The illusion revealed

Wowzers! What a ride the last ten days have been for me.  Not that I am done with my current adventure in any respect.  But I am ready to share what I have experienced since the end of March to date.  I have shared in my blog my experiences on these days; the perception has shifted as energy has settled, and the story continued. 

This week, beginning Monday, I began to sit with only a handful of people one at a time and interact and explore energy.  I believe we are going through a significant transformation, and all of my meditation journeys support this.  What we are experiencing in the projection of the world is the story being created that allows the mind to cope with the bigger picture of who we are.  And that experience is projected from you.  It is based on each of own state of being.  And I have explained this in the past as our sphere of reality.  What comes into that reality is based on your state of being.  What we see in the outer reality is the choice, and as we shift, so too does the external reality but does not impact us until we choose it as a frequency match, and it enters our immediate sphere.  Think of this as cells. You are a cell in a larger organ. What the cell does internally determines the state of the organ, and then the system.

I set meetings with a handful of people, of which I have relationships with going back to 2011.  This year was the time when I began to experience real tangible changes in my reality.  For example, time began to shift and be experienced differently; the mandella effect occurred frequently; I saw pixelations in the sky and ships—these where outward experiences.  My experiences internally began to shift, as well.  It was as if I was suddenly on a mission.  MY whole world and perception of it shifted toward an unknown goal.  And as I journeyed into this adventure, the people I experienced along the way changed, and I established some fantastic friendships that would stand this test of time.

Suddenly since the end of March coming to date, an energy “casing” is the only word I can think of, began to dissolve.  It surrounded me and kept me viewing the world through many frequencies and energies.  It has, for the most part, fallen away, and what I am left with is a core frequency of which I only see a few in resonance with.  This observation is not saying one is good, bad, better, but when I look out into my world, there are only a few frequencies that match my own.  I desired to revisit with these people via zoom or skype and accumulate more data. 

I used to discuss the in-breath and the out-breath of source consciousness.  My observation is source inhaling and exhaling, resulting in this created space of fractal experience. Evidence supports this is what is happening in a sense, and each of us is awakening more and more to who we are.  For instance, I have a friend who I meet with probably monthly; we have discussed many times consciousness and our expression of it.  I have shared with her many times a particular concept, of which she never responded to.  Suddenly when we met on Monday, the very words I had said to her probably twenty times she said back to me as if she had never heard them before.  As if this was her new revelation, and I believe it was. She even said this might sound crazy but,… The very concept I had shared many times had now become her reality; it was information her smaller self could now process, integrate, and experience.

As the week continued and I met more friends, the data really began to accumulate.  An awareness of our multidimensionality being experienced in this now, paired with a depth of understanding of the larger experience, is being realized.  I observed many different people, none which knows the other, moving into this space of understanding their source creation and what they are experiencing in the now, shifting in a way that would have previously taken lifetimes.  There are this sudden clarity and trust in the self and allowing that was not previously there.  OR WAS IT?

I am beginning to experience my own feelings turn to knowing and finally standing firm in this energy of who I AM.  As I do this, my reality is shifting.  And those of you who know me, know I have played with this for years.  But this is shift is so much more.  As I stand in that knowing, frequency has paired itself down into a distinct pattern, and much of the distortion that had me with the ADD seeking outside of myself has dissipated. I suddenly know the geometry of the simulation, the math of the simulation, the significance of the 3-6-9, how our larger self and smaller self operate within this simulation, how consciousness is creating inside the simulation and how we enter this simulation ALL within a multidimensional experiential perspective. AND I am watching as we purge the old energy through our physical bodies to be released and transmuted; all of this happening NOW through the nondual expression of the source, which is pure unconditional love. NOT only do I know it, I FEEL IT. Although for me, it goes from feeling to knowing. I am experiencing it; finally, all the concepts have shifted to experience and have become my reality. 

So the question is, did the people outside of me grow and expand, or did I expand and shift to a matching version of them?  The answer I have come upon is, it is them and me because we are one.  I have created the shift and have now matched to other frequencies similar to my own, and am experiencing this new expanded version.  IT is ALL me.  Once I embraced and began to love and trust myself, everything shifted.  Though I have seen this slowly happening over these last fifteen to twenty years, I have experienced exponential growth in the last ten days. 

The final pieces of the puzzle bringing me to this new awakening, came together on April 2nd, but it took several days to process. I wrote a blog about how I related to that experience the next day, but as the energies settled, my perspective shifted entirely.  I had connected with an individual Darrell Leaky who reminded and confirmed to me who I AM.  And the next day I had reached outside of myself and was seeking and was shown an expression of how someone outside of me perceives me through their own filters, while also using the program of astrology, to show me who I am not.  It took me several days to see what I was being shown here. And my guides continued to bring all the program pieces of not only astrology, but human design, the enneagram, and gene keys in addition to the information in my college psychology course, in the flow the synchronicities speak a language guiding me. My larger self was showing me the answer, but my smaller self got sucked back into the illusion with its need to belong, seeking approval, and desire to connect. And I NEEDED this last experience to show me what has been communicated for years, but I have not allowed myself to hear.

