Revolution of evolution

Since December, my disease of not-enough-ness has been on the mend.  It has taken me this many months just to begin to hold a frequency of self-love that is not wavered by the world surrounding me.  There were and remain many programs that I continue to work through that I did not see attached to this disease.  And as I understand them in myself, I see the reflection into the reality surrounding me.

I cannot say humanity because I do not know all humans, but those I have interacted with show me the mirror.  As I shift, I meet new individuals who reflect those shifts back to me, and the old matches in frequency fall away.  The things I still wish to shift are also revealed.  I have established and held enough unconditional love for myself that I manifested a few relationships that mirrored that frequency back to me, and for that, I am very grateful. 

Something I have observed over the years is how we take the worst moment and most significant struggle someone faces in their life, and we freeze that view of them.  We decide we must punish them for their inability to cope at that moment through our judgment of them. We are often saying they are in their ego, and in some ways, we are right; it is the ego that keeps us surviving and wants to protect us from pain.  Even though we ourselves are continually shifting and changing, we do not allow others the same space and support we allow for ourselves. We want to view them from this perceived damaged state and judge them, shun them, and isolate them.  It is the mirror of ourselves that causes that reaction of fear displayed through rejection and ridicule. We believe if we distance ourselves, we will not have to face it, this uncomfortable judgment of others that is just a reflection of ourselves.  That is the illusion of this reality. If we focus and judge the wounds of others, we do not look at the wounds of ourselves.  However, the cycle repeats, and the reflection only gets more intense until it peaks, and the cycle repeats yet again.

Perhaps it is time for a new approach—a change in belief and the choices we make changes the story.  The story is not you; the story is a reflection of you.  Rather than freezing this perspective of an individual, let’s look within ourselves and ask if support is what is needed rather than judgment and rejection.  I have observed a weaponizing of the wounds of others, the experiences, and judgment held as a stark contrast and outcasting of humans. This gives us a temporary illusion of safety and makes us feel better.  A disconnection from ourselves is the only thing that can cause this.  Our wounds and fears are what would cause judgment and rejection of others in their most trying times, not theirs.  And our inability to celebrate their growth and evolution displays our lack of self-worth.  Because when we fully love ourselves and know our self-worth, we see and celebrate that in others unconditionally.

For myself, I had been able to see the cycles I have created in my life.  I see the cycles and cycles of storylines that repeated for many years in the making for one story to carry itself to the end.  Then the story got shorter and shorter, only lasting a few years.  Until eventually, I manifested the story within a one year cycle, to a few month cycle. And I was finally freeing myself from the cycle July 4th of last year, 2019.  This date was my independence day and a sudden realization that everything we experience is a reflection of us at the most foundational level creating the environments we encounter. 

All experience is a reflection from within creating the environments and relationships we have aligned to through frequency.  To end the cycle, we require a profound core frequency shift through a change in a belief and resonance.  For me, a depth of understanding finally allowed for my freedom.  Then the real journey began.

Through that moment of revelation, I was able to see where the judgment of myself and my lack of self-love created environments and relationships that reflected that back to me.  It was through my inability to trust, to reach out and communicate clearly, that I established relationships with people who didn’t have the strength to do the same.  My wounds had created this reality, only by becoming aware can I shift.  The key was to release the way I felt about ALL of it.  Suddenly I was able to know it was ALL okay.  To let go of the judgment of experience.  Allowing myself to see everything as it was, by removing the comparison and judgment, I could tackle each issue with love and compassion. 

To make it more achievable, I began to treat it like computer code.  Like a computer program, taking one piece of code out and putting another in its place, I was able to see how the program would play. While the code is an essential piece to the puzzle, there are the necessary foundations that the code plays through.  I am the computer with which the code is processed through. Though there is much more happening here, we can look at it like this for the sake of understanding.  For the code to process appropriately without any viruses, this is my preferred state; I learned that my computer needed to be cleaned.  By removing malware or viruses, I can keep my computer from returning to old faulty programs and displaying false information. Self-love and worthiness play such important roles in the foundational programs- they are a part of the core piece of the computer and the core piece of me.  They hold a fundamental role in the human experience within a physical body.  A balance of our biology and relationship here is imperative, self-love and worthiness are reflected through our relationship with our human biology.  When I am not attached and living through my authenticity with pure self-love and my worthiness, I perceive the world through a distorted lens as a result of my biology.  As I shift through these core frequencies, so do you.

This program traverses all lifetimes and experiences and is finally being shifted in this now.  When we allow for this depth of self-exploration and shift, rewriting the old programs, we change how we view the world.  Our relationships and environments shift as well, as they are our reflection. So when you freeze an image of a wounded being and judge them, remember that is a reflection of you. 

When we have the understanding and willingness to support and love one another by removing the judgment of our wounds, we begin to shift the whole program of shame.  Shame, blame, guilt, and fear are the viruses that distort the computer programs and change how it operates.  When we explore those viruses in ourselves and release them, we assist the collective through reflection.  We align with a new reality where shame, blame, guilt, and fear are no longer a distortion in the frequency, and this takes us that much closer to experiencing our divine essence. 

We each have a responsibility to shift this for ourselves and to explore reality without the dependence of others.  By not allowing someone to eat our steak and then tell us if we would have liked it or not, we live in a divine flow of life that aligns precisely with what we need on our path. The choice to follow in the flow is always up to us. Through trust and faith in our higher being and collective guides, we flow without the opinions and experiences of others impacting us.  We can take the pieces the experts have to offer and then go off onto our own adventure. Detach from the perceptual filters of others to find your way.  This is the distraction that does not allow for evolution when we stay immersed in the world outside of us.  A depth of self-love and knowing of our worthiness takes us closer to the divine essence we are all ready to experience.  These are the keys to the revolution of evolution. When we stand in integrity and our authenticity we are creating the perfect atmosphere to grow. The answers are all right there in the reflection. Do you have the courage and self-love to look in the mirror and find your path? 

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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