Standing in the entirety

It has been a journey to reach this experience.  An experience where I LOVE who I Am, I KNOW who I AM, and I TRUST who I AM.  This space is complete alignment with my authenticity, and as a remembering occurs, the whole game changes.  Once again, the perspective change creates a paradox. The frequency of this experience is unique and blissful.  Each moment is guided by constant synchronicity and magic, showing me the game, and that I am in alignment. 

I had conversations and synchronicities that are fun in each aspect but mind-blowing when put together.  From discussing the number 144, having it appear in on just page I randomly opened in a book discussing evolution and DNA, to an old client and friend asking if they could donate $144 towards my work, all in 24 hours.  This constant flow, I am beginning to see precisely how the game is played and fully embody my multidimensionality through experience.

Beginning this week, now that I have spent some time aligned as I am birthing, I understand the most recent vision I mentioned in my last blog.  The five black seals and the golden being who emerges.  This is me seeing a cross-section while in the birth canal, my current position.  The black seals and each golden being steps out as the multidimensional representation birthing into a new experience taking me to this upcoming June 21 to July 4 energetic configuration. The message I continue to receive, and feel, is the importance of standing firm in the energy of my frequency. 

This past week I had a situation or two where others outside of my immediate sphere of reality perceived what I said in a different energy than I intended.  After we ended our zoom, I felt myself second guess if I should have said whatever I said, and quickly felt how that thought took me outside of my alignment.  I immediately said, “NO,”! This expression is who I AM, and the perception of others is NOT my responsibility. Immediately I felt myself realign and felt the energy stabilize.  There is a specific energy that healing and integrating all your parts and pieces take you into, orI should say returns you.  It is the unconditional love frequency of source.  And it is unique for each of us. 

While observing my journey, there are a few things that have surfaced to discuss.  One that I came into this expression as Charolette, completely open to my multidimensionality, the cosmos, and beyond.  I have ALWAYS had a different sensory perception, and I thought, because I was taught, that something was wrong with me.  Watching the rest of those around try to open to the metaphysical and spirit didn’t make a lot of sense to me, I was working on learning to function in a physical body as source expressing the human experience.  Meditating and finding the nothing and everything was second nature, I spent most of my time in pure awareness.  However, learning to have healthy relationships and positive self-esteem or changing the lens I viewed the human experience through was the difficult part.  And like anything, like most of us were taught, I was comparing myself to others as a marker.  BUT the path we each take is so unique to each of us.  I reflect on someone I have been acquainted with for many years, and her path, in comparison to what I needed in my experience. I perceived her experience like she was going backward.  But it wasn’t, it was perfect for her, being deep in the human experience and analysis and science was her natural state, she was cultivating the opposite of me, learning to experience outside of the physicality and I was learning to master more of the physical. 

While for all of us, this is a return to who we are, it is a different journey for each of us and should not be compared.  As a society, we have learned to teach people they are not enough, we pathologize them, and we create more of the illusion keeping them in separation.  Anything different from us is viewed as a threat to the ego because the integration and balance of all our parts and pieces signify a life not controlled by the ego.  There is an emotional maturity that is reached through this healing, alchemy, and integration of energies.  In this place, we no longer compare and contrast; we just love unconditionally knowing all roads lead to Rome.  There is no us and them, or they are doing this to us, or so and so made me feel.  The current end game is experience through integration, now let’s play in this vibe for a bit and then onto the next expression and experience as source on the return.  This idea even in spiritual communities that everyone must awaken now and separate earths is not in alignment.  THEY ARE US! We are the ocean in a drop and the drop in the ocean.  It is judgment and righteousness. Most of us entered this reality fully asleep, and when each awakens is the personal journey.  The role we all play has its place to experience duality.  It is through our interactions that we are triggered to remember we are the all, and this is when we begin to transcend the duality experience.  This happens for us inside, in alignment through integration within, NOT out there in the reflection. 

This week I noticed a real intensity in each energy I felt.  My senses ALL of them and then some more, have intensified and began to develop.  Yes, some new senses HERE! New abilities are developing, and at the same time, I am beginning to embody my gifts, my unique skills that are only expressed and experienced through me.  The second my confidence wains, and I second guess myself or step into insecurity out of alignment, I feel these senses disconnect.  When I move back into alignment, they reconnect. 

I have had a difficult time with energies, not in alignment with my own at this time.  The ones that do not express the wholeness of who we are while in the frequency of compassion and love for all.  And the message is for me to stay out of these energies or only when I am absolutely called to do so during this birthing process.  And yet it is still free will and choice. Specific frequencies outside of unconditional source love are literally making me physically sick again.  AND at the same time, through this, I am learning to navigate from this new frequency I am embodying. It’s like a giraffe learning to walk; I am learning to navigate as a newborn. One layer of me has been birthed, but four more are birthing, and I hear it is of the most importance to stand firm in my knowing with complete love and trust.  If I want ease and grace, stay clear of playing in energies through engagement that is not a match to my frequency. 

Two nights ago, I felt discordant energy enter the realm.  Is this energy higher frequency? Yes, it will feel discordant when something is not in alignment.  This energy and the vision I received was communicating the importance of breathing and remaining centered in my heart while living every second from this space, while in alignment with my being.  No matter what shows up, to deal with it from this space.  And as the last two days have ventured on, I did just that.  As situations appeared that would take me into duality or polarized experience, I recognized the pull and stood firm and stood my ground.  WOW, what a ride!

This whole week I continue to have these moments where I am feeling myself not in my body, as if I am experiencing from a new point of perception.  My point of perception is usually heart-centered and just outside above/slightly behind my head.  Now I have these moments where I am feeling myself expanding outside of my physical body as a whole.  This is difficult to put in words; it just isn’t the typical point of perception; it feels entire.  I am also feeling energy moving through me, vibrating in conjunction with my own energy in a new way. The feeling to move and to listen to music has overcome me. My body is releasing stored energy in a huge way! I am seeing healing of my body on the physical now!

And finally, the last thing I want to mention is my oldest son is here from Vegas.  I am beginning to see how each person in my sphere as a representation of me and my pieces and parts.  There is an integration with my relationships as well.  Who each is and the energy each holds, the perception I falsely believed what should be, what is, and how it is really all just ME!

And as usual, a perfect metaphor for my current and next experience.  Last Sunday, I jumped out of an airplane to see if I could. Now that I know I can do it this Sunday, I jump with my son and husband.  This Sunday, I am jumping because now it is time to enjoy the experience of standing in who I AM!  

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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