Awareness of the pieces

If you read my blog, you will know I use the word judgment a lot.  There is an in-depth program that represents itself in many ways hidden behind the judgment of ourselves, and others we do not even recognize is there.  We are here in this incarnation to experience ourselves in separation, the game to forget, and then remember.  The goal is to find neutrality in a world of polarization and a simulation created in dualism. When we remember who we are, we return to the nondual state of being, and the balance is achieved.  In the meantime, the adventure is the return, and subtle clues are getting more profound. 

The wounds here are representative of lifetimes of this human experience carried forward.  And like a virus, it is spread from person to person mutating ever so slightly. A couple of years ago, I watched as a group of people spread their fear hidden as a concern; the virus moved from person to person, mutating with each personal story of insecurity. Precisely like a virus, it penetrates each individual, taps into the DNA and RNA, added its energy signature, broke the cell wall, and a new state of being was created.  As the virus uses our cells to replicate, it implants perspectives that are meant to trigger our programming of experience.  And just like a virus, some of us are immune because we have healed that code already, and some of us are not. The experience brings about the opportunity to shift the program.  This journey is the human experience and something that expands and evolves our soul.   

I watched as it spread from person to person, piggybacking and breeding more insecurity through what appeared to those who were infected as concern or sharing of thoughts. It is smart and uses the human needs against us by triggering our social impoverishment and the longing for connection and belonging to create more illusions.  The virus is one of the mind; it cannot live in the heart. However, it is a master at masquerading as intuition when we do not explore ourselves fully without self-restriction and judgment. 

Once this is realized, and we are living aware, we can use this same process to spread more of the love that we are.  By creating safe spaces to discuss healing and new perspectives without judgment, we begin to heal the underlying insecurities.  When we remove the judgment surrounding these states of being, we can openly engage and provide support for one another.  Doing this creates a new experience and transmutes the old traumas.

In the last few days, I have been feeling the need to look deeper within; my cells are calling out to communicate.  However, there is a virus that is currently keeping my whole from flowing freely and in perfect balanced health.  A release of emotion and transmutation of the energy of shame is underway.  When this energy is transmuted, it begins to flow freely into all cells, and a balance is achieved.  It heals the mind virus by rewriting the code that is currently in place.  I see it as all things coming together in harmony.

In my mind’s eye, it is a toroidal field that flows robustly in the whole of the human and also in the cellular structure building from separate to wholeness in perfect harmony. I see this energy flowing freely into every cell. It is perfectly balanced and natural; it nurtures and protects.

 We are in a time where this shift in energy is ready. It is the heart and mind operating in balance. That is why we see the breaking down of the whole of structures.  The experience of living in this judgmental state has reached its peak, and enough information has been acquired.  We are now on the return from separation, and that takes a shift away from the current state just as the journey into darkness did.  An awareness of all pieces that make up the whole is required to shift the structure.

It is time to go deeper, to heal deeper, and to live it through allowing.  A focus on letting go of the right way and wrong way to do things, there is just your way.  When we judge one another, we feed the virus. The first step in healing is allowing each unique aspect of source, which is each individual representation, the space to explore themselves without judgment.  To hold unconditionally loving space for every one of us is the key.  There is a pattern of the separate and whole here.  Do you see it?  Awareness of each piece and shifting the energy to one of a more suitable preferred energy to build upon itself to create the preferred whole.  We can NOT do this by denying the pieces.

When we find it difficult to do that to open to holding unconditional loving space for others, then it is a sure sign we are not doing it for ourselves.  Allow the illusions to fade so we might see the man behind the current, hint, hint; it is us! It is our beliefs and programs that keep the great wizard, and thus the illusion operating. 

Time to face the fear virus that is represented through blame, shame, and guilt.  We have had our fun, but now we are returning to the one and our undistorted state of being.  We are the source; we are love. Let’s allow the exploration and transmutation back into the love that we are.  We are removing the veil.

~ Personal note: The last few years have been an experience of judgment.  The shame that those surrounding me triggers is in my awareness at all times, allowing me the knowledge to shift it.  I do not fear looking deeper and understanding myself.  It is the lack of support of others that stimulates my shame response.  I recognize I was experiencing it so much from others because I did it to myself. 

I have made a promise to myself to express exactly what I am feeling and thinking! Every day or as much as possible, I will express it in my writing and those with whom I come into contact.  I am standing in my integrity and authenticity without fear.  Because if the world is not providing an unconditionally loving space for me to share, it is because it was not created within me.  So here it is! My unconditionally loving space created for me to express through writing.  With this act, I love myself without judgment. 

It is my hope my writing stimulates you to think and share your experiences and beliefs without fear of judgment, allowing for a healing of the great shame energy keeping us from experiencing our divinity in its loving state.  BREAKING through this will allow the feminine and masculine to flow freely and in the balance of the whole. When we know this, we create more of the same.  This awareness and shift is how we change the world—state of being.  You do not go over to the mirror to make your reflection smile.  It is the love of all of our pieces and parts that creates the balanced and preferred reflection.

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I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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