Desire the passion

I used to think that the idea that we could only do so much that our minds could only take on a certain amount of information was bs.  But since the changes in our daily environment have changed, I understand what was meant by that.  It is as if my mind is full, I am having a difficult time introducing new information that I am not passionate about. Note there, not all info, but the information I am passionate about!

 If you read my blog, you will know, I am a full-time college student, married, with three children at home and two older who live far away, all grown up creating amazing lives of their own.  Also, I work with a select few individuals who I am shown will make significant changes in their lives, affecting others, and spreading that change through the work we do together.  I assist them in bringing the unconscious into their conscious awareness.  This process allows an experience of their divine essence without the distorted beliefs and agreements that have kept them distracted from living the story they were born to live, one that follows their passion.

Our current collective reality, which is no doubt in a gestation period for a new birthing of experience, has allowed for another shift in perspective. Everything is neutral; it is us who give it meaning through our programmed belief systems.  When we recognize the belief systems and programs, we can pull the beliefs and agreements one by one and observe them.  By observing them, we can decide to work with them as they are, sometimes adjusting them, and sometimes removing them entirely to obtain a new result.  Awareness of them is enough to change their energetic state.  The result shifts our individual perspective and experience of reality.  And this is what I call trying on new code.  The reality we have within each of our individual spheres and the collective sphere is showing us where new code or changes in the underlying beliefs could change things for a more preferred experience. 

The key is to listen and observe with neutrality.  To open to feeling our ways through by understanding ourselves.  Although this collective experience may be seen in a polarized way, it is us individuals that determine what we do with the information available.  How will we integrate this information? Will we allow it to expand us?  Because all experience is neutral, we each hold the key. 

For me, I am discovering beliefs and agreements I did not realize were there.  This experience has shown me where I have created the most amazing unconditional relationships, and this has always been a need for as long as I can remember.  I would always say to my mother how important it was to love me unconditionally.  This piece of information was something I came into this reality with and, over time, have given many people exposure to as a possible belief and experience.  Recently I awoke and realized I had manifested it in my immediate sphere in several ways. The first step in this manifestation was by having a moment of seeing someone in their divine state, recognizing all of their parts and pieces that allow them to enact in this reality where removed.  Then by having that experience of myself, knowing my divinity and loving myself unconditionally.  Through those two shifts in belief and awareness, I manifested several relationships outside of me that are purely unconditional. Theses relationships are about seeing and honoring each of our divinity and allowing the journey and adventure without judgment or pushing of our beliefs onto others. We honor the exploration and growth with love and amazement. We do not abandon someone when they are struggling; we are there to lift them up and learn through one another.  It is too easy to support others when it is convenient and reject them when they take us out of our comfort zone.  This changes when we understand we are always showing one another the choice for growth and expansion.  In my observation, it happens when we do not hold onto every word but live from feeling and heart-centered love. 

Though the journey to arrive here, I have had many relationships that, at the time, felt awful.  But now I recognize each experience is a deep reflection of me, giving me a choice.  It was me who defined these experiences as negative or positive.  Now I realize anything that comes into my reality is showing me a match on some level.  It is triggering something for me to look at as a choice to align or shift.  But NONE of it is awful.  It is always EXACTLY what I need.  If I prefer a particular experience, I only need to continue to make choices that keep me in alignment with that and observe with neutrality.  My larger self always gives me what I need to get me closer to my true internal desires. 

That brings me to today.  I am losing interest in college and will be taking a break. These last weeks opened the door more exploration into the choices I make and why. A strength of authenticity and standing firm in my knowledge has finally stepped forward.  So some changes abound!  I am very selective about what I allow into my mind . I have detached from media, and only take small doses of social media.  I had been poising myself to be surrounded by specific information that would allow for growth and perspective at this time. These choices continued to take me closer to my dreams and passions.  Perhaps I only needed a few specific classes, or to meet a few people, but I have learned to allow and maintain the flow. 

Upcoming is the next creation and the next adventure. I am working on a project with my beloved husband, Ian. I have opened the door to work with more individuals in finding themselves and creating the life they desire through deep dives into the subconscious and communication through the soul aspect.  I am continuing to allow this time to take me closer to my passion and excitement. 

This collective experience isn’t just a financial reset; it is a reset of the whole.  We are creating and getting ready to birth something new.  What we birth is based on where your judgment lies.  This reset is an opportunity to know your self from a whole new perspective through exploration. Step into neutrality and explore, you have a choice in what is being birthed, we all do.  It begins with us.  What do you allow into your mind?  Do you assume its meaning, or do you explore in neutrality?  It is time for great exploration and discovery.  The discovery of the self will lead to perspective changes as the whole.  This change in perspective is how we begin to create what we desire. The question remains, what do you desire?

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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