Stop playing small

Over this last year, I have learned the importance words hold for people.  We use words that cause our minds to create a story, meaning, and to compare.  And as I have observed ascension continues to occur, I have had to change the words I use. Even using the word ascension can make it more difficult for those who have so many layers of belief in association with this word.  The words trigger the storylines and beliefs, the identities created in the experience, or desired experiences.  

I noticed this communication issue many years ago. What I didn’t know then was that we only hear what our programming allows.  Each of us is experiencing a different reality, and we perceive it through the perceptual filters formed through experience. From birth till seven years old most of how we will experience this reality has been established in the beliefs created through experience. In the years I have discussed all the possibilities, I have encountered people getting stuck in words.  It is as if certain words trigger a response, and the mind will open no further. It is almost as if the words keep us in a trance, maintaining the illusion of separation. 

We are not our bodies, that was my first moment into formal ascension.  My mind expanded beyond its programmed confines time and time again as I pushed the limits of feeling my way through concepts confirming my knowing.  I entered this reality and never fully integrated into this body, and for a good reason.  I have observed a whole human story we have created that only cracks the door to exploration.  The information and playtime of meditation, astral travel, remote viewing, plant medicine journeys are only giving us the pieces of information within a certain set limitation and guidelines set within this realm of physicality. 

Our bodies do not contain consciousness; consciousness is creating the body.  The illusion is that there is anything inside of anything else, or separated by another.  When we observe our reality, we “see,” “feel,” or “smell” what?  Code processed by our computer, our brain.  But when we begin experiencing as consciousness, we FEEL so much more.  Our perceptual filters start to fall away, and our point of perspective shifts and is given the allowance to shift and explore continually.  The filter of this reality is thinned and, for some removed altogether.  It is when we enter this world that we begin to slowly adopt the belief structures and agreements of how we experience this reality.  We, as consciousness, are creating it all.  There within the unconscious of all lies all the answers you seek.  They are you, and you are them.  You do not need someone outside of you to connect to what you have access to yourself.  It is your agreements that slowly open the door for your journey and adventure into finding yourself as you learn not to give your power away to others. And though you may use someone to do this for you as a permission slip, the ultimate goal is to open the door to remembering who you are and that those interactions are helping you to embody that. It is a belief that keeps you bound.  The belief that you somehow are not enough. 

All things are possible because you are the source; you are consciousness experiencing through the created expressions.  It is the beliefs that you have accepted as truth, conscious, and unconscious that keep you boxed in.  And this is why I am not fully integrated into the physical body.  One aspect of me had to be able to be the process through which all other pieces could reintegrate and expand beyond the simulation, into, well, I am still playing here.  For me, back into the source consciousness that I AM.  For you, it may be something else entirely. 

It is your beliefs and agreements that keep you here.  Think of it as a movie that has become your reality.  You believe you are the character in the film, and the storyline now a part of you.  All you have to do is turn the movie off.  Instead, you take the movie on as your story through beliefs and agreements.  You say I am the character; this is my story.  It is not; you are limiting yourself to this one story.  And as you ascend, many stories, and further back into yourself, you say I am the source, but all the while making it human or any lifelike expression across time and space.  But this is not WHO YOU ARE. 

When I feel and know my true self, it is an all-loving unconditional feeling; that is who I AM.  I exist just outside of this realm as energy; it is not light or dark; it just is.  At the moment of crossing a threshold, I begin to form into geometry. Then there is a space of cartoon-like images of creation, a projection, and a smaller representation, like a template before physicality.  Then I project this physical body of which I am not always present within.  There are times when I am all the energy surrounding me.  Like a described LSD trip, I have a difficult time keeping my energy in a created body separate from my environment.  Everything likes to ebb and flow into itself.  The small self brings me back, with its interactions with my children, my husband, finances, or my cat throwing up that hairball!

While there is so much more, my frequencies and the frequencies carried by each of our expressions.  In its entirety, all connected and experiencing itself through matching and aligned to the expression of energy within the simulation of all possibilities.  For this blog, I am sharing these words as a signal to remember.  Ask yourself what beliefs are keeping you from expanding and ascending?  Ascending is remembering you are the creator and shifting your projected expression of the self, the big and little as one without having to leave this particular realm.  Those who are ready and have dropped enough of the labels, beliefs, boxes, and agreements have opened the door to transcend the current experience.  We are ready to experience nonduality and are aligning with that choice by shifting our beliefs.  We are beginning to consciously embody and experience wholly aware through our multidimensional expressions without the illusion of separation. 

I recently had someone tell me when I die; I will reincarnate as something or the other.  My response is if that is what I believe.  I have always known I am the all.  When I was asked in a group meditation many years ago to have my star family show themselves, I had different representations of sentient beings show themselves as far as I could see.  They were each only identities based on agreement, expressions of consciousness.  And my larger self wanted me to understand the identities we take on in agreement from the beginning.  While each was a representation of my particular frequency in form, they are no more than that, and experience.

If you read my blog, you probably have read my experience with the Acturians.  And while I do identify with my experience as the Acturians, I know I AM all expressions of all beings.  It is the agreement and belief that I AM that, I AM, and adoption of identity that keeps us locked into its expression through belief.  In ascending, my larger self would never allow me to take on these identities because that is how we get trapped.  And that is how other expressions of my frequency with conscious creation became lost in the illusion. 

When I first started living awake, I moved toward conspiracy truths.  I have observed awakening and ascension happens in steps or small expansions.  Each new rabbit hole and belief took me into new identities.  The identities are the illusion, to be aware of them, and transcend beyond them, and the story is freedom.  Each tale with its built-in fear and emotion, takes us deeper into the illusion and the simulation.  But by recognizing the beliefs and agreements, we can remember who we are beneath it all.  I am not reincarnating as this or that.  I am returning to the source that I AM outside of this simulation or perhaps when I awaken fully and find there was never an exit at all.  I do not exist as an expression in physicality on any realm within this multilayered frequency of consciousness creating.  I do not mind returning to the source because I know I exist.  And even if I do not exist in this perceived way, as my whole self, and as the source, I AM the all, and I AM all unconditional love without bounds regardless of the experiences within the simulation. 

My experiences have allowed me to trigger the remembering of who I AM.  As I continue to play within this realm, and I remember how to access my all, I AM here as a guide to you through my shared experience.  I AM here to trigger your remembering.  To assist in the expansion of your conscious mind and open the door to access the unconscious.  And all of it when you are ready.  My blog will carry a different frequency and serve as a different key from different perspectives.  This multilayered perspective is how we are experiencing and evolving.  By releasing the beliefs that reinforce behaviors, we remove the locks and the illusions that kept us playing in the small self.  Remember who you are, and remember you only play a part in the story-line you agree to, the one you believe is true for you.  But it is ALL a program, you decide through belief.  We have officially started playing big, in our whole undivided self, no one or thing is ever bigger than you.  You are the source, and you can create anything you desire.  It all begins with a feeling into a knowing in the now.

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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