Jumping into the black hole

Each day ALL I CAN SAY is WOW! The level of energy and magic I am experiencing in each now moment is beyond words.  And just when I feel like I am beginning to settle a bit and catch my breath, WE GO AGAIN! WEEEE!

Should I feel guilty because I am living a life of bliss?  NO, I put in the work and integrated my shadow these last fifteen years like it was my job, and it was.  Even when people projected their perception through separation, I did not internalize their wounds.  I continued to move forward and follow what MY GUIDANCE was suggesting.  And YET those very instances where I did not act or choose to please others but only to focus on the behaviors and choices created by the experiences across many lifetimes, to choose to stand in my integrity and authenticity regardless of belonging and the rejection where the most significant moments of expansion. 

And this is where I am NOW.  I cannot figure out if because I believed so genuinely in this process of evolution, or ascension, that I am creating it or if I have aligned to a new timeline OR in writing this, YES, BOTH! Every minute of my day is magical, each synchronicity leading to the next. Every interaction or thought is confirmed, every single second in this matrix has become the most magical experience, even when my five-year-old is whining and arguing with her older sister.  My state is pure bliss. 

The last few days have opened me into further expansion.  I KNOW! What more? Right!  I am fully embodying more of my higher aspects.  I have become the magician and the master of my matrix.  The last few blogs I wrote about birthing through this eclipse season, paired with my meditation journeys, have shown me some very specific representations.  This Saturday, my children went to a sleepover at my mother in laws so my husband and I could go skydiving the next morning.  This scheduled skydive was done almost a month prior.  As it got closer, I wasn’t sure if we would have the money, but I just trusted in everything being exactly as it is meant to be without expectation.  The Saturday arrived, the kids went to grandmas, and instead of cleaning or completing the many tasks that I now had the time to do, I went and laid in the sun with a book.  This book I had not picked up in almost exactly four years to the date, I’d bought it when released and only read halfway through.  I turned to the last chapter of the book and read what my blogs and meditation journeys had been saying.  I had been experiencing what the book predicted, and the confirmation was right in front of me to the colors and the exact words about magic, memories, frequencies, and the experience of embodying more of our aspects.

Everywhere I look, every interaction, there are CONSTANT synchronicities now no longer occasional but back to back.  My whole perception of time has shifted, and my experience in each now is exciting and fully aligned.  I feel NO resistance, just a beautiful flow of pure UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  This experience is all being projected from INSIDE of ME.  For years I spent so much time playing in the concepts of it’s all inside of you, but now I AM living it through the projection I am creating from the inside out.

Was it easy to get here, HELL NO. It took a great deal of alchemizing the energy of my wounds through compassion and love, which allowed integration to occur.  Through each layer of separation, I returned to experiencing my wholeness by dissolving the illusive layer created through belief.  As I return to fully embodying and experiencing more of the wholeness of who I am as the source expressing through me as me, I see, hear, and feel from a new perspective with new perceptions. 

My experience Sunday morning was the final jump.  The jump into the black hole that had shown itself to me over and over these last months.  At that moment, I fully trusted my higher aspect, released entirely, and without fear jumped, realizing I was just going for the ride! I was reminded of the beautiful picture Darrell Leakey so kindly sent as medicine. 

WOW was that amazing! AND thrust me further into alignment, allowing more sense to come online. I am birthing; I let go, no longer snug in the illusion, DETATTCHED COMPLETELY, birthing through the canal now! The conversation today confirming we are integrating the illusion of separation and all aspects of our self, higher/ lower/ larger/ smaller/ forward/ backward/ in and out, words have no meaning in this NOW! And I SEE five black spheres approach in integration of the divine feminine and masculine; I am told they are seals.  As they unzip, five golden beings appear each more magnificent than the previous, in “layers” each piece necessary for the next, they step out of the black sphere.  I am told it is me and the all, newly birthed into this dimension.  The apprehension is felt as apprehension as the first, then second step out, but as the last three golden beings step out, I am comforted and feel complete excitement and LOVE. 

MY life, MY CREATION, is so magical and so synchronistic right now, I cannot and do not know what could possibly be next! THIS IS WHY I TRAVELED FROM A WHOLE OTHER UNIVERSE! For THIS NOW! Hold on and ENJOY the ride your higher aspect is a professional!

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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