The layers

Over the years, I have explored the human energy fields through feeling and sight.  It began about five years ago, maybe more when I started to observe what I perceived as changes to the human. I saw my chakras disappear, and the people I observed no longer had chakras, I only saw a toroidal field with energy moving into the top and bottom, spinning and exiting like and open electrical system.  Then I began to see lights within the system and outside of it, but all of it connected.  About a year later, I would hear people talk about removing their chakras and that chakras were implanted.  You could even go to someone who could remove your chakras for you, for a fee, of course.  The lengths we will go to give our power away is just silly, but it is all perfect for each of us. 

I recall, during that time, the Mandela effect came front and center in the metaphysical communities.  And I experienced plenty of Mandela effects over the years, with a concentration during those years between 2012 to maybe 2015 or so.  Everything in my reality was shifting during those years; it all became accelerated.  But what stands out, and the topic of this blog, are the changes to the physical body during those years.  A new rib was suddenly there, and another organ was present within our bodies.  The talk then was that some of us had just entered a new timeline and remember things differently from our old timeline.  While another perspective was that we made such a big jump away from our old timeline, the differences were recognized rather than the standard timeline changes where the change was subtle.  Or that we were on a new earth and continued to ascend into a new dimension, seeing actual results.  And finally, the victim’s point of view, a dark cabal, is changing our past and the matrix.  And I say ALL of IT! Because all of this exists in someone’s reality.  That is the beauty of this experience. 

What I have learned these years, is that we are multidimensional and, in more ways, than I can currently see.  Although now I see more than I did then.  My explorations have shown me that we are not changing, but our point of awareness is. It wasn’t that my chakras disappeared; for me, they became one huge light in the center of my solar plexus, but that I could now see another energetic layer of myself and others.  And because I can, so can many others, our point of perception is shifting.  The conscious mind, because it is a layer in our many layers of a whole open system processes differently for each of us.  What would your experience need to be to open you to the truth of who you are?  That is what we are and have been experiencing. We did not attain more body parts or remove our chakras.  Our perception and point of awareness have shifted and continue to do so.  We see what was always there, but we previously were not open to experiencing. 

We are not separate or changing; we are returning to and remembering who we are.  As we expand our ability to observe ourselves, and this expansion is different for everyone, we begin to experience more of ourselves.  We embody and discover more of what was previously unseen.  You do not have to do things a certain way, follow difficult rituals, or pay someone to do anything for you.  Because at the end of the day, they cannot.  It is you who opens to see and experience yourself.  Others outside of you can serve as guides, or the allowing or permission slips your conscious mind needs to expand or to begin to open the door, but you must do the rest, no one can do it for you. 

Every interaction, every experience, and every relationship are triggering you to remember who you are.  It is all expanding you into yourself, back into seeing and experiencing all your multidimensional being.  These parts of you are always there and are not separate. They are not bigger, better, or stronger; they are just a different part of you, one we are beginning to experience. They work in tandem, together like any other energetic system.  The only thing that changes is your awareness.  So, we are not getting rid of anything or having anything new; we are only returning to experiencing our wholeness. 

And this must be done by you, for you, there is no other way.  The only thing that changes is the path; we are source remembering ourselves from many perspectives, all-loving, without judgment, holding space for many expression and experience.  ALL of our energy, the dark, and light is being transmuted and alchemized back to the neutral love that we are.  We are on the return to experiencing our multidimensional being, with all our pieces and parts, experiencing as the whole light beings we are.

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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