Closer to home

Wowzers! What a spectacular ride!  This last week was nothing short of amazing, and it just keeps going and going.  Is this my new reality?  If so, I love it.  As I keep moving up the spiral of consciousness, I am letting go of the old energies that have weighed me down.  Each new release is confirmed and a new piece of my puzzle replacing it.  It seems once I am in alignment with my preferred path, not only do the synchronicities guide me, but the necessary details needed to proceed through the communication from the universe becomes unlimited.

I recognize that it was only my beliefs that were based on limitation that kept me from riding this wave.  Suddenly I had been thrust into understanding the details of the new paradigm and the ideas that we have evolved beyond that supported the old.  It is expressed in a micro-macro way, as I see the limitation and lack that I grow beyond within myself; I see it in the world outside of my sphere of reality.  And not just see it as a focus of limitation or lack but understand it from a way that as I expand and move into possibility, so does the reflection outside of me.  The more of us who do this, creating with our sphere, opening to possibility, we then see a real tangible shift in the collective. 

Last year I had some very first step, square one, love yourself work to do.  And I was guided through that with a daily process, every single morning. I did self-love meditations and clearing practices.  I would not be ready to bring in more of my light and expand my consciousness with the density that not fully knowing and loving myself carried.  Once the main concepts where established, I found myself on this road to reattaching to my authenticity, the authentic self I had detached from as a child out of the need for survival.  These last few months, I moved into my wholeness and began to integrate the illusion of separation.  This practice took me to an expansive experience that started to release limitations. 

March and April had me returning to the core teachings I had been exposed to a few years after awakening fully.  My focus was always on patterns, fractals, energy, and frequency.  These continued to be the core knowings, and when I came across the teachings, they awoke a piece of me.  I would wonder down other rabbit holes and get distracted, unable to take the part I needed and leave the rest.  And through that experience, I had relationships and met some fantastic people who I continue to communicate with actively.  I recently have returned to the geometry and physics of spirituality, as new classes and videos came flowing in.

I eventually opened to work with and understand the collective that is always around me.  I am told not around but creating my body with a frequency match to this collective.  I can see this so clearly.  This collective comes together to create a particular frequency.  I am a piece of this collective, and we are creating the expression of me.  Over the last two years, I had been very timid to open to the idea of this collective and that I am a creation based on their frequency, which is my frequency.  It is one of pure source love and of the Christ consciousness.  I had many triggers around this and needed to get to the source of my hesitation.  So over time, I opened up and agreed to work with them/me.  I mean, really, they are not going anywhere; anyone who has seen me on camera knows they are always just flying around me. It’s funny what fear will do; I wanted just to pretend I didn’t know what it was, even though I knew, and they communicated and showed me over and over, over and over. So these last two months I opened up to them/me. 

And then the FUN began! The month of April provided the most significant insight and continues to do so.  I had seen black holes, a small explosion of light creating this black hole, where at the event horizon information and DNA are actually entering and exiting.  New data is entering through the black hole, and it is us.  The energy of creation, who comes through and begins to create expressions to experience through each in separation and the all as one continues.  When we cross the event horizon, it is like we have entered the game, I can see the geometry and how form is created.  And not in the little self kind of way.  But with the creations we make in the macro, so does it reflect in the micro because consciousness is all connected.  This is the fractal nature of our universe. And so I was led to a few classes to remind me of the teachings I had moved away from all those years ago.  The beautiful synchronistic dance took me precisely to all the places I needed to go.  This experience was to get back to the basics and REMOVE all the labels and beliefs, so we create by letting go of the old and allowing the new data we have brought through now that we are ready to receive, creating the new paradigm in form.  The beliefs and labels are limiting us, so by learning to let go and open up to possibility, we begin to experience more of our true nature, which is source consciousness expressing and experiencing. 

I still vacillate between my wholeness of consciously embodying my multidimensional self and my smaller self.  This is the Charolette who wants to feel like there is something “wrong” with her or that she is “not-enough.” She compares and internalizes the opinions and perceptions of others—the smaller self who dissects everything in the energy of limitation and lack.  But I have been spending more and more time embodying my multidimensional self.  And my choices and responses are in alignment with this energy.  As I trust and love myself fully, I am taken on a ride that confirms every step and thought.  And recently, I was shown how my biology can affect my thinking. Finally, this month, I stood firm in my wholeness and the love that I AM, not allowing these feelings to create the thoughts that take me out of my flow. 

As I embodied and opened to the idea that I am a piece of this collective incarnated, I was taken to several confirmations and synchronicities.  Yesterday I visited the Facebook site of a woman who a friend had sent a link for the day prior, and what was her post?  The black hole, event horizon, DNA, tree-like representation, and lights I had just seen and drawn and began to paint on canvas over the last three days prior! This woman’s words, the same as mine, down to the word WOWZERS! It was like looking in the mirror—even her life path, very similar.  My collective communication, she too, is an incarnation of our frequency.  We are two incarnations of the Melchizedek collective, and there are MANY more of us!

Two weeks prior, I had been guided to another Melchizedek website through a random video that showed up on my screen.  The images on her website home page were the same as my visons.  From this blue light that was within me to the white moths or butterflies, she had pictures of the many visions I have had right there to provide confirmation.  I was reminded of my past visions of which I had written about, where I had been walking towards a crystal city, with blue DNA coming up from the ground into the sky.  Until I finally entered the city, and the message was, I AM the crystal city.  Several other journeys into vison have shown a blue light that I embody, which I will begin to communicate—finally bringing me to the most recent vision, which shows me new information in the form of DNA coming into this realm across the event horizon. DNA is much more than we think of it; it is quite literally the data of our story and creation.  So, all of the pieces are coming together, and I am allowing.  Being guided on what is the greatest journey EVER! 

