A ring of fire approaches, all while we surf the three waves

As my husband and I sit in our designated chairs in the living room, two his and hers recliners, the kiddos arguing over dance space in the background, we discuss the unveiling of the illusion here in the US. I reflect on many messages I received about a civil uprising many years ago. At the time, I could not imagine how it would be possible.  I knew through several of the clients I worked with; this time of change would be triggered by emotion.  It came through in many who discussed waves or tsunamis, and for them, they always took it literally.  For me, I always knew the waves would be emotional. Of course, my journey since those times to date was to trust myself and the information. And this is where I am today.  I have learned to navigate and integrate rejection and not take ANY action of another, personally.  I have FINALLY taken the concept of knowing the actions and beliefs of others has NOTHING to do with me into an experience. So now in complete love and trust of myself, in full remembrance of who I AM, from this space, I view and experience reality; WOW is it fun and exciting when you have the EYES to see, the EARS to hear, and the sense to FEEL.  

The conversations often revolved around what many called the three waves of which would create significant change in this reality.  And this is it; we have just experienced wave one and now are experiencing wave two; wave one has just begun to dissipate.  The illusion is being revealed by triggering emotions that are based on fear.  The first wave triggered us to face our fear of death, and bit by bit, each wave helps us to remember who we are. 

Many of us have chosen to awaken on our own, began years ago, and where being prepared to assist the rest of the population when these waves came to awaken the rest of the people.  I recall a vision where everything was shaking and car windows were breaking, I was told it was a vibratory shift that would open everyone’s eyes.  And here we are again, now in the second wave, being shown the underlying energies where we have given put our power outside of ourselves.  This power was entrusted in religion, government, mainstream medical systems, and other structures as our agreement, and it is time to take our authority and sovereignty back.  We have focused too long on fear and protection from others, but it is ourselves who have allowed for the illusion of separation, creating several sets of false beliefs; as a result, believing in a reality that is simply not true.

My husband and I discussed what we felt, which is anger.  All emotion has its place; it is a messenger; I choose to feel it, understand its message, and into dissipation through alchemy into integration. My question is, what will it take for us to see?  How many need to suffer for us to change our agreements?  Yet I realize it is always perfect and celebrate those who came here as a spirit to experience and were ready to ride the waves of fast and furious change!  I celebrate the choice of each of us; we all play a role in creating and playing the game.

These waves show us the many beliefs we have that need to be explored.  They remind us of who we are and how we have agreed to many abstract systems that allow a victim aggressor, narcissistic co-dependent relationship.  Most of our structures and beliefs are built in these frequencies.  The waves expose these energies and with a new choice, and by standing in our authenticity and integrity, we can shift these structures.  The energies have caused a shift in us in our personal lives in dramatic ways these last few years.  And for those who chose to remember, we can see the bigger picture as we observe from a different perspective.  Now we have created the waves; they are us as a collective.  Because more and more of us heard the call and became the change, we have created the energy to change the collective. 

It is through love and compassion of all, even those who we believe have hurt us, that we make the most considerable change. In forgiving others, we forgive yourself. As we explore the many perspectives these waves bring, we expand into our pure and natural state of being.  The end of the polarity and the dualistic game is here for those who chose to embrace the new energies, ending the illusion of separation.  I heard, “The wave of two is just hitting and will bring more to see this month of June.” June will bring significant change bringing us to the grand reveal this fall! But it is all a choice, each based on belief. 

My vision last month showed me the death of a king, the song proud to be an American continued to play, and the words this is a distraction something is hidden continued to be heard. In the background, the vision of many triangular pyramid-like shaped ships floated above the ground of the earth’s surface.  My most recent journey a few days ago had me seeing the sun from an opposite perspective of planet earth, and I saw many shadows of ships. Keep in mind; my visons are not literal; it is the language I have learned to communicate in with my higher aspect, which is experiencing through me as me.  So I would not expect an alien reveal, but hey, you never know!

So get ready, eclipse season is here including the RING OF FIRE, and we will not have another like this upcoming month’s energy through the astronomy of skies until 2029.  Eclipse season ALWAYS pulls back the layers of belief and shows us something else entirely.  GET YOUR BOARD, as we surf wave two (us), wave three (us) is gaining strength.  We can experience it any way we like, in separation or wholeness.  Both exist in the now; it is we who determine the perspective.  At the end of the day, in this now, we are experiencing the game, to remember who you are and eventually see that you were always whole and always connected.  You are the source experiencing itself through expression.  The question is, what do you prefer? 

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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