The freedom to alchemize

This last week I have really remained present and observed myself.  On this path back to my authenticity, I remember who I AM and release every piece of illusion.  Some of the illusion has many layers, and inquiry alone does not allow for it to dissolve completely.  Even in these moments, I AM reminded to love myself and have unfettered compassion for the self.  I am thankful for the experience, and without judgment, I move closer to what I prefer.  What I prefer makes my heart sing and flows with ease. When I am in this state, everything is effortless; I AM experiencing the one and all, fully embodied in this avatar while connected to all that I AM. It just is, and it is a beautiful experience of the now. I am experiencing the love that I AM and my multidimensional expression.  This experience is what I call the flow.

I have had a constant practice of awareness.  One where I recognize why specific experiences show up again and again, each time, less intense, but repeating none the less.  This repetition is the reflection and is stimulated by my response or reaction.  More and more, I observe as some of the core energies of emotion and insecurity are released.  These are the structures that support the illusion.  However, through complete awareness and compassion, I release them.  The structures dissolve as I traverse the depth of their roots and unhinge them from my being with grace.  By asking ourselves what certain situations or experiences bring up within us, we can explore to greater depth and understand the structures that have created this illusion and the undesired experiences. 

I would love my blogs to be all about love and light.  And that is my state of being; I AM love and light.  However, to return to the authentic and pure source love experience that I AM, I must love these structures and release them completely.  The only way to do this is through alchemy.  The structures themselves are made of the source as well.  It is blame, shame, or guilt that is triggered by them that keeps us locked into the repeating pattern through focus and reaction.  It is also our judgment of them that empowers them.  We can love them as the representation of source without judgment, and just like one might choose chocolate ice cream rather than vanilla, choose to love them as a source expression but release with compassion.  This shifting is alchemy, a shifting judgment to love and compassion.  It changes the energy of the structure and the experience as a whole and creates a new frequency and vibration.  The conclusion of this creates new experiences, ones that are a match to this new frequency, new experiences of which one prefers. 

So as I found myself in states and experiences, I did not prefer.  I did not allow for blame, shame, or guilt.  I only explored deeper, gently caressing the pieces and parts, moving through to observe what was hidden.  And through love and compassion, I chose to remain present in the love that I AM.  I thanked these old expressions of the source, but I chose a new flavor, as the creator that is my right and my responsibility.  And as I alchemize the energies and structures within my field, I return to my authenticity and continue to create my new reality.  The result is an experience of authenticity present in the flow, an experience that is more of the love and light I prefer.    

As we ride the waves of energy that are here to bring up the old structures in society, the ones we no longer prefer, the ones the enlightened and awakened communities always focus on changing.  Look at the micro and macro reflections here.  The structures that come to the surface within you to be alchemized are the reflection of the structures that are surfacing in society as the collective.  We are the singularity; everything reflects out from us.  This is what is meant by being the change you wish to see in the world.  The world is created through you, as you are the creator. It is working through the structures within that is shifting the structures reflected as the reality outside. As we interact in our relationships and environments, just bringing our awareness to what we prefer and recognizing what comes to the surface to be alchemized.  As I change my expression, so to does change my experience.  I AM LOVE. I AM FREE.

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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