Integration through integrity

I sat with a couple of friends from different places across the world these past few days.  The few lights that I FINALLY see rising to the surface.  Each of these dear friends is actively returning to wholeness through integration.  By finding and holding to their authenticity and doing so through integration leading to pure integrity.  What we have finally accomplished is a beginning to seeing more of the layers through an expansion of consciousness that has allowed us to observe and integrate more of the archetypes.  ALL of the archetypes are necessary and none more powerful than the other. However, the current state of MOST of society for many years has focused on only one layer.  And we have been programmed to judge the darkness, to discriminate against the shadow. Our shadows served a purpose in the experience of duality and illusion of false love vs. false fear. 

We are alchemizing these energies; they are all source; we are the ones who give them meaning and power through focused judgment.  We experience these high highs in frequencies and low lows and judge each.  They appear as waves, and when we are integrating the shadow, of which we have judged and labeled as depressed or bad, we are preparing through that integration to embody more light. As we integrate, this allows for the wave to gain the needed energy to raise again. We are quite literally riding waves of frequency, and our judgment and integration determine our experience.  Embrace the bottom of the wave with compassion and love it.  Because through active integration at this time, you will soar in frequency as the light releases density. It is the light and high frequency that is causing the lower judged experience; it is too uncomfortable because the light is pushing the density to the surface.  The bottom of the wave again never takes you into the density of your previous experiences. The more that you integrate, the less density there is to push to the surface and change your perception.  More and more, we live in the frequency of our wholeness through integration and love at the bottom of the wave.

 It is time to open the door to the new.  We cannot do that by keeping the conscious mind closed with only the love and light belief systems.  These are the same systems being renamed, repackaged, and re-experienced with the same energies and are only one layer or piece of separation.  We can NOT create a new paradigm without letting these beliefs, protocols, and these old energies go.  The energy of all that is is ready to create something new through us.  But the conscious mind is the gatekeeper.  With all of these old beliefs, new energies come in, and we apply old beliefs to them, and so the new creation is stunted, just like everything, it is always perfect.  I am just observing, if you are ready, I am giving you a tool to assist the creation of something new in your sphere of reality. We experience this each in our own spheres of reality, regardless of what you observe in the outside world. We make those big collective changes by mastering our personal sphere.

I have been observing and experienced the true hero’s journey this year.  I finally realized everything I had been seeking was always within me.  Each trip I took studying a specific topic was opening my conscious mind to remember who I was.  And this remains true for many.  Some of us are just beginning the journey back to themselves.  We must hold space without judgment or comparison for them; they will make in their unique time frame.  Does this mean you stay in relationships that are not an energetic match, no, not if it is not what your heart FEELS is right for you.  However, the judgment, comparison, and divide must end. This is old energy based on victim aggressor, narcissist co-dependent energies.  We each have all these energies within us, each one determined in strength by the experiences and memories of this life and past lives.

I have said in my blogs these last months that the foundational energies must change, but anyone who knows me knows I have been working to do this for many years.  This often is why people do not sit well with my energy.  Cognitive bias is in full force when my energy and words challenge your beliefs, most of which have become your identity, for example, love and light. I can see the grand illusion of a few millennia, only supporting a select few of the many architypes. These foundational energies kept us in separation with a focus on this illusion that provides viewing one layer, rather than all pieces that make up the whole.  Each piece is observed with compassion, love, and integration, taking us back to wholeness.  Of course, we are already whole!  This is the illusion of separation through focus. 

Each interaction, relationship, topic studied, workshop taken is triggering us to remember by expanding the conscious mind, we are stretching our muscle allowing for new creation and the ability to comprehend and integrate more knowledge.  And once we remember and taste our authenticity, we are shifting more and more into that state of being through the integration of these pieces and parts of us.  That means looking at the shadow with love and compassion.  If someone is triggering you, as I have for so many, it is you NOT me.  What do I bring up in you that needs to be integrated?  How do I know this?  Because this was my path, my path to this state of embracing my authenticity through integrity, finding my way back home, and never letting go, EVEN why everyone said I was “WRONG.” Each experience triggered something within me I decided to no longer be a victim to, but took responsible to treat with compassion, alchemizing the energy into neutral love and integrating, which dissolved more of the separation. I had to alchemize, abandonment, rejection, belonging, and worthiness. The second I said I would stand, even if I stand alone, a support system was made apparent.  When I stood against particular energies as the “right way” celebrating the all, I was cast out, yet I continued.  And now I have seen the last few pieces my conscious mind has held onto.  These beliefs promise to hold the answers to ascension, yet they keep my mind from opening fully.  I have released them and am finally saying I do not choose this; everything is already here within me.  In doing so, I am thrust into a frequency that is described as home and experienced more and more. Allowing the new energy to create through me, in doing so, I make new choices—most of which are not popular and often have me standing alone or so I thought.  I was NEVER alone.  This is yet another piece of the illusion.

Even with this all, I know WHO I AM.  And when I am unsure or question the feedback I get, I look deeper.  I integrate what is revealed, which NEVER has ANYTHING to do with anyone else “out there” it all is within me.  The more I do this, the stronger I get, the more I AM that I AM, I am wholeness, no longer living in separation, returned to authenticity through integrity. 

I thank my AMAZING friends, the lights I see who are also living their authenticity through integrity.  Each of them is so unique and their path none similar to other, amazing creators and the pieces of me.  When I look out into my reflection, all I can say is WOWZERS! I am doing something amazing because I have created a reality surrounded by the most beautiful creator beings, all moving out of separation into the wholeness of who we are. 

  • A note to my dear friend who helped me to see integration is happening through standing in integrity.  Big love, ALWAYS.
  • And my other dear friend who helped me to see that the frequencies are not coming in as waves, we are experiencing it that way as we integrate the density raised to the surface to be integrated, as we integrate we feel the experiential changes which feel like waves. I do LOVE you, true unconditional LOVE. I am excited to write new books as we have closed the previous book and begin anew.

Here we ALL are riding these waves, without judgment. 

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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