The last year has been about me loving and honoring myself. I was building my self-trust, self-esteem, and confidence and trusting my visions and messages from my larger self.  This new adventure was a massive shift from the forty-three years of seeking who I am on the outside of myself.  Time after time, allowing others to dictate my who I am and choosing to internalize their pain and perceptions, none of which had anything to do with me.  And while astrology is a part of the simulation, we used to incarnate to create our personalities and energy to guide our experiences. Astrology is only a small piece of the program that creates the individualized smaller self, and the unique experiences each of us traverse in remembering who we are.  And this, in this whole, while I am never alone or disconnected, what I have been seeking is something I always had.  This is the trick, and this has been my greatest struggle the vacillation between the illusion and my whole expression as source consciousness.

What I find right now is what another friend shared with me, we have our feet in two different energetic worlds right now.  We are on the precipice of closing the door on the old world.  And when she said this, I suddenly saw why my guides had repeatedly been teaching me the importance of understanding the cells, tissues, organs, and systems.  The micro and macro of the fractal system of this simulation are clearly showing itself. My guides had been communicating so much information to me all these years that I never trusted because I had detached from my authenticity as a child and have only recently fully attached and began to stand firm in who I AM and my knowing.

Over the years, I have perceived others as always knowing more than me.  Because I had learned through survival to become what others needed me to be, to trust them more than myself, and in this way, I would “people please” and be safe.  I saw this over the years when my guides gave me info, and “teachers” would belittle the info as nonsense.  My need to connect and belong had trumped my self-love and trust.  My inability to attach properly in infancy had created a situation where I did not bond in healthy ways with those in my environments.  And it caused a deep feeling of loneliness, so shifting to fit into to the perceptions of others was something I had been unconsciously doing for many years. This internal state of being attracted those into my reality that matched those insecurities.  The woman who wants to school and mother me every time I come into her field, the one who wants to shame me, the other who does not want to face herself and connect, and the other who wants to judge every word I say or action I take.  These are all reflections of me and my internal state of being. But suddenly this last year, my larger self has shown me all the pieces and parts that would allow me to create what it was I was seeking, which was me all along.

For years I have never had a difficult time experiencing from my awareness perspective, the space between breaths and thoughts.  For some, that is the space they are seeking.  For me, it is the place I most often reside.  It is within the human body that I struggle.  Dealing with my beingness filtered through the energy fields and biology of this conscious creation through which I experience physicality has been the greatest challenge.  My guides were giving me the pieces all along, but I was allowing the perceptions of others to distract me.  Finally, the energy of righteousness is ending its reign as a significant influencer in power because we are being forced to open to and explore our unique selves.  We are stepping into the individual expression and unique realization of experience as creators.  And in these years, I have finally returned to myself and opened to trusting and allowing while finally understanding and living as my reality that the ideas and perceptions of others NEVER have ANYTHING to do with me.

Every experience was taking me closer to remembering who I was, and often by showing me who I was not.  And through each painful experience, I had the choice to conform or choose myself continuing to stand firm in my knowing.  My larger self, who are also my guides, and also source, as I AM, showed me the theme of the story I had written for myself—the journey I had taken to get to this point where all the information comes together. I connect to what I was always connected to but would not allow myself to see. 

My recent meditation showed the two tetrahedrons with white platinum light in the center, and on an in-breath and out-breath of my own, pulling in many expressions of my energy across time and space back into the zero-point field.  I am experiencing my multidimensional self in real-time, and it was always here; I was buried beneath the distortions of other frequencies I agreed to experience.  I am on the return to fully experiencing who I AM, which is source consciousness experiencing through its expressions.  It is not good or bad, and it is not dark or light, it is everything and nothing.  And FINALLY, regardless of your perception of me, I am creating what I desire from the inside out rather than seeking from the outside in.  Standing fully in my trust and knowing, even if I stand alone… which has been the illusion all along. And if you do not like this blog, because she is too this or too that, recognize that is your perception and ask yourself why you might perceive me a particular judgmental way… it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with you. And I AM finally free of that, I just do not care, and I do this with unconditional LOVE. When we all do this, by loving and trusting ourselves, we begin to shift to the world we desire to experience. Because as I pull this frequency through into the collective conscious, by pulling into your awareness, it is accessible for you to choose. And we are all doing this now, we are beginning to embody and experience our true multidimensional expressions.

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

4 thoughts on “The illusion revealed

  1. Blessing to you dear one. This morning I came to the conclusion of how done I feel with having one foot in one world and one foot in another. I have walked that path for what feels like forever. I desire to have both feet in my world no longer dealing with separation or limitation. Simply because I no longer believe in it. I haven’t for a long time but pursued in my participation in it. Now I no longer desire to participate in that way. I desire my way wholly as I know this in no way separates me from the whole but brings me fully into it. I shall see how this comes into being as I have no idea as to what it will even look like. I know it only by the inner feeling I desire and how that manifests outwardly I know not LOL. Wonderful words and good for you and where you are at. Big hugs and love…….

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    1. Big love to YOU ❤ This non dual state is what I am beginning to embody. Me experiencing my true nature. As I embody this state of being, I begin to manifest this into reality! Enjoying the ride ❤


  2. Nicely said. It’s getting pretty quantum “in here”. I saw myself split into 2 aspects of myself today and I asked what I was doing. I understood I was re- creating more of my positive me to regenerate me within every cell. We are friggin amazing!!

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