeness.  Because I prefer to experience more “light,” I have learned to surf indiscriminate of the bottom or top of the wave, both are necessary for the RIDE!

Note ~ My neighbors did spend the evening with us, no masks literally and figuratively. We enjoyed dinner and great conversation. Opening to living, by no longer making choices in fear has created a new found happiness for me. Conquering each fear has created new exciting experience. It also exposed me to someone who makes excellent brownies!

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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