Being stretched as we birth

Really, I just am floored by the experience I have been having, with each new integration and shift I get closer.  What I am seeing in the collective, or experiencing in my direct sphere, is at a rate of synchronicity that is so in the now that I simply am blown away.  As events unfolded in Minnesota, I was writing a twelve-page paper about the experience of growing up and living as a minority Black, Hispanic, or Native American in America.  The main topic of my paper was the navigation of life as a minority having a foot in two worlds and no real understanding or recognition by the majority of the impact of segregation in neighborhoods, schools, and everyday life experiences. I spent a whole week accumulating and navigating data to finish what ended up being an excellent paper.  For those who do not know me, I am finishing my degree with a major in Psychology and a minor in Identities Studies.  More and more, either what I am exploring in life or studies shows itself to me confirming that reality is, in fact, a reflection of my internal state of being. I understand the more I am in alignment, the greater the synchronicity, and as I ebb and flow, I am experiencing more of this pure and true embodiment in the wholeness that I AM through the NOW.

My larger aspect continues to focus on the upcoming ring of fire on the June 21st eclipse.  The focus is birth as she refers to birthing when the baby’s head is exiting the vagina, and the labia and perineum have stretched to maximum capacity.  We will be stretched through this birthing process.  The birthing is a crossing of a bridge; I am shown a golden bridge, it reminds me of a county bridge with the two metal pieces shaped each side supporting the bridge.  I am riding a horse. I have long golden hair, and I am wearing brown chaps! Riding a horse towards a golden bridge is a new vision, and is indicative of this month of June taking me closer to the Fall! I get the feeling that I am just taking my time, enjoying the ride, riding towards, WHAT? FREEDOM!

A cowboy and a cowgirl walk their horses along a sunlit valley, Parade Rest Ranch, Montana, USA.

When we integrate our pieces and parts, we are no longer living the illusion of separation.  We are experiencing through this expression as the wholeness that we are.  As the days have passed, I have integrated more and more old memories by alchemizing the energy that each holds.  By doing this, I experience more of myself and move more into the now moment.  In reflection, I recognize that most of us are living in memories.  When something triggers a response in us, it isn’t the situation that we are reacting to, it is a memory of another situation that is similar or brings up the same emotion, and we live in the memory the same way, allowing the same emotions, and running through the same programmed response.  When we alchemize our emotions and integrate these experiences, we no longer live in memories and experience in the now without judgment.    

All archetypes, all dualistic and polarized structures, and all hierarchies are moving back into wholeness.  The great illusion is ending.  As we integrate each structure, we dissolve the veil of separation that the conscious mind is projecting as our experience.  That means we must traverse all expressions that remain in the illusion of separation, and there is quite a bit of emotional energy there. We experience ourselves as one by finally addressing and integrating the projection of our pieces as fear and that creation in our reality.  As we move toward the June 21st ring of fire, we will be stretched and birthed anew. 

Will we be completely birthed as a fully integrated being experiencing itself as the source in complete wholeness and in a purely enlightened state on June 22nd?  No, maybe, and YES! The energy we need for further integration will be here, allowing us the energy to integrate further in the now!  We will continue to work into the end of summer, traversing a cycle that has gotten louder and louder since 2011.  The cycle brings great change and exposure of layers of the self and the choice of integration working towards the grand reveal in the Fall.  The reveal these last years have always taken me further into myself.  This year I see all cycles expressed from internal reflected external simultaneously as we move out of the linear experience. Think of the movie Arrival. We will learn a WHOLE new EXPERIENCE of reality. 

 These last few months of quarantine have allowed me to find and stand in my authenticity and integrity as I have never experienced before.  I have closed the door on old beliefs, and in facing those fears and loving my pieces and parts, I have thrust myself into this beautiful synchronistic dance that is nothing less than magical. I know I AM all I had been seeking, I fully remember who I AM and beginning to experience that. I am clearly seeing, hearing, and feeling through my larger aspect as “the all” expresses through me as me.  As energies surface that are not in alignment, I immediately feel them and recognize them, allowing me the choice.  After years of making a new choice, it has gotten easier and easier to traverse this energy.  I fully see and understand myself; I am no longer experiencing in separation and have embodied full realization of my wholeness.

My current class is on Child and Adolescent Development. Let’s see how this manifests in my reality.  I can only imagine that the programs and beliefs that I hold and lived as truth will be stretched as I birth a new experience through the ring of fire.  As we all face the emotions that continue to come to the surface, remember who we are, and recognize love through compassion is always the answer as it appears in many ways.  The emotions will rise to be integrated, I recognize each fear and alchemize it to the beauty in everything, no longer in lack, but through the abundance of all and the wholeness of love. 

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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