State of being

Yesterday, my husband Ian, my son Tevin, and I participated in a get together where we went live on our EastcoastMom WestcoastSon Facebook channel.  My son Tevin and I started this channel several years ago while I was on my adventure of seeking.  And in preparing for the Facebook live last week, I reached out and watched a few videos on YouTube and read a few blogs to get a sense of where the world was and how some people where processing so I would know what to address. It was at this time last week, where I began feeling the depression and feeling the energy more sensitively.  I typically can explore many perspectives with a completely open mind.  However, last week and continuing into the unforeseen future, I simply cannot. 

EVERYTHING is frequency.  What you experience in your reality, not looking out into the collective, but an immediate sphere that influences you is a match to your frequency.  While the views and perspectives in those places I ventured are okay for them, in the orchestra of frequency, they are not in tune for me. This FEELING is the key!  It is my knowing that they are all programs.  And I asked my guides about programs because I was confused, isn’t everything a program in this reality? 

The answer, YES!  The most critical piece of the puzzle of humanity is that we are the source, and in remembering who we are, we can create ANY program we desire.  The program already exists; I will align with it and experience it.  But it all begins with me; I am source and the source.

There is no other time in humanity’s history that knowing who you are, what makes your heart sing, your passion, and standing in that authenticity has been more critical.  We are literally choosing what reality we will align to in this now.  When looking out into the collective, we may see things, but they will not enter our sphere unless we are aligned to that frequency. 

So if you want more love in the world, have more love for yourself.  If you desire to end a class separation, stopping judging yourself and others.  If you want to no longer live in a polarized structure, end your polarized beliefs.  That means taking the deep dives necessary to understand your beliefs, your behaviors, and integrating the emotions that arise. 

On those days of experiencing the distorted frequency, I was stepping out into the storm.  Where months ago I discussed in a blog the importance of staying in the center and not going out into the bands of the hurricane, I was putting my toe in the bands, and the energy I felt was the communication that it was not a match for me.  Thankfully my guides knew exactly what I would need when my exploration began, they knew the state of mind my biology would create, and they had a plan in place to pull me back to my center by creating extra support. 

This now moment is the time to know thyself to the core.  When emotions come up, and they will, allow them the space with honor and understand them while integrating them.  We are exploring a grief cycle, and it is recursive.  We are leaving an old system, one we have been playing in for millennia.  There is a lot of stored energy that needs to dissipate.  From a multidimensional perspective, and we have been processing that through this physical structure and are continuing to do so.  There is no right way; it is what do you prefer, that is your only job here. To find the balance between the intellect, the heart, and emotion while opening to the larger self with pure trust and allowing.  To know thyself and trust the feeling.

It looks different for everyone; if you find yourself judging the way another person is experiencing, you will create more of that reality—a reality where righteous energy persists. The reason why it looks different for everyone is that we are each expressing and experiencing our unique expression of source.  We have each chosen a unique path for growth and expansion, experiencing into remembering who we are. We are each realizing we are the creator from a different perspective.  However, with that realization comes the knowing we are also doing this within a simulation and are expressing through a biological elemental being.  It means information is stored and processed in a certain way that is the same for us all.  The machine is the same, and so we can help one another by exploring through that.  It is the information contained within the machine that will lead to the next matching reality, in this now and then this now and then this now…

 Last year on the 4th of July, I declared my sovereignty and freedom. I finally saw the programs and agreements that I had been living in.  As soon as I recognized them and stood in my independence, my reality shifted, I mean immediately.  Relationships fell away, and others appeared. The ones who stayed shifted and evolved right along with me, some times in agreement sometimes not.  But our core energy of love was the same, and so they remained in my sphere.  Also, I was always given a choice.  I had several reflections in relationships and interactions that always gave me an option that would take me in a different direction. The year progressed, and each day I got closer to my authenticity and sovereignty.  I finally had learned to find the balance needed to feel with the accuracy and trust I had dismissed in the past. 

This year we will be declaring our collective independence.  See the micro and macro here.  We have cells, then organs, then systems.  But at the core is the cell, and that is us.  It is the state of being of each cell that determines the state of the organ.  So, while over the years, many of us have been shifting our state of being and remembering who we are, this shift has grown beyond us. In critical mass, we have formed organs and systems.  That is where we are now, several systems have been created, and yet even for some of us, we will have the strength to go even further.  Evolving closer to our source essence as we remove the layers of distortion and connect to our authenticity and divine being.  I am an explorer; I am consciousness filtered into this simulation, creating a body, and experiencing.  As I stand in the knowing that experience is all based on my state of being, I remain heart-centered, present in my feeling, and allowing, riding the waves of frequency to my next reality. 

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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