The frequency of love

It has become abundantly clear for me, how important it is to be aware of the energy we expose ourselves to in every moment.  The current state of affairs of society has allowed me to go deep within and explore myself on a new level.  Each subtle energy has its place as if I can see each note in the orchestra of reality.

In the last few days, my form has been very sensitive.  Like a baby, I can not expose myself to harsh energies, and I require special care.  Each moment I am honoring what my larger self and collective guides communicate and the direction I am led.  Otherwise, I can physically feel the discord.  The last few months have been about learning and exploring myself from a whole new perspective.  The last few days I am told to show myself. All of the in-depth exploration and realization is birthing to experience and ready to live.

I am guided to share with you, the reader, a new exploration.  If there is something you have always desired to do but have had excuses not to explore, it is time.  Now is the time to play, to explore, to find and create what you desire. Over the years, I have worked with hundreds, and the one thing that always remained clear was the distraction of the world.  Most of those who I worked with did not know who they were, and they did not know what they preferred or desired.  When asked who they are, they gave me a list of things they did and could explore no further.  If it wasn’t a list of who they were and the desires, it was a list of why they could not explore and live.  So many responsibilities and excuses, most of which had nothing to do with them.

We can not be the best version of ourselves if we are not following our hearts and taking the time for a depth of exploration into the self that allows for the necessity to know thyself.  As a whole, we continue to teach the same skill set and choices to our children.  The motivations of choices are obligatory or established in a state of poor mental health and perpetuated by our fear generationally.  When we begin to explore, we rebuild a new frequency, and thus a new match is achieved.

This self-exploration and choice in love are how we change the world.  By loving our children enough to love ourselves. By exploring in times like these, working together, and letting our humanity shine.  Detaching from the distractions is the key.  If it is not something that takes you closer to your desires and passions, it is a distraction.  Even what may appear negative has a place when observed with an open mind. But to understand how to manipulate reality, you must first understand yourself.  As a whole, we begin to open our minds to the possibilities of what our world could look like by focusing on creating through choices in our personal lives.  The spheres of reality we create extend out, and each touches the other creating the balanced environments we desire.

It begins with us.  Stop watching the news, disconnect from the fear and distractions.  Pay attention to what your heart is communicating and follow her.  She has great things to show you if you sit down in the quiet and listen.  Pick up that paintbrush, or meditate for hours. Try that new yoga practice, or begin to sing.

We are on the precipice of change.  As we each step into the frequency of love, we tune our immediate surroundings to that frequency.  Openly exploring all of our parts and pieces without judgment allows us to obtain balance in our whole.  Listen to your body.  What you put into your body whether you are eating it, hearing it, or believing it impacts your frequency.  A distinct awareness of the self is long over due.  That is why you have come to earth to experience and through this experience to remember who you are.  Allow yourself to be distracted no further.  It is time to choose what you desire and to discover the fantastic potentials we have only dreamed of creating.  Through that exploration, we create by doing in the frequency of love.

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

3 thoughts on “The frequency of love

  1. My current awareness… I feel there is only the internal world to explore NOW. Our internal growth. Everything, absolutely everything else is distraction. It all seems so real, doesn’t it? Bringing myself back to Consciously feeling my Self connection, breathing Source and feeling IT throughout my being-ness, my Inner connectedness, expanding and contracting, rebirthing now, Now, NOW!!!
    I AM THAT. We all are. The excitement mounts…

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    1. . That is all there ever is; it is the internal we see reflected through agreed-upon beliefs. Everything is a reflection and match of frequency based on that inner state of being. Anything outside of our immediate reality sphere is a distraction. And anything that enters that sphere is based on a belief and presents a choice. THIS creation is why it is so essential to connect to our authenticity at this time. I also feel the contractions! We are birthing the next now. We are writing a new story through our state of being. ❤ What new now will we align to and birth? It is up to us individually; I choose love and compassion not based on conditions as my creation by choosing to have unconditional love and compassion for myself, creating that state of being and breaking a cycle of agreement.


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