Does it hurt when you do that, then don’t do that!

I am undoubtedly ambitious!  I must be quite the warrior on the other side because I really stacked the experiences up when I chose the main factors in experience during this incarnation.  Funny because I do this here as “me” with my pieces and parts, I am experiencing this trait of mine in the smaller self, which also exists in the larger self except without all the fear and other structures.  I tend to have no problem stacking up the tasks for myself, they all create an expansion, and I LOVE the experience.  However, I do it responsibly here, and now, the years have taught me how not to play beyond my means.

Most importantly, when to say no, I have learned enough to know when I am people pleasing and seeking validation on the outside.  When things are good for me, and when they are not a match. I have learned to listen to my intuition, my larger self, when she speaks. I have spent the better part of fifteen years understanding and remembering who I am.  Healing and rewiring my brain and responses from Complex PTSD and learning to trust again.  Learning to trust myself has been the most significant challenge. The experience of Complex PTSD does one hell of a number on worthiness, self-love, and trust. Getting to the core of my being through the distortion and belief systems has been a great adventure. 

But recognizing I continued to manifest experiences based on this state of being was the moment everything shifted for me. This adventure was preparing me for this now. Somehow, my higher self-agreed that it could enter this reality and heal from trauma.  While also healing all of my past lives, balance karma, and integrate the information into this being.  In conjunction with handling the everyday life experiences or kids, school, relationships, while going through perimenopause during a worldwide pandemic.  Oh, and with a thyroid that is out of whack because of the overachieving and people-pleasing as a symptom of trauma.  Fuck yeah! I am a goddess!

What she is showing me now is what information is essential for me to attend to.  Over the years, I have explored an awakening that took me beyond my typical “strange” belief systems and abilities that I always have had since birth.  I went down many rabbit holes and explored relationships, ideas, and beliefs trying each on and playing in different sandboxes.  I am told it was preparing me for now.  At this moment, we are each in a state of choice.  As we retreat into ourselves, we are meant to explore and get closer to our authentic being.  When we remain open to our larger self and trust in our authenticity, we are shown the path to a timeline most aligned with our preferred state.  AND it is different for each of us.

Each of us is a universe co-creating within this simulation. It is made of up spheres within spheres and realms upon realms.  And just so you know, there is no escape hatch, I have spent hours upon hours of meditative exploration seeking the escape.  The only way out is in; it is in remembering who you are and by allowing the path to unfold exactly as it is meant for you, by you, and in alignment with you. 

Different posts from “friends” show up in notifications, notifications of a live feed on YouTube discussing many different multidimensional perspectives pop up, and there are many headlines in the news feed.  My guides are giving me the huge red x or showing me waves of a frequency that is a current match to my heart’s desires in creating the preferred reality. Yesterday a YouTube video notification came up, and just out of curiosity, I started listening to David Wilcock’s most recent video.   I was only curious; I hadn’t followed him since 2013 or 2014, but I just wanted to know his perspective.  My guidance was telling me no match! RED X!  But I said I am only curious.  Seconds later, I literally burnt my finger to get me to stop! Message received!  Then I was curious about a channel that had some of the same beliefs that I had agreed with as recently as last year, Cosmic Agency.  I began getting physically ill, and a massive headache, because I ignored the RED X.  I was only curious, how could it hurt to explore many perspectives right now I asked? I am quickly reminded of when I eat wheat even though I am allergic, this is the very same thing. Putting things into my body and mind that are in alignment are imperative. And here is why!

WE are at a vast choice point this year, EACH of us, creating from the inside out the reality we will align to in moving forward.  In trusting our guidance, the larger self and feeling our way through the energy is the key.  Recognizing that anything that comes up internally or is triggered externally is there to be observed and worked with to remove the layers of distortion—but also knowing when outside elements are only a distraction and remain as a choice to take you outside of alignment.  This is the choice, choose love and trust by remembering you are the creator from the inside out based on your beliefs and state of being.  OR choose fear, victimhood, and seeking answers outside of yourself.  Whichever energy I take on and match in frequency will adjust my frequency to match and confirm that timeline.

Everything you need and all experience in alignment with your desire will show up if you trust it.  We have a tendency to get in our own way and make things so very complicated.  I am not saying David Wilcock or Cosmic Agency’s information is wrong!  It might be exactly what you need.  But what you need and what I need are two different things.  When participating in watching ANY media outside of yourself, ask your guides to let you know what a match for your desired and preferred creation of reality is.  It is in this trust and allowing, by enjoying the ride and remaining in the flow that our larger self takes us exactly where we need to be.  Listen carefully and watch for your signal when something is in alignment. 

This morning after recognizing the difference between the communication of the larger self and my hormones, I was reassured to “don’t give up, we have you, we will take me to the place where you belong.” So I ask you, have you EVER not had what you needed?  If you answered yes, it wasn’t what you needed,  and you could not be reading this, because you would be on the other side already passed beyond this reality into the different realm outside of physicality.  We always get exactly what we need, but I am reminded that if you want experiences that bring you happiness, focus on your heart and your passion, use this time to explore yourself.  MAKE CHOICES based on those states of being, and trust! You only need to ask for guidance, build a relationship and learn the communication of the larger self, it really is that simple. Enjoy the ride!

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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