The ocean in the drop

This ride just keeps getting better and better.  These last fifteen years, I have had many speculations and concepts about reality as I navigated my way through and opened to awareness.  All of them have been confirmed for me.  Does that mean they are your truth, no! The other concept that was confirmed, we are each experiencing a completely different sphere of reality.  For me, it has been confirmed this reality is a simulation type of hologram.  I know who I AM outside of this reality.  I AM consciousness creating an expression in order to experience.  This is happening on many levels and at many frequencies of vibration. 

For my experience and what I observe in this journey is moving from the shadow, into the awareness of separation, back into experiencing my wholeness.  EVERY single piece of information in my sphere of reality is a reflection from inside of me.  EVERY SINGLE PIECE! From my husband, my children, my friends, colleagues, interactions, environments, EVERY SINGLE piece.  Many of the things within my reality are the things that the collective has agreed upon in co-creation in order to facilitate the game.  For example, we have a pen or a car; we have created and accepted tools to navigate the game.  Beyond those agreed-upon tools are also agreements like social structures and cultural beliefs.  As many of us have moved out of the shadow and are beginning to erase the illusion of separation, these agreements are changing.

ENTER the individual EXPERIENCE since 2012, and now expressed collectively in 2020.  What we see in the collective reflects those of us who have changed our agreements through healing the wounds and illusion of suffering and separation over these years.  The old structures that are crumbling out there are doing so because they crumbled and were rebuilt inside a certain number until reaching the tipping point.  This is the great awakening and change that so many prophesies referred to. And it is all facilitated by each of us doing the internal work of changing the reflection in our immediate sphere.

Recently all my children made their way home to visit all at once, all here on the same day in the same space.  I looked at each and suddenly recognized how they each reflected me.  They each express my wholeness but are creations that would show me integration. For this blog, I will explain the reflection of my shadow because that is the part that I have experienced a great integration in returning to experiencing my wholeness.  My oldest son, in fear of vulnerability, my next child in needing the approval of others through status, my next child believing no matter what I do I will not be good enough, my next child not fitting in and believing there is something wrong with me, my next child being stubborn and fighting just to confirm my beliefs.  Each of these is an expression of me reflected in my integration and expansion. 

And through this integration comes acceptance and allowing of another.  It shows me the judgment we have of others because we do not desire to look at ourselves.  The judgment is because we judge ourselves.  The great awakening happens in phases and waves of change, each taking us to a differing perspective.  EVERY interaction is opening the conscious mind to allow more of us into the experience.  This year it has been so important to find our authenticity and to STAND FIRM in the ENERGY of WHO WE ARE.  Of course, this is differing for everyone, and as I progress through the expansion, I find the space to celebrate consciousness as each unique expression and experience.  It does NOT have to look like my experience.  In moving from the experience of my shadow into the light of who I AM experiencing my wholeness, I have experienced many situations of righteousness and spiritual superiority, and I take complete responsibility for how that may have reflected from inside of me. 

Time and time, I attempted to create an unconditionally loving space where we could share without judgment of someone high jacking wounds to use as their projection in judgment.  After being betrayed many times, I finally created a relationship outside of my husband and therapist where I could share, allow the energy to dissipate and integrate.  FOR YEARS and YEARS I opened and was hurt over and over.  Each was an attempt to return to my authenticity, but I could only do so by learning to love myself FULLY and unconditionally.  FINALLY! I created that reflection and was able to share this space with another individual. The experiences were always a reflection of me.  I was NEVER a victim to anyone outside of me; it was an agreement within.

Most recently, I have finally put all of these pieces together, all the experiences and expressions to understand exactly how this game works.  I have determined the LIFE HACKS that allow us to alchemize and move the energy that keeps us locked into frequencies, which in turn dictate what will show up in our sphere of reality.  AND THIS HAS BEEN YEARS IN THE MAKING.  The slow reveal, only being experienced through me by me. 

So, for those of you awake and enjoying this ride, we are birthing into the 5D experience.  The past in my sphere has been alchemized, memories integrated, and I AM experiencing in the NOW.  The senses that I once used to navigate this reality have shifted and expanded; I experience my entirety rather than points of perspective.  AND IT IS GETTING TURNED UP NOTCH BY NOTCH, as I return to experience more of ME and the ALL that I AM.  If you are feeling discord or dissonant frequencies, it isn’t anything out there; it is high frequency attempting to show you what is ready to be alchemized, integrated, and aligned.  Use the energy to shift with an open and nonjudgmental heart, finding your way back to your core authenticity, and with pure self-trust, let go ALLOWING. That may look like forgiveness and healing for others and the self, changing the way you feel within the acceptance of your memories or any other shift.  For example, I recently saw a young lady post on FB page, when someone posted the Human design for Trump.  This young lady made this post where the energy was so intense and polarized.  She stated, this group is not the place for these posts, I am here to move beyond the old-world polarized beliefs, this is supposed to a safe place, I came here to evolve spiritually not participate in this energy, and she went on and on.  What she couldn’t see, was this post was exactly what she needed to evolve in the way she desired.  Her feelings about that post were the cue to look deeper within herself instead of projecting onto others.  Of course, no judgment here, I recognize it, because I have already traversed this part of the journey. 

Can we provide a supportive space for this change of perspective in experience the rest of the collective is and will eventually go through?  And even when it does not appear to us that someone is moving in this integrated expression of wholeness and is still playing in the experience of separation, can we allow for that.  ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY! Because it is our judgment of source expressing itself that would NOT allow for it.  We are the ocean in the drop, the drop in the ocean, and the ocean.  This reality is not only holographic; it is fractal, and that means all of the dark and light are experienced in separation and as wholeness! What does that mean for your sphere of reality?  Well, it depends on where you are on the inside! Because what you experience is based solely on that.  Some of us will experience 5D other, 4, and 3 it unique for each of us.  Also, I might note, we cannot have five without 1 through 4 in this reality.  THEY are US! What dimensional experience we each experience in our fractal spheres is based on focus and frequency; if something shows up you do not like, it is up to you to shift that. THIS is what be the change means; it is ALL a reflection, what you wish to experience? I am exploding with excitement, this is one hell of a RIDE!

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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