The spheres

I wrote a blog only a few days ago, but since then, so much information has come through, I do not know where to begin.  I guess sharing in a sequence is best, starting with the energies that accompanied the bottom of the wave. 

Typically, I experience energy anywhere from three to seven days ahead of everyone in my sphere of reality.  Firstly, this is helpful for me because if the energy is strong and creating a great deal of shifting within me, my support system is grounded and able to assist me in unconditional love.  Secondly, I learn through experiencing the energy and navigating through it, so when those around me begin their journey through it, I can assist them in unconditional love and guidance. This experience has taught me how important it is to hold unconditionally loving space for one another.  I have gotten very good at recognizing this beautiful dance with those who are part of my sphere.

I felt this shift on Monday; I mentioned the bottom of the wave in my last blog. This would be a good time to mention how important honesty is in every facet of life.  Honesty with yourself and others allows a true picture of what we are experiencing. If you choose expansion as I do, it is the only way to achieve it.  I see many people who are triggered when they are struggling, and they see others who share their current state of bliss. The constant judge and compare game we have been programmed into is not beneficial to our success.  It wouldn’t work so well if all of us were struggling at the very same time, would it?  Practicing honesty and treating your struggle with compassion is the key.  There is no judgment, NOT FROM ME, and hopefully NOT FROM YOU.  When we treat these shifts with compassion, we can let go of the old blame, shame, and guilt paradigm that has kept us trapped in a prison of shadow energy.  And so, on Monday and Tuesday, I saw echoes of old energy surface within me.  Instead of resisting it, I invited it and spoke about the irritation I was feeling. 

My go-to practice is deep meditation at these times.  It allows me to see the energy and interact with it more intricately. As the energy moved through me and I recognized these were indeed the final layers of old patterns of behavior and belief, I chose something new once again, confirming the release and shift of these pieces and parts.  At that moment, I began to see the vision shared in my last blog of the sorcerer’s stone, pyramids, and star tetrahedron in floating in space.  I was being “prepared” or “worked on” those last four nights. As always, as I share in my blog, I immediately get conformations in my reality.  Within my email, I received an article about the human brain being capable of processing up to eleven dimensions.

As I looked out into my immediate sphere and beyond, I recognized others were beginning to experience this energy.  It was bringing up the many different pieces and parts of others for the choice of alchemization (making up this word) and integration through compassion.  My husband began to experience this energy and still is today, he asked me this morning, when will it end.  He is experiencing the irritation, followed by guilt about feeling the irritation, which leads to a depressed feeling.  I show him the unconditional compassion, love, and support I have been sent to this earth to share, not just with him, but everyone I meet. Several of the people I had spoken to are experiencing what some would call a dark night of the soul.  This reminded me of many years ago; at this very time, I had also observed many go through this corridor of change through integration resulting in the expansion (ONLY if one chooses).  Over these last six years, I see the patterns repeat during this time; only the energy is strengthening.  Think of hand washing a shirt. First, it is gentle energy to get the large debris to move away. Then a more focused pressure is applied to any bigger areas of dirt.  Finally, the area with the deepest stain requires great force to be removed.  The shirt fibers may even appear warped during this pressure, but in that pressure and vibration, the threads are pulled apart to release the trapped dirt.  Celebrate this process! Stand in it with integrity, choosing to shift this energy, and with compassion for it, this will allow an integration that cannot occur if you are resisting, judging, and comparing. 

Enter my morning meditation, THIS MORNING, WOW! My meditation was so intense it felt like I was high on drugs.  I was lucid and aware I was being communicated with by something much higher vibrationally.  First, I was shown my conversation with my six-year-old daughter the day before. She said an ant was on her and I replied, how do you know YOU are not ON the ANT?  I played a real game of Pictionary with the beings communicating with me this morning!

I was shown the scene from the movie Arrival where they say the aliens know higher forms of math but simple forms.  They used light to make images and to take me into flashes of pictures that were outside of my normal realm of communication.  For instance, I would get an image and attempt to identify it, only when I could feel what it was they were communicating, they would move on, the image had to morph and change several times before I would get the message.  Typically my communications are for me to interpret later, and the translation means many things, but not this morning, this was direct. 

They showed how we could not have conversations with ants; they do not understand us.  This is not a superiority thing; they are as relevant in their reality as we are within ours, but it is differing still the same.  We may feel communication is not necessary, respect for coexisting is, and the need to recognize their importance in the micro and macro. The beings used cultural context to show me why I have such a hard time communicating with others.  Different gestures, words, and symbols mean different things in other cultures, and when two come together that are dissimilar, there is often miscommunication.  I was shown my birth into this reality.  I am not from this “culture” when I communicate with others; they either cannot pick up my frequency (so they do not even register what I am saying) or simply misinterpret me based on their learned belief systems as cultural context. I was shown an image I had seen the day before of someone at area 51.

I was repeatedly shown that I am moving into experiencing more freedom with an eagle that continued to morph and fly through the visions as light.  I saw many spheres as far as the eye could see.  On the outside of a few, the outer bubble broke down and the sphere next to it came together and became one.  I was shown the symbols I had read over the years referring to alien or interdimensional entities were the same symbol I had seen for months, the pyramid!  Over and over, I saw a WAVE of light travel no specific direction it went from left to right, right to left, top to bottom, bottom to the top of my sight.  When I looked deeper at the light, I could see frequency like code in color changes and markings I did not recognize.  

The communication mentioned something about a choice… I asked about the split in realities that so many discussions have referred to lately.  While they did show a split, it was a NEW place not away from the old but within it. It was a new experience still within the whole, like a circle experiencing its own reality within a larger circle.  The larger circle is still there; I believe this is source consciousness creating these spheres for us to express and experience through.  The large circle and small circle are the same, just differing expressions and experiences of energy.  I was shown that through openness and letting go of old beliefs, the initial programmed beliefs, the conscious mind is opening to experience more of itself.  They confirmed my thoughts that death only appears as death to us in the simulation of what we can see and process consciously.  I have recognized many are choosing to leave the “frequency” (I do not have a better word here); we are “tuned,” which appears as death to us.  They repeated over and over, showing me that I am infinite.  With some sort of focus on the illusion of the birth and death cycle. I became aware of certain energy it was time to move away from through choice.

There was so much information; the rest will have to wait until the next blog! Today I “get to know” my neighbors of 11 plus years for the first time! They are entering my home and my sphere of reality for the first time, NO MASKS! Coincidence, I think NOT!

NOTE ~ I also want to bring awareness to the well-researched fact that masks do not work and can exacerbate the INABILITY TO BREATH!

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