The illusion

There are many moving parts in the way we experience.  Throughout my journey, as my perspective shifted, it created a paradox in other areas of experience.  And as I grow, the truth of each experience shifts.  What is true for me today may not be true for me tomorrow.  Being locked into a perception of experience that we do not allow to flow and evolve is what keeps us, prisoner. By living through the experience of the past or worry of the future, our creation is a distortion of who we indeed are. And we discover ourselves, the real fun begins. The key is awareness on many levels balanced in the now.

As I have said, everything we experience is through perceptual filters created through our experiences, and through what we perceive, other people see us as.  In particular, childhood experiences which have continued a frequency we chose to explore and expand through at birth.  As the frequency is experienced, it becomes stronger with secondary programming, continuing to repeat its manifestation in other ways until we evolve beyond it.  We will not evolve beyond these experiences and manifest something new until we respond differently and shift in frequency returning from separation.  It is when we allow our perspective to shift that our frequency changes and thus the experience. 

As society, everything we have been taught to do is from the outside in.  And so this is how we live life.  We have learned to be a reactive and victim personality structure.  The things we see in others are just them and somehow flawed, and that is how we view them.  We judge them and say they are not a match to my view; they make me uncomfortable or even fear them, so I must choose to get away from them.  But that is outside-in experiencing.  Inside-out experiencing is recognizing how no one is making you feel anything.  Every interaction is triggering you to remember who you are and reflecting back to you the programs and distortions of the frequency that keeps you in separation.   

When we fully remember who we are, none of that matters.  The perspective has shifted you to your core energy of unconditional love, and you become whole no longer with a separated self.  We begin to embody the multidimensional being who was always there and upon realizing we solidify the experience of our wholeness.  We recognize nothing is really happening out there. It is all happening in here.  And we are creating for our own experience through agreement and belief.  In this reality, you always have the choice of the path you desire to take.  But without awareness of the whole self, by only living in the programs and not looking into the layers beyond the separated self, you are continuing to manifest the same frequencies over and over.  We stay in a cycle of illusion, and this is the choice.

In my journey, as I have lifted veils of distortion and illusion in one day, the reality I saw before the frequency change and after were two different realities.  For example, I read an email in the morning, I worked through my emotions and took a deep dive into my being.  Through that experience, I allowed a perspective change that took me closer to my core frequency of source unconditional love allowing me to experience my wholeness.  When going back and looking at the very same email, the words were completely different.  Our programs of belief are veils of illusion that shift each experience.  

When we are victims of ANYTHING outside of ourselves, it is a layer of illusion.  When we are not willing to take responsibility to feel through our experiences and recognize the emotions we feel are due to beliefs about ourselves, we remain in the illusion of separation.  When we say he did or said this, she did or said that, and it made me feel this way, we agree to a program as victims to someone outside of us. This outside-in perspective is the illusion of separation. Our perception of reality is through a program of illusion, taking you away from who you are.  It can be shifted layer by layer, but it all happens from inside out, not the outside in. Not only do we perceive through these programmed filters, we assume what others mean by something and internalize and create the victim’s story. 

This story is not in alignment with the source being you are.  We are victims to nothing outside of us, and nothing makes us feel anything.  But we created this illusion to experience ourselves; the game is remembering through experience.  A lot of us got lost, and that is okay, we programmed that part into the game too, but now we are on the return. We can not fuck it up, because it is all us. 

When we look within, exploring our being, without judgment, particularly the feelings of shame, blame, and guilt, we begin to break free—yes, breaking free from a prison of our design.  We begin to learn to love ourselves because we finally feel who we are.  We are exploring our being below the layers of programming through feeling the love that we are.  We get closer to our core frequency, with each shift in perspective.  Finally, we realize it was there all along.  What we had been seeking was always there; the illusion had us looking outside for something that already existed within; something we hid from ourselves.

I am reminded of the story, and I am not sure of its origin.  But its premise is that we are the creators, which I agree we certainly are.  And that we are the creators was hidden from us.  Upon asking where to hide this knowing so humanity could not recognize and discover that they were the creators, it was determined it should be hidden inside of them because inside is the last place we will look.  Once you travel through the programs and shift your perspective enough to see beyond the illusion, you discover it was you who hid it from yourself, so you could go on the journey fo finding it!

So if someone “makes” you feel a certain way, remember everything on the outside is the illusion.  All of the answers to the universe are inside of you. No one is doing anything to you; you perceive it that way through the illusion. 

If you shift your perspective, you will find yourself and the gift of the experience.  It is in this moment of responsibility and shift in perception that a layer of the illusion is removed.  This exploration into awareness and return for the illusion of the separation, is how we shift our reality, one elusive layer at a time.  It is a program from the inside out.  To shift your reality, shift yourself with acceptance and love for the role you played, a created game of evolution into what you always were, “the source of creation.”

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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