To infinity and beyond

I have gone cosmic!  In my meditation journeys, I am seeing star tetrahedron’s, many of them floating.  They are everywhere small blue and purple star tetrahedrons with platinum writing diagramming them.  The writing I see is not from this earth; I have never seen it before, it appears to be what has been called light language.  I am continuously shown large pyramids, they too, are blues and purples. Something about the sorcerers stone and the symbols representing this continues to keep coming up.  I hear the micro to macro, out of chaos comes order.  I keep seeing a solar flare; the visual is of a / the sun, and a massive solar flare leaves this sun’s right side.  The flare is the size of the entire right side of the sun from my perspective. 

In addition to my new visuals, every night for the last four nights, I have been awakening and experiencing interdimensional realms.  These experiences between wake and sleep have occurred my entire life. However, they have been happening more and more.  This last year, I am seeing people walking like they are walking down a hallway; in this reality, it is my bathroom to bedroom, they turn right and walk out my window.  I believe many realities are transposed on top of one another; we are only seeing and experiencing the one we are tuned to.  This space between wake and sleep somehow opens my conscious mind to see more frequencies, light spectrums, or I am now opening to the perception of this additional reality more and more. 

In the last four nights, I am being “worked on.” It began with seeing people walking down the hallway, but now looking right over me, as if they are observing me.  Now there is one being sitting near me, and I am aware I am being worked on or prepared for something by another.  I can only “see” shadows with some definition and mostly “feeling.” Even though I have a conscious knowing I am safe, it has taken my body a few days to not react in the fight or flight energy.  Finally, last night’s experience was met with a calm body, as is my mind. 

 Between these moments of lucidity in between realities, as I layer and aware of those by my side, I am dreaming like crazy.  There is certainly a timeline consolidation or consolidation of memory happening here.  More of me is returning to this expression of the singularity through me.  It feels as if I am living in two worlds.  I am aware I am here, but also there, in this space where I am being prepared.  Am I exiting this reality as the dream and awakening in another?  Am I being prepared to experience this reality in a new way?  I feel like I am outside of the matrix simulation or in another realm of the simulation when I am experiencing this transposed reality.  Dare I say I feel like I am on a ship, in a bed or pod? Am I finally fully awakening to the experiencing more of my wholeness, the larger pieces of me, more of my multidimensionality? Maybe!

No matter what is happening, it is apparent my conscious mind is opening through this experience.  In that occurrence, I experience THIS reality, MY SPHERE, differently.  I again feel like I am at the bottom of another huge wave!  I know longer judge this; I celebrate it!  It means I am gearing up for a ride that is taking me to new heights and experiences. Think of getting onto the roller coaster and getting strapped in, no big deal, just going through the motions, but also preparing for the ride through safety measures. 

When my feelers have reached out into the people outside of my immediate sphere, I have encountered the last few days, this bottom of the wave is being experienced by them as well.  I observe their perception, and it is still polarized and judged through “they way I am supposed to feel.” Perhaps these are the final echoes of what I have finally integrated within me.  Yet in others, I see excitement, a recognition of the beginning of breaking through old patterns of behavior more and more. They are experiencing the first taste of freedom, and it is incredible to witness! I am in a state of complete allowing, enjoying the ride through complete neutrality.  I am excited by what will come next and continue to work to release expectations and assumptions.  I know on the other side of this is infinite possibility. Something big is brewing! To infinity and beyond!

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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