Summer Solstice, believe in dragons, birthing the new evolution through the ring of fire

Welcome to the birth of a new experience. The symbols are everywhere. EVERY PIECE of reality is a projection coming from you—the story you are creating and telling yourself.  Last Sunday, while I observed each of my children and their reflection of me and the integration occurring, I saw a bald eagle flying above the family as we were taking a family photo out in the backyard. In forty-plus years of living in NE, Ohio, I have never seen a bald eagle.  This bald eagle verified the freedom to recognize how reality reflects my inside beliefs and agreements.  The individual freedom experienced through my frequency aligns me to the next reality through choice, and I chose expansion through integration, erasing the illusion of separation shifting out of the experience of duality.

I was swinging my now six-year-old daughter, who reminds me of my stubbornness. She asked for me to play the song Believer by Imagine Dragons on my phone, the next song to play was about evolution and freedom.  Where I focus is what I experience more and more in my sphere of reality.  I have created my sphere void of negative interaction because it is what I chose through establishing my frequency.  I am not judging the choices of others; this is just what I prefer.  I have created it by shifting my negative perceptions and insecurities within. Due to that choice to create this sphere of unconditional love in positive light experience, I had to cultivate that energy within myself.  Hence a sphere of unconditional love to experience. 

Last year I felt the push to take action to begin creating what so many ONLY TALK.  This year I stepped up the actions through more choice.  I realized it was my expectation of experience that was keeping my path narrow.  I would say things like if I can afford it, or I do not have enough money, etc.  I recognized it was my belief in lack that continue to create that experience.  Letting go of that belief and opening to possibility completely shifted my experience.  I took the jump literally, by jumping out of a plane, and faced my fear of control which was connected to my belief in lack.  THIS ACT shifted my frequency and my experience with a completely new manifestation and state of being.

Suddenly I completely understand the game.  I can see where there are game “cheats!”  I call them cheats because I am learning the code, paired with synchronicity and confirmation I continue in this flow.  It is effortless, I allow, and the paradox is, it is done through active choice.  I choose to trust and allow.  When I feel dissonance, I choose to observe and respond with alchemy by realigning my frequency, NO VICTIMHOOD, ONLY CREATION.  Currently, I am birthing fully into this full experience of freedom as a multidimensional experience in wholeness.  This last month I have observed refining my unique skills.  Only reaching this experience by integrating, loving, and trusting myself as source expressing and experiencing through me as me. 

I just asked my other daughter why she still has her PJs on at 3 pm in the afternoon after only being outside to swim for an hour.  Her answer, because I DO! She doesn’t say this in a smart-ass way, just in a very real down to earth literal answer to her perception of my literal question.  GREAT ANSWER! Nothing WRONG with her.  Others may describe her as high anxiety on the autism spectrum; I describe her as perfect and unique, only disrupting their beliefs.  She triggers the insecurities of others at eight years old.  The anxiety they perceive in her is only their anxiety about how she triggers them in her questioning and perception of the world.  She is fully connected and does not fit into any of the boxes the rest of the world would like her to. She challenges their beliefs, and there is NOTHING WRONG WITH HER.

My stubborn six-year-old imagines dragons and is a believer.  She has her sense of “feeling” fully open, connected and operating as her main sense rather than thinking.  She cries a lot in the energies because they FEEL so INTENSE to her.  She does what EVER she wants; it does not matter the reasons I give for her to stop; she does not believe in them.  She chooses to do what FEELS right for her.  She is imaginative and fully open to the field. Both are a reflection of me, the parts of me I have finally begun to celebrate and trust! I have birthed through my love and acceptance of myself and my beautiful reflections in creation as my children.   

My body is healing! This shift in frequency has provided the ability to believe in recreating a healthy body in the now.  I have taken another concept to experience in the NOW!

Let go of EVERYTHING you THINK you KNOW through assumption and expectation; harness unconditional love opening the conscious mind to imagine dragons and become a believer! It isn’t this or that; it is ALL! We have birthed through the ring of fire! Welcome to the new frequency and dimensional experience.

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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