I had to learn to take the pieces my guidance provided and leave the rest.  So I did not fully dive deep into either of these women’s teachings, I only allowed myself to take what was offered and not be distracted by the rest.  And as I did, my guidance would send new instructions on where to focus next.  In the past, I got lost in all of the data and missed the communication.  As I know and trust, I feel my way to and hear exactly what is communicated, which is to know my Melchizedek collective frequency and allow it to work through me.  As much as I tried to ignore it and resist it, it is me, and I AM them and so much more. 

In the dance with consciousness, I have been guided to the most amazing synchronicity, and only because I let go of information when I needed to and allowed myself to be guided with love.  The paths I began in 2011 have finally come full circle and are being manifest today.  I will be attending a workshop that was always out of reach over those years after I was introduced in 2011.  It became available to me a few weeks ago, and now I am engaged from a whole new perspective and understanding.  Even though I wanted to take this workshop in 2011, I was not ready, and now I completely understand why. I am excited to be exploring here and am looking forward to the fun of it all by allowing through possibility. 

I also am seeing where our old paradigm of lack was built and how even when we said we were making changes, we perpetuated the same energy.  I hear those who complain about quality healthcare only being available to those who can afford it, and a focus on the distortion of many other structures.  Yet those very people, and I was one of them in the past, continue to create using the very same energy.  I am in complete trust of my abundance; I will no longer create structures and interactions with others based on this paradigm of lack.  We each hold a piece of the puzzle here, ask yourself what you can do that is in a new paradigm of abundance, self-love, and self-trust.  Because when you love yourself and no longer operate in lack, you interact with others on the same frequency and provide that as a reflection into the collective.  We create this from the micro to the macro.  This is how we shift the paradigm.  By letting go of the old and trusting who you are, which is pure source love and consciousness expressing and experiencing itself.  You can not fail!  When you learn to embody your wholeness and no longer live in the illusion of separation, we are taken on this amazing journey that provides every single thing we need, and we do not question it, we trust.

Experiencing all of this has allowed me to expand into new spaces.  Anytime I could not expand, it was me standing in the way.  It was my perspectives and perceptions that kept me trapped in a repetition of experiences I wanted to grow beyond.  And even then, it was always perfect.  I always experienced precisely what I needed and continue to do so. 

I am observing as those around me are being led through all the teachings and philosophies I had leaned and explored over the years.  They are experiencing each from their now, and the perspective that is perfect for their journey.  And the same for me, I and guided to exactly where I need to be in this journey, and I am completely open and enjoying the ride.  It was a release of old beliefs that stood in the way, and finally, I saw those melt away through experience and my choices.  In the past, I would have internalized my experiences and labeled them as negative.  But from this new perspective, every interaction was reminding me of who I AM and giving me a choice to experience the expansion into the frequency of my wholeness. 

Sometimes that is by showing us who we are not, and last week I chose to let go of old programs finally.  I completely trusted myself, and when feelings of lack surfaced, I took that piece of myself and nurtured it like a young child.  Loving and caressing it rather than resisting and fighting it! What happened?  It became integrated and starting working for me, supporting me, instead of causing discourse inside of me. I stepped into more of the love that I AM.

It was with complete self-love and trust that I allowed myself to be guided.  I no longer sought the answers that are always accessible inside, not outside of me.  I stopped putting people above me; there are no gurus; no one knows more than you about you and what you need. I may be guided to ideas to explore, but no one outside of me can give me what I can only attain for myself. When someone would react to me through their perceptions, which had nothing to do with me, I learned not to take it personally and second guess myself.  I stopped giving my power away and, in doing so, felt all the pieces fall into place as I stepped into my wholeness. Instantly, I began to experience my reality from this new perspective as the illusion of separation fell away completely. 

The list of synchronicities and every piece of guidance is too long to describe here.  I am in a whole new reality.  This reality is set in a frequency that many do not understand, and that is okay.  But in healing the abandonment and letting go of belonging, I have been able to stand firm in this new reality through self-love and trust.  I previously believed there was something “wrong” with me; I saw things differently than most.  The words I said almost always misinterpreted, as I watch others hear me through their frequency and perceptual filters.  Most times, I was not heard or seen.  What I finally understand is that I reside in a different frequency and always have.  But instead of internalizing and believe there was something wrong with me, I have embraced it.

 I am experiencing the integration and filtering of past parallel realities and other expressions incarnated through my physical body, and it is showing up literally as filtering and release of the old density through my bladder and skin. In dream time and journeys, I am linking and integrating my pieces of light incarnated through expression to experience.  And as I have, a sudden thrusting into the unknown and opening of a depth of understanding I had never known before has begun to accelerate. Time is becoming more of a now experience, where I wake and remain in the now in a way that the next thing I know it is mid afternoon or evening, and I am ready for the reset that is next.  It takes me into the next now.  As each day is allowing me to experience this frequency of my core being, I had removed enough layers of belief and am into the knowing of who I AM.   It is a new experience, and yet it is the one I remember, it feels like HOME.

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

2 thoughts on “Closer to home

  1. Loved “In the past, I got lost in all of the data and missed the communication.”
    Sometimes the details of the data is like a dog chasing a squirrel up a tree. It’s fun at first, but you never catch the squirrel. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I found it took me down rabbit holes that I spent time in for months, sometimes years. Rather there was only one piece I was meant to hear and see, then move on. ❤ I sure did accumulate a lot of experience ❤ Always perfect ❤


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