Creating the next now

The breath is the one necessity of life on this planet within this reality.  After five to ten minutes of not breathing the elemental body, housing the main computer for processing begins to breakdown.  The breath is an essential focus of this entire reality.  We have all been struggling to breathe the way we can.  As we experience stressors and we remain in a reactionary state, the breath is shallow.  When we heal the tethers of the past through alchemizing the energy and choosing new responses, we begin to open up to the breath. 

EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED! It is no coincidence that the most damaging symptom of COVID is the inability to breathe.  COVID is the silent “perceived threat,” affecting our ability to breathe.  As above so below, as within so without, we witnessed a beautiful being, through the projections of others have his ability to breathe be relinquished. And now the reactions tied to the past continue, and each affects the ability to breathe. These collective experiences are all here to remind us of who we are.  They show us how we are tied to the past through frequency. They help us to remember what it is to stand in the authority of who we are once we remember by shifting that energy of frequency, creating a new now.  Fear has no place in our future, and it is what has created the illusion of separation.    

To breathe is a necessity of our sovereignty.  It is the central piece that keeps us aware and functioning in this reality. It is through the breath that we explore this reality and many others. There are groups of people who have learned to live on the breath alone.  The breath allows us to traverse new dimensions through the relaxation of the conscious mind.  The breath and our use of it as a tool can act as a guide back to centered consciousness, gifting us with the ability to see what is beyond the illusion.  The breath is fundamental to each cell of the body and all of our parts and pieces.  The breath is our lifeforce. We need it to climb mountains, run races, and to interact in every facet of this life.  It is fundamental to all organs and all humans.  The breath is our most potent necessity and tool.  It is used in many ways when we harness it, honor it, and protect it.  The breath IS the determination of life experience.

I began observing a great deal of remembering coming to the surface to be integrated these last few weeks.  As I have stated before, we live in memories when we react or feel the same emotions when situations trigger those past experiences. And I noticed the breath works in conjunction with frequencies I am allowing myself to be immersed. It isn’t just in situations that trigger those memories; memories will just visit us at any time, and with them the feelings and emotions as if we are experiencing the memory sometimes in real-time, or a shadow of the memory.  The feelings of blame, shame, and guilt often accompany this experience in memory.  There is a frequency here in this expression through memory, and it is what aligns to the next now.  In response to it, we determine the next experience, and each continues to be linked to the breath.

Nothing enters our sphere of reality that is not aligned to us in some way.  Each experience is here through the frequency of choice.  Through the focus on the breath, we can alchemize the emotions and feelings in each experience to serve our greatest and preferred choice.  For example, I used to believe that I had this Murphy’s Law type of situation going on with establishments where I received necessary services.  Something always seemed to go wrong in the processing of paperwork or employees following through in completing essential tasks.  My reaction and emotions to these situations I found myself in where carried forward from memories of the previous experience.  It was my repetitive reactions and belief that things always went wrong, which created the very frequency I wanted to escape.  However, I WAS THE ONE CREATING IT.  I aligned with this reality due to my reactions through the frequency of emotions.  As soon I began working through what these experiences bring up in me and alchemizing them through the breath, I changed my frequency, and it began to happen less and less often until I no longer expected it and no longer reacted to it in the same frequency.

As these last few weeks have brought the memories to the surface to be alchemized and integrated, my whole frequency has shifted.  I am experiencing more and more of my wholeness.  Suddenly a new experience of standing firm in my being while feeling her strength of love is upon me.  The memories that would come to the surface that I used just to allow to determine my frequency have been shifted and integrated, and thus I have cut my tethers to these frequencies.  Doing this opens up the possibility to navigate a whole new timeline or many! Time itself is not linear, we only experience it that way, but where we go is completely up to us.  In the choice of response through love and the breath, I have released the old beliefs that would determine my next now. 

Yesterday my daughter accidentally through her tablet into a 60-inch television and shattered the screen. I hugged her and told her it was just a tv; it was an accident and how much I love her.  I did not have any anger or frustration that came to the surface.  This neutrality is because I have alchemized my past emotions tied to memories.  Last year, I would have screamed at her, and even though I observed her flinching just by the energy of my yelling, I would not have stopped. My reaction would have been first triggered by lack, then followed by guilt and shame. Last year I STILL believed I was in LACK. 

Later after the television broke, my oven completely stopped working!  All could do was laugh!  Last year, I would have reacted with a long list of all of my suffering and remain as a victim of this energy that I am experiencing.  Not now! No memories of reaction in that energy are experienced!  I know I ALWAYS have everything I need.  I am never in lack and am in overflowing abundance of love with ALL my needs met, and my experience of this reality determined solely through my lens and perspective.  When we react in lack, we are in a lack frequency, and we align to the next now.  We are never victims of energy, we are the creators, this energy is here for us, and we choose what we will do with it.  Each experience is a projection from within myself.  As I have worked through those emotions and feelings, my projection has shifted tremendously.  I am love and wholeness, so that is my projection and my experience. 

Through the breath I choose love, through the breath I remain centered, through the breath, I have alchemized past energies I had been carrying through many lifetimes.  Through the breath, I have opened the door to new realities by untethering myself from the past frequencies.  We all have a choice in each now.  We determine our future by creating the frequency we desire to embody, and that is done through the breath.  The breath is the key to the gate of the conscious mind.  Open the gate and explore the possibilities.  It is we who determine the next NOW. 

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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