The tale of the three Janes

The last few weeks have opened the door and shed light on how I see and relate to myself in this human experience.  It has been as if all the pieces have come together from years of information and experience acquired not only in this lifetime but several.  With it an acceptance that as perceived by me, each is a single piece creating the whole.

As in fractal patterns, the all is represented within each piece repeating.  This human experience is the same and expresses itself in fractals.  When deciphering the unique code, it is each of us that work with and experience that data, and as it is unique for each of us, it is also the same.  I could give you the details of what pieces have come together, and which teachings or philosophies came to me, but you would only hear and see through your own perceptual filters never fully grasping my experience. While it is important not to get lost in the details, each detail is of imperative importance.  And this, my friends, is the paradox of the human experience. 

For me, I have no problem hanging out as awareness or remaining in a formless conscious state.  That is where I naturally am and is what is easiest for me.  However, being in the human body and experiencing separation on every level is the hard part.  Like my typical learning style, I get lost in all of the data, not knowing where to focus.  The human experience has been very similar until recently.  I have entered into a new state of being in my human experience, a new direction, and understanding.  The pieces began to show themselves and created a new template to organize the data.

A few weeks ago, what feels like months now, as time seems to be dissipating, I had an awareness to follow a few old teachings.  And not in the way someone sits down and traverses teachings from beginning to end to understand its concepts thoroughly.  It was a language that was presenting itself to me.  Like memories, each piece as a word to create a sentence.  I examined several teachings, philosophies, and ideas that came into my awareness.  Each piece came together as a message to me.

For years I have been seeing a display or repetitive people in my experience.  It is almost as if there are only a certain amount of sets of creational templates in this reality for us to express through.  I have had people enter my life who represent specific expressions of consciousness.  Throughout the years, I have had a repeated relationship with several base energies that are expressed through different humans; the kicker is each looks similar to me.  I am not sure if it is energetic or that I am perceiving and translating the energy as physical through the brain or not, but I certainly see it expressed as similar physical attributes.

Over the years and through my own cycles of change, I have had each energy expressed through this template of a human enter my life to assist my growth and evolution.  It can range from interactions with the same energy as a lesson or as a whole individual.  In my examination, it is almost as if as I expand to new a representation of the energy, a match to this new frequency comes in to assist the storyline and the experience taking me to the next cycle of evolution through relationship. 

For example, I have what I call the Janes.  I have experienced the energy of this consciousness from many different perspectives.  Again, they either look the same or only to me, I am not sure which is true, but they are an expression of energy evolved through different frequencies.  Of that, I am certain.  I have experienced Jane throughout my life; just a few examples are once as a cop, once as a friend, and once as a teacher, and the story continues.  I have seen Janes come and go, each at the point of personal pivotal teaching or experience.  And as I feel the disconnection of one, a new representation appears.

I know this might sound mad.  But that is precisely when the most significant breakthroughs in energy and evolution occur.  I am on the precipice of significant change. And due to my extreme connection and expression of my authenticity, I allow space to fearlessly stand firm in my knowing.  It is no coincidence the collective I see around me is on the precipice of significant structural change as well.  My enormous shift in structure through a depth of exploration of the self is reflected in the world I see.  No, that is not the world you see, though they are similar, our view is different.  Mine has been structured for a specific experience and exploration of the human condition and experience, and so has yours.  We are consciousness expressing as these templates here in this reality. 

See, I entered this reality wholly connected to the other side, and living in the energy of the awareness is what comes naturally.  However, I did not realize that I was this, and so I was seeking something else, not realizing I already had what others were telling me I needed.  Again, it is the separation that I am here to learn from.  So, while over the years I played in the all, I am learning to recognize and play in the pieces and parts.  Each experience not better or worse than the other; there is nothing to compare here; it is the all experiencing without judgment.  It was the human belief structure and dualistic agreement that kept me lost, or was I? Again, the paradox. I had to find what was “right” for me, and it probably will not look like what is “right” for you.  It will match here and there, and we will traverse in and out of new relationships with environments as the energy shifts and that my friends is how it is supposed to be. 

This opening to sharing and standing firm in my perspective experience is another of the first steps I am taking in trusting and loving myself.  Even though others do not understand me when I speak or tear me down as part of their own projected insecurities, I remain here experiencing with the love for myself and others that I know is true.  As I explore myself and release energies of distortion that I have collected throughout this incarnation and many others, I get closer to my undistorted frequency.  Each moment of trust and exploration takes me deeper into myself.  I begin to fully understand and integrate the final lesson; there is nothing outside of me that can return me to me.  But I have set up recognizable energies to guide me, to interact with me, to assist my growth and evolution while trusting that no matter what it appears to others, my journey is mine.  The final lesson, remembering who we are.

As I sense the changes in my physical body through changes in my thinking and agreements, I know I am creating it all.  As I feel my connection to the all and all my pieces and parts with this depth of love and appreciation, I know who I AM.  As my future-self moves into my presence to assist me, she shares, it is all a reflection, work on the pieces to reflect the whole you wish to see in the world.  If you want to see more love, trust, and acceptance, cultivate it and express it in you.  Even when you feel abandoned, you are never alone, how can you be?  You are the all, and so are “you.”  We are in this together to do our separate jobs while remembering who we are. When you want the story to change, you write a new story, but remember you are not the story.    

Published by onefacet

I am consciousness experiencing. Exploring and journeying through this reality while always creating and living the best version of myself, the one I prefer.